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    yes ya'll... thanks for everyone's responses... my DNA blood work was positive and also a rash ( NOT a bite , an OLD rash... positive "tick bite reaction") so now once again* my insurnace company has the opportunity to do the RIGHT thing,,, I am getting a PICC line this week and starting at the outset 3 months of IV meds!!! YEs I've had lyme now for over 20 years.... I'm thinking A> I'm sueing the rheumie that NEVER tested me B> I'm sueing every doc that has treated me in the past however many years I can go back.C> I realize I will never get over this infection. I've been away reading the lyme stuff. I can also tell everyone of you this..... since I started taking ceftin, an antibiotic, by mouth while awaiting test results, I HAVE HAD NO****** pain...... here me ya'll!!!!!!!! very little.... almost like maybe a "normal" person.I am convinced that my FM diagnosis was BOUGHT* by my insurance company as my rheumie is* treating at least one patient for lyme..... I think that's interesting. He never thought enough of MY life to test my blood!!!! I know he was bought by the catholic healthcare system for whom I worked.... the diagnosis costs nothing , right>? and the treatment is cheap.... as opposed to 2 grand or so a week for lyme treatment..... and just so you guys know.. our state keeps stats on docs who report lyme!!!! They are accused of "Spending too much on antibiotics!!!"""" I am APPALLED and I AM THE WRONG PERSON to appall..... hear me loud and clear when I say that. I have nothing but time and plenty of resources thankfully!! to deal with this issue and maybe just maybe its my life's work.....
    for someone who asked specifically... near charleston... there is a doc named Jemsek in huntersville Nc that is our closest "specialist" for lyme.... he has a web site so do a search for more information!
    Thanks to all of you that have supported me here.... you guys are absolutely the greatest!!! I'll keep you posted! and GOOD LUCK ALL