Lyme vs. CFS

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    Karate lady asked me to copy my Lymenet post for you guys here.
    Hope it helps:)

    What everyone needs to realize is that chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and arthritis are not diseases by themselves. Of course, they are real, but they are symptoms, not diseases. If you go to the doctor, and complain of being tired all the time, for 6 months or more, you are probably going to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Being tired all the time vs. post -exertional malaise is still the same thing.

    You have to use common sense here. You have a symptom, and when you are told you have CFS, you are being diagnosed with a symptom. It makes no sense! You need to find out the cause! Lyme disease, and the bacteria b.burgdorferi is a main cause of the chronic fatigue (CFS). People join chronic fatigue support groups, they go on disability, they tell their family "I know what's wrong with me now, and I have chronic fatigue, or I have CFS." The cause must be identified, be it viral, bacterial, fungal etc.

    I still find it amazing just how many people get sucked into this giant conspiracy and line of thought. None of it makes any sense, yet we are so happy to have a diagnosis, we accept it. Meanwhile a cause is not found, and the person is left with an undiagnosed and untreated infection.

    Many thousands of people believe they have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, multiple sclerosis and more, and still they have no idea what the cause is.

    Wake up people and think with your brains! Normal, healthy people do not just suddenly come down with MS, or are exhausted all the time for no reason, there is always a cause. Do not buy into the word syndrome either; it is just a word for a collection of symptoms for which the doctors label a syndrome because they have no idea what is wrong with you. The same thing is true for treatment of diseases. People seek out a cure, and what they get is not a cure, but medication to treat the symptoms. An example of this in Lyme disease is anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDS, or steroids prescribed to treat painful joints. The medications will work on the symptom, the pain, but the cause of the pain goes untreated.

    Many folks with CFS have viruses, EBV, HHV-6 etc, and do not realize, or stop to think. WHY are thses viruses suddenly activated? It is very common to have a bacterial infection, such as Borrelia, active otherwise dormant viruses. Once you treat the cause (the bacteria) the viruses go back to dormant on their own.

    In the case of a bacterial infection, the smart treatment would be antibiotics, which directly kill the cause, plus supportive prescriptions to treat the symptoms and make the patient more comfortable. Therefore, in the previous example, the patient benefits from treatment aimed at the cure, plus they get symptom relief. Seek the cause people, always seek the cause.

    In my story, I set out for a diagnosis, and treatment for my cause. I was mis-diagnosed with CFS, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, all the same things. I heard the previous responses from so many different doctors and medical staff that I have lost count of them all. I was told repeatedly that I was crazy, in perfect health, depressed, have chronic fatigue and that I could not possibly still have Lyme disease. SEEK THE CAUSE! TREAT THE CAUSE! USE COMMON SENSE!
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    for answering indepth to this post.

    My mouth was open when I read it, you helped close it again.

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    Thank you for your post and welcome. I was recently DX w/Lyme and found your website, it's awesome! Your story is amazing...not only did you survive to tell it, you have thrived and inspired others. Thank you for sharing what you have learned, for the many resources on your site, and for the hope and support you have given many.

    I'm full of fog, but know enough to say that I agree with you. The diagnosis...what underlies all of the the key to recovery. Treating the symptoms alone does not eliminate them. With Lyme, finding the doctor (LLMD) who can diagnose and treat properly is critical.

    Why the heck were my NK cells rock bottom? Why did I have an active mycoplasma? Where did the systemic candida come from? What caused me to go from graduate student receiving A's, to someone who fights to put thoughts together? Why on earth do I have TMJ, can't sleep without meds, am tired all day, have muscle pain, have messed up hormones, and have to wear sunglasses to shade lights in stores? Hello...Lyme.

    Wishing you the best always,

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    Poster #1 is most correct. CFS is an INFECTIOUS DISEASE. The sooner you all realize that the better. Thousands of dollars on vitamins and supplements will not help you!

    I know, I've been through it. Still going through it.

    Yes, it may very well be Lyme for most of you and very treatable with antibiotics. In my case it is Prion Disease (Mad Cow). This may also be true for some of you. But unfortunately the only way to diagnose it is by autopsy.

    There are plenty of people in the know about this, but no one is talking.

    Just ask the drug companies.
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    Why do you refuse to accept that some of us do have Lyme disease, and were previously misdiagnosed with CFS (in my case 14 years misdx'd). Why can you not seem to accept that such a diagnosis is correct for some people misdiagnosed with CFS/FM, and that those patients have improved on Lyme disease treatment?

    Why don't you focus on finding your own cure if you don't like what others are findingn works for them, rather than tryig to put up obstacles for others.

    Why do you refuse to take on board that people with Lyme have post-exertional fatigue, even when such people are telling you so directly, are we lying? Why do you refuse to accept that the symptoms of Lyme are IDENTICAL to the symptoms of "CFS"?

    Nobody is saying 'everyone has Lyme' as you appear to think that I and others are saying, but it is a significant cause of "CFS and FM".

    It also strikes me that you may think that all Lyme specialists automatically diagnose everyone with Lyme. That is not the case either.

    Why do you appear to have this vendetta against those of us ex-CFS'ers who had/have Lyme and got our lives back? What is your prejudice against the doctors who stick their necks out to give us our lives back?

    Is it a case of misery loves company? i.e. I am not well, therefore, I do not want others to possibly discover what may actually be wrong with them and get well?

    When it all becomes self-evident, and the time is getting closer, will you still be shouting 'NO!!!'?

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