lyme with coinfections i need help

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    im sure i have lyme and have had lyme for a very long time,i also have a child with autism, well i have something very odd going on, a crawling feeling.drs look at you like your nutz, when you say i have this crawling skin does not have a bullseye but i most definatly am a mass of rashes, my igg shows over producing and my white cells are elevated, i have the traditional signs of lyme.i stoped going for help because the min you say i feel crawling they look at you like your going to try and treat this until i find a lyme doctor, im a cna and im in no way imagining what i feel.with my igg test they tried to look for cancer n so on theres no cancer because its geting panic and im constantly feeling in a big lyme area i even have a horse with lyme,but my sickness started back in chicago, one night i was in a hotel and something was biting the heck out of me.from there it progressed.i got ahold of some doxy, im going to start using it. i have 100 mg tabs.can some one guide me to exactly how to start using the doxy and any supllements.. affter reading all this im not sure wich way to go, there so much to ingest, but i need to get started my hope is falling thin here, and what ever this coinfection is its really bad,, i need some help here,, thank you
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    another disease thought to be 'psychological', but finally some doctors / scientists are taking a look, I believe there's a website specifically for it... some have reported actually taking a microscope to their skin and actually seeing something coming out of their skin; some lyme pts have reported this as well.

    Nobody here is a doctor and can give medical advice. For lyme you really need good medical supervision, I wouldn't advise self-treating... can you find a good LLMD to go to? It is extremely likely if you have lyme that you have co-infections as well that need to be treated, too. Try looking at, and some of the other posts here, you may find some info to help you find one.

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    I was just scrolling and seen your post, I aso have very bad crawling sensations under my skin. At one point I thought I was going crazy, but guess what? On 1/3/08 i was just diagnosed with Lyme disease! My LLMD said he has had alot of his patients say the same thing. please get tested
    so you can get treated. Please let me know what happens.
    I know exactly what your going through. After I took doxy for 2 weeks it went away and gradually came back, this time not as bad. Im back on doxy hopeing to get ride of this nightmare. good luck sandie
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    I've had a lot of skin involvement with my CFS or Lyme. I think I may be a seronegative Lyme patient but I need to look at the Igenex results myself). Otherwise I have high titers of chlamydia and mycoplasma pneumoniaes and several viruses. Those can also cause itching, I suppose, when they're out of control.

    As a good self treatment for the skin, try this: A hot bath with 2 small bottles or 1 large bottle of hydrogen peroxide along with 2 cups of sea salt OR magnesium salts. Soak, of course, 20 minutes the first time to see how you do. I helped my itching something tremendous the first time.

    I get a red sunburned look from time to time, so I know there's skin involvement of something.

    I have a very aggressive doctor who has me on a double dose of Doxycycline - 400 mg a day.

    I'm really sorry about the creepy feeling. The key is in finding a good doctor. Ask us on this board and the CFS/FM board, and you can also use the search feature.