Lyme with West Nile

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    Was diagnosed with Lyme disease in September 2012, infected sometime in August. Test also showed markers of West Nile having been infected within the last two years. Does anyone else have this situation? As of this morning my treating physician is referring me to a Infectious Disease doctor and a Neurologist for examination. I have many health related problems at this time. Taking a 60 day dose of doxacycline for Lyme and antivert for lost of balance.
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    Sorry to hear about your illnesses.

    I don't have West Nile, but I do have Lyme. I was infected 25 years ago.

    It is really important for you to know that there are 2 different schools of thought on treating lyme.

    Most Dr's think Lyme is hard to get and easy to treat. They follow IDSA guidelines for short term treatment and then usually say you are cured. They usually do not think that chronic lyme exists.

    There is an association of Lyme literate MD's who belong to ILADS who say that Lyme is easy to get and hard to treat and can become chronic if not treated early enough and aggressively. They follow long-term treatment guidelines.

    Your 60 day dose (which is likely only 100 mg twice daily) may or may not be enough. It sounds like your infection has disseminated since you report a loss of balance and other symptoms.

    I recommend that you read this information written by a Lyme expert who is a member of ILADS:

    On pages 19-20 of the above paper, the Lyme literate MD (LLMD) discusses treatment catagories. You will read that he recommends that early diseminated disease be treated for 4-6 months typically.

    Read through the whole paper. It is likely that your Dr and the Infectious Disease Dr would not follow these guidelines, but instead follow short term IDSA just be aware of that.

    People who contract lyme disease also require evaluation for common co-infections like Babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, etc. You will find some info about those infections on pages 22-27 of the above paper.

    Please also read this info: (lots of good info on the ilads site) has message boards for Lyme. One of their boards is the Seeking a Doctor Board, where people can create a post looking for a LLMD. They also have a Medical Questions board, etc.

    Lyme is a very serious infection which can affect every body system and especially the neurological system.

    I hope you fully recover. Saying a prayer for you!

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