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  1. monicaz49

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    any1 else get or considering being tested?
  2. victoria

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    my son first got all my symptoms of CFIDS but then went on to have all the pain that is normally associated with FM... but after all the 'regular' blood tests were 'normal', I got him tested for Lyme. He is positive even according to CDC standards.

    The CDC says it is rare to have chronic Lyme, well, my son still falls into that category based on blood tests plus the 'clinical picture' the CDC talks about;

    the thing is, research shows the spirochete can hide out in our systems and be very hard to test for - and actually the CDC even says people should be treated according to the 'clinical picture', not blood tests alone. But, if you do a search here on this board for the lyme discussions and elsewhere, you will find of course this is a very controversial area.

    There is a lyme board here at prohealth/immunesupport as well - click on 'messageboards' up above; also is a good place to get info.

    I myself have not been tested yet as I am doing an alternative program (the Marshall Protocol(also controversial lol , but you can find articles about it in the libary here as well as the website with the same name) -

    --my response on it gave me the clue my son was probably suffering with lyme, but got him tested as it was the only way to prove to him there was something wrong. For some reason it was easier for him, at 17, to believe he was lazy rather than ill. He would still like to deny it, I think... at that age many can still push themselves for a while.

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    thank you both!
    and i hope ur son is well. :)
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    not yet altho he has made some progress. It can be a long haul, as it is a nasty disease. Some find they make immediate gains, while for others it can take a few years, sigh.

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    thx. i hear igenex has a LOT of positives coming out of it. Thats kinda weird too...but ya..i hear thats the place to go. just gotta get my doc to approve the test. weird i need her approval when she aint payin.