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    I was infected with lyme 8 years ago, treated and felt like I recovered completely. I recently started to have headaches and feel a great deal of fatigue.

    I did a western blot test at Quest. I came back reactive for 41 KD(IGG) and 23 KD (IGM) only. I don't know what this means? According to the lab I am negative but I am not sure about that. Is this from the old infection or I am currently infected?

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    Welcome to the board. I don't know much about lyme, but I have read that the
    tests are often inaccurate.

    You may want to post on the lyme board. It's at this same site. See the list in the
    upper right hand corner next to the board rules.

    If you want a little social life, visit the chit chat board. Folks talk about kids,
    pets, music, recipes, etc.

    Good luck
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    It sounds like you may have relapsed with lyme.

    The tests for lyme are very innacurate....usually officially CDC negative...especially from those regular labs.

    Band 23 is lyme specific.

    You already know that you had lyme. If it was undertreated (very likely) or if it was widespread and chronic, it can easily reactivate.

    Please read this info :

    Chances are good that you were treated according to IDSA guidelines instead of ILADS guidelines. IDSA only uses short term treatment and low doses of antibiotics. They also do not take coinfections into account.

    You need to see a Lyme Literate MD.

    Please do this:

    Go to on Flash discussion.....sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" board...then click on Post a New Topic and create a post asking for a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) in your state.

    Then click on Forum Home or Questions and Discussion which takes you back to the different lyme boards (Medical Questions, General Support, Seeking a Doctor, Off Topic, ect).....from there click on the Medical Questions board.

    Read posts and post a new topic asking your own questions.

    I feel confident that all will advise you to see a LLMD because it sounds like you have relapsed with lyme.

    You also need an evaluation for coinfections...and the sooner the better that you get an eval and treatment.

    I will see you on where I am Dekrator48.

    Good luck!