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    Hi all,

    Usually post on the CFS board. Just wanted to let you all know that Dr. Enlander a very well known CFS physician is now offering a treatment for Lyme. It is some sort of Electrolyte complex I believe. Dr. Enlander is an MD and a Viralogist. You can go to his web site and under treatments he recently has posted this Lyme treatment. I think it is worth checking out since the antibiotic protocols are quite difficult and very hard on the body. Curious for your feedback. I am not a patient of his and I have never seen him. Does have a good reputation for the most part.
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    Yes I had the same problems as molly. I am interested too.
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    Dr. Enlander's main page has a lot of run on sentences, but found this at the bottom of his page ( /main) on it:

    Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacteria Borelia burgdorfei, in its acute form 39% of patients develop a rash at the site of the tick bite. In a chronic form of the disease fatigue and pain can be persistant.

    It is claimed by certain physicians that it is easily treated with antibiotics, doxycyclin and rocephin. In essence certain cases are resistant and symptoms persist. We believe that in face of a weakened immune system the Borelia enter a tissue phase and may become more difficult to eradcate. Immune adjuvantmay assist antibiotic therapy.

    NEW developments We have using an electrolyte mixture LECTROLYTE which acts on the blood and interstitail fluid It is claimed that added vigor is given to the muscles.

    LECTROLYTE or RECUP (a Spanish Electrolyte mixture) has received a good review in fortifying muscle and reducing muscle pain. LECTROLYTE may also reduce muscle pain, it contains 45o mg Sodium, 125 mg Potassium , 15 mg each of Calcium and Magnesium and a trace of Zinc.
    All misspellings etc are from his site... I do enough on my own lol but above wasn't from me...

    Recup/Lectrolyte as Dr. Enlander refers to it, apparently was formulated by Alfred Blasi I believe and mfr'd in Spain, altho he (Blasi) says he does not make money from it. He does have his own website, google his name.

    Anyway, here's Blasi's own description of (his?) product that helped him recover from CF/FM:

    RECUPERAT ion.

    It is a composition made up of the mixture of 4 natural ions, contained in all of the cells of the human body. Concretely, they are alkaline and alkaline-earth metals in the ratio that is needed to act effectively in the treatment of illnesses and muscle aetiology, neuromuscular and bone disorders, as well as for the treatment of states lacking or deficient in these elements and for the muscular recovery.


    There's been a lot of discussion about this formula and also the Salt/C for lyme on different yahoo groups, you might want to do a search for the various groups under the different names of formulas and people...

    hope this helps,

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