Lymph Node Surgery last week.... Now this ughhhhh

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kimba4318, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Hi - Just recovered from my lymph node surgery last week and I noticed 2 weeks ago I had some swelling around my gums (where I had issues in the past)... anyway... woke up in the middle of the night and was biting on my gums that had swelled so bad they are creeping between my teeth!

    It hurts and my dentist said we cannot put it off any longer (probably infected and I have MVP)... so I am going today for IV sedation to get a root canal and have these pockets drained.

    YUCK... it never ends... never.

    Just Venting - thanks for "listening"
    Hugs :)
  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I hope you get some relief from the procedure they do today.

    I'm listeining, this too shall pass.

    Hugs, and a prayer for you, :^)

  3. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Oh no, poor sure didn't need this did you?
    Hope it's not too rough on you. Get some rest and check in with us when you can.

  4. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    HI Morningsonshine & Lynna...thank you for your support & well wishes... I look like I just got done fighting Mike Tyson... Oh wait...NO, not the EAR thing... my ear is just fine.... well, you get the point... LOL.

    Trying to make the best of it. They did a root canal and drained a puss pocket (ewwww, I know) and did a deep scaling of my entire mouth. Yikes! The IV sedation was a joke this time. I was wide awake and moaning every time he would stick one of the 20 needles in my mouth. The ones in the roof were killer. I would have been better off getting a valium or that laughing gas for goodness sakes.

    Well, I am done with that for now, just $3000.00 poorer.... like I said, It NEVER ends.

    HUGS to you both!
    Thank you for "listening" and your support - It means alot.
  5. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    You have had some rough times these past few weeks. Sorry you had to deal with a new "gum" issue now. Hope the dentist trip is helping to ease the pain now. Sorry that $3,000 had to come out of your pocket also. Is that with or without dental insurance?

    I haven't posted much lately. I am in kind of a "funk". I have been kind of depressed these past few days. You know when you feel unsettled, we keep going back and forth on whether we should move or not. My teenager is causing me a great deal of grief too. These teenage years are hard! I hope my other two have an easier time of it!

    Well, now here I am venting. But, I am snapping out of it a bit today. And I am praying that you have a run of good luck with your health now. You need a break, that's for sure. Hope you are keeping your spirits up! Kim :)
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  6. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Hi Kim - Thanks so much... I will be fine. Hope thats enough for now! The insurance will reimburse me for approx. $500 if I am lucky. What a joke. Why bother?!?


    My goodness... I have not seen you post too much so I was gonna ask if you are okay. I am so sorry you are going thru all this crud. No fun being in a funk... I am with ya.

    Please don't hesitate to vent to me about the daughter situation. Mine just got her license and though we are very lucky that she has good grades and seems very responsible, she still has those WHOAAA teenage girl hormones that will make you want to scream. She thinks she knows EVERYTHING! YOu know what I mean.

    Why are you thinking about moving??? Is it for the kids or you all??? I guess the kids never really want to move usually.

    How are you feeling back nd health wise??? I hope that part is okay. YOu don't need that on top of the "funk".

    Let me know. Thinking of you.

    Big Hugs!
  7. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Thanks for your thoughts! I really appreciate it. It's actually my 15 yr. old son that is driving me crazy! He does think he knows everything, could care less about his grades, and is very lazy around the house. So frustrating! It's hard because he does listen, (he does show attitude sometimes), and he used to be an honor student. Since he started high school, he has got caught with pot twice and as of now, he is failing two classes. He is an A/B student, so we know it's just that he is making absolutely no effort. His teachers say he just sits in class and does not participate. Ughhh!!!

    Plus, we share custody. Grades are not as important to his Mom as they are to us, so that does not help us out at all.

    As for the move, well, we just don't care for our neighbors. No one on this street is very friendly and there are no kids for our kids to play with. They can have their friends come over after school sometimes, but it just isn't the same. I remember growing up, running up and down the street all day with friends.

    I am just depressed, you know, tired of being tired. But, the good news is, I am starting to feel a bit better. I am sure I will snap out of it soon.

    So, your daughter got her license. Oh, how we dread that day. Our son just does not seem responsible enough. He will be 16 next month, but we are holding off until he gets a semester of good grades.

    Whew!!!! Thanks for listening! I hope you are feeling well today and that you regain full strength after all of your recent ailments. Thinking of you and thanks again for letting me vent. Kim :)
  8. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    I am so sorry you are going thru all of this stress... you need to somehow (easier said then done) keep it at a low level... don't need a flare up on top of all of this.

    I wish I had advice on your son. I think back and remember how I thought I knew everthing too. It is really a tough age. We do not share custody of my daughter. My husbands ex was on drugs and moved to Florida when Gabrielle was young. I am sorry for Gabrielle but luckily we do not have to deal with her interference too much. I always thought how hard it would be having the other "set" of parents not going along with what we feel is right. She communicates with her off and on now, but Gabrielle knows who her parents are... we are lucky in that aspect. Atleast you have the license over his head right now...
    most teens really, really look forward to that. Gotta be so rough on you.

    Have you found any other neighborhoods that you like? That stinks that your neighbors are that CRABBY. I do remember having friends and running thru the neighborhood all day long as you said. Those were good memories. I see what you mean about wanting that for them too. DO they want out of there as well? YOu don't need your kids giving you crap about that too. I hope they are willing to do what you want.

    I am sure it is a scary decision either way. It is certainly a big stressor even THINKING about moving. I am sure it will all work out. Try to know that things will happen for a reason.... but like I said before... I KNOW it is Easier Said then Done.

    Sending good thoughts your way and hoping things calm down soon for you. Glad your body is feeling a bit better. We just need to give your head a break right now!!

    Keep me posted and VENT anytime... your always listening to my crap - LOL.

    Hang in there!
  9. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    The day is almost over for you, hope it was a good one!

    About the neighborhood. It's not that the neighbors are mean, just not very sociable. Since we moved into this house 2 1/2 yrs. ago, it has yet to still really feel like "home". We bought it right when the housing market was booming, the prices were skyrocketing. Out here in California, then, if you did not bid on a house as soon as it went on the market, it was gone. And, you always had to overbid. Now, it has slowed way down. And then there's the fact that there are no kids on this street that are my younger kids ages. I want a neighbor to hang out with and have our kids play together.

    The layout of the house is great and the bedrooms are spacious. The community we live in is fairly new with walking trails, parks and pools. It is just this particular block of streets that I am not impressed with. And I wish some of the homes in California had more architectural detail like ones back east. Of course, the mansions do and I am sure there are lots of other neighborhoods. But, there are so many boring stucco houses here. And soooo close together!!! We have a 7,000 sq. ft. lot (incl. land and house) and that is considered a good size. I would love to have at least a half acre. Oh well, it is a beautiful, new city-Temecula. I mean, it has been around for a while, just not incorporated until 1989. The wineries are wonderful, and many new homes and structures. The schools are fantastic too.

    Well, now I just found a bunch of reasons not to be upset. You just have to put it into perspective sometimes! I think the underlying reason for my depression is the isolation I have caused myself from not being out with people more. I have many friends and we do stuff together, but not like we should. I also feel soooo tired. You know the feeling. And I feel like I am not being the "super Mom" that I need to be sometimes. I hate this fatique!!

    Well, thanks Dr. Kim, I just think I needed to get some things off my chest. Now, I can quit boo-hooing and make a girl's night with some people.

    I would love to hear about your city and the neighborhood you live in. Kim :)
  10. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member


    Kim ..... Well, now I want to MOVE there!!! Hehe ... sounds beautiful & nice! I know what you mean though about the friends thing. I have some that I love being with.... it is just the getting "ready" and not knowing how I will feel that day and all the "pressure",.... ughhhh, it is ridiculous.... but true. I just would rather hide in my house most days, to make it easier. It is bad cause I know I am missing out on some more good times with my friends... and it would be good for me, but I just do not do it as often as I should.

    As far as Super Mom... I think we ARE Supermom to our children... I know WE do not feel that way inside. My son had to write a little thing in shchool about he likes MOM to do(1st grader), anyway, He Writes
    "Dear Mom, I like when you cook dinner. I like when you Klen (clean) the house." I sort of sunk in my chair. I thought, boy, he notices that I EITHER DO NOT do enough of that or THAT he is REALLY NOTICEING when I do.... My husband laughed and I felt sort of sad about the note.

    I want to be SUPERMOM/WOMEN... you know, like all of us do... but who is the first person our children run to when they are hurt or sad?... US... they love us the way we are. They just may not always show it (ya know what I mean).

    I never look back and wish my mom kept a cleaner house or went to my field trips or any of that (my mom did not have any of this crud, but you know what I mean) I only wished she SPENT more time with me. I do try that with my kids... I may not always be "mentally" there... but I am there. I know you are too. This "Job" will pay off one day I bet (LOL).

    Oh ... man I did not know I would be ranting on and on tonight... OOPS - sorry.... thanks for listening once again.

    I live: on the water on a house we built a few years ago. It is in a neighborhood with small houses and some big ones. We have a boat house on one side.. that the people rarely come visit (which is nice for privacy) and on the other side a house will be torn down soon and built up. You can walk to the little park that has a beach and docks. It is a quaint community all different people here. They still have all the local stores where all the owners know your name and life story. It is comforting to me actually. We moved from a busy city where I was never settled.

    Sorry sooooo long... gonna cut daughters hair now, if my fingers still worked. Talk to ya in a bit.

    Favorite song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" .. that used to really cheer me up... wish all I had to do was listen to a song to do the trick...

    I'll shut up now.
  11. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I truely hope you feel better soon. I'll bet you'll feel a whole lot better after a few days. It's amazing how much an infected tooth can affect your well being. I hope this makes a big difference for you. Take it easy! Laura
  12. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Hi Kim,

    It's almost 10:00 here and I am about to turn in.

    I think many of us here on this board stay home more than we would like to. When you become this tired, I don't know if you are, but I have become very disorganized. It's hard to keep up. It's hard to make plans. I don't know, I just want it all to get easier. I could be fine staying in this house really. I am very thankful for all that we have. If the quality of my health, mind, etc. were better, I would probably feel good most anywhere.

    I can tell that we are both Moms who try to do the most that we can for our kids. I am trying real hard not to let my fatique affect them. I still volunteer in each of their classes once a week, and I am there for them. We spend a lot of time together, and I play games with them.
    I think what your son wrote about cleaning house and cooking dinner was a compliment, he notices that you do these things for him. What a sweetie!

    I certainly wish I could keep up with the laundry and cleaning more. But I would never let my house become a wreck, I just get down on myself sometimes.

    How wonderful that you live in such a quaint little place. It sounds nice, peaceful. I love when people in a community know each other and watch each other's families grow. So, it sounds like you have a bit of land? It sounds like the houses are spaced apart. The houses around me are too close together, breathing space please! I wish we lived a little closer to the beach, but not bad, only about a 45 minute drive.

    Did you cut your teenage daughter's hair? Did you learn how to cut hair or did you teach yourself? Did she like how it turned out?

    I am off to bed, hope to talk to you tomorrow. Kim :)

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  13. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    You sound like a heck of a good mommy to me! I have been behind on the volunteering, wish I coud do more of that, so GOOD FOR YOU! That is awesome. My son loved me coming in an helping. I need to add that to my "resolutions" list :)

    They see me fatigued all of the time... not usually laying around, just spaced out and going thru the motions I guess. I still find that special one on one time with them, which is difficult in itself with 3 all different ages and needs. We do TRY though DON'T we???

    I get down about the cleaning too. Bottom line is though, I clean certain rooms and by the time I am done, the smaller ones have trashed another one. THey are getting a little bit better, but geeez, even to a healthy person this would be hard. I am working on them trying to help me more... will probably have to bribe them unfortunately. My daughter can be a BIG help when she wants to, espescially if she "wants" something... more bribery, etc., etc.

    RE:Daughters Hair... I taught myself and think I did the best job ever this time & today we colored it! Whoooaaa... it worked out great LUCKILY. She wanted it to be dark for the winter. It is a pretty light brunette color. I have to be okay doing it by now, cause a 16 year old girl trusting her mom with her hair, well... that's kinda big I would think LOL.

    She loves it, so I am pretty happy.
    Hope you had a good night and a new day. Oh... soudns like you need to stay put in your house for now. Sounds great and I donot think you need that added stress and worry right now. What does hubby think??


  14. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Yeah, I know what you mean about the kids not seeing me lay around, just not being able to be as active as I would like. And yes, just feeling like I am going through the motions sometimes. I did paint with my daughter today and watched a playoff football game with my son. Big football fans in our house. Go Chargers!!! My husband has to work tomorrow, but I am taking them to our friend's house for the big game. They have kids their age too, and the adults have been friends for a long time. So, I am looking forward to that.

    It's nice that your older daughter is a help around the house. My older son can be, but he does absolutely nothing unless asked to. Frustrating! Glad your daughter's hair turned out good. That's fun that you can do it for her. She will always remember that. :)

    About the house, well, we do feel like if we are going to move we should do it soon. You know, the higher the price of the house, the higher the property taxes. And our property taxes here are an absolute killer!! So, we will just pray about it and I am sure an answer will reveal itself. Hope you had a great day!

    Talk to ya soon, Kim :)

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