Lymph node swelling???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by calicoangel, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. calicoangel

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    I am in search of a cause for my lymph node swelling in my neck. I have had bloodwork and an ultrasound-both negative(for whatever they were testing for). Does anyone have or have you ever had swollen glands due to CFS? I have not been diagnosed with anything, but I am sick of drs. having no explanation. I'm in fear that I have some sort of disease that will kill me if untreated and what do they care? It's not them. I am getting disenchanted with the medical community now that I feel that I really have a problem that needs treatment & no clue what's really wrong with me. I also have 2 herniated discs in my neck that I want to have fixed in June, but I can't if I have some other disease. I was assured by my neurosurgeon that the swollen glands are not a symptom of the disc herniations. Anyone with info, please reply. I'm a nervous wreck!!!
  2. scottabir

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    I have had painful and swollen lymph nodes since I was 14. I have it in my lympgh nodes under my arms. They fkare up when I am under a lot of stress or extremely fatigued.

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    Our lymph system are fighter trying to protect our system from invasion of numerous problems. I notice when I am going into a flare etc. they get worse. I even had abiopsy for cancer. A normal person doe`s not have non stop lymph enlargement. Cfid`s,autoimmune,lyme are just some of the reasons for continuing invasion in body. Why do docs not atleast see this? I only had one that was really concerned or even checked. She was a rheume including other symptoms show something more is going on. Wake up docs!!!
  4. Mikie

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    Of our illnesses, particularly CFIDS. It often goes along with chronic sore throat, headaches, and low-grade temperatures.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Mikie

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    I read an article by Dr. Cheney which states that hanging on a foam noodle in the deep end of a swimming pool helps drain the lymph nodes. The pressure and slight movement of the water massages the nodes and helps them drain. You can also gently massage them to do this. Don't get too vigorous, though, as I did this and it made them very sore.

    Love, Mikie
  6. joe_

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    please tell me more!

    - do you know the exact cause of your lymph node swelling or are you in a situation like me, not knowing the cause?

    - how powerful was the medication? how long did you take the medicine until you noticed some effects?

    - does the swelling bounce back after you stop the medicine?

  7. JLH

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    some recent posts on the parodid glands in your neck. These glands are in your neck underneath your ears along your jaw line. They swell all of the time when you have a condition called Sjorgren's Syndrome which is commonly associated with other autoimmune diseases like lupus.
  8. chellee

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    My doctor told me that is actually the carotid artery that is inflamed as all the nerve endings are inflamed from the CFS and fibro. Almost the same as a trigger point. I have the same problem. There are certain points that become hyper sensitive due to the inflammation. Another area I have trouble with is the reflex in my knee. If I just lightly tap my knee it jerks. It is almost embarrassing. He said this is all part of the same over sensitive nerve endings.
  9. matildathehunney

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    I have found that when I am sickest, ie in bed, flaring, that my nodes are very swollen on my neck, my chest, (the middle, between my boobs,) and my upper arms, just above the elbow, inside the arm, then up the arm, just below the shoulder,. If I press on one gland during a flare-up, they all hurt simultanously. Like some kind of card game or something. When I feel better, ie I can get up for 30 to a few hrs a day, those glands are only about halfway swollen. When I am crashed, they are very swollen.

    I do not know what is going on, but it IS going on, this is pretty predictable. Do others have an accompanying condition or identifiable infection with the swelling?

    It seems like mine just come on every few days and lasts a few days, no matter what I do. When I am bedredden is when these glands are really acting up, along with the extra bad regular :) :) tiredness aches fog pain etc.

    just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Stay safe, you not alone.
  10. sybil

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    the lymph nodes under my armpits and my neck,especially the left side of my neck,which is often visibly swollen.

    my G.P. has never shown much interest in this blood tests have been normal for thyroid.

    but i do have blood problems,a raised white cell count and a low platelet count.i see a haematlogist every month,who hasn't got to the bottom of what is wrong with me!

  11. PatPalmer

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    I`m just embarking on a nutritional course and on the introductory tape it`s explained this by saying it`s a toxic build up because the liver is unable to process the excessive amount there, so toxin is pushed back into the blood and backs up in the Lymph nodes.

    Fatigue, headaches and sickness are also a sign of toxic stockpiling.

    I`m yet to find out how we can help the body rid this, but the cause of toxicity is many fold - bacteria and cellular inactivity are top of the list.

    As we burn up energy, the cells become toxic - bit like running the car on petrol and exhaust fumes.
    Because the cells are clogged with mucus & cholestrol, they are unable to clean up properly and the toxin load increases.

    Stress will cause cellular dehydration, the body will then coat the cell membrane with cholsetrol to protect it.
    By day cells take up Calcium & Sodium, by night this is replaced by Magnesium & Potassium.

    The cholestrol will prevent this free flow so the cells cannot regenerate which is why you feel just as tired on waking as when you went to bed...

    The first step to cure is getting rid of any stress. The rest I am yet to figure out.

    Love Pat.
  12. ksp56

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    I was just diagnosed with fibro in April. My lymph nodes in my neck had been swollen for MONTHS. I started with my GP and went through numerous doctors until a rhuematologist told me I had fibro. NONE of these doctors thought my neck swelling was a big deal. I find it happens most often when I am under stress or coming out of a high stress situation. I had breast cancer 5 years ago, so my oncologist did order tests, which of course, showed nothing I'm seeing a new rheumy who is one of the best in Indianapolis. He didn't give it a thought either, even though I have found reading material on it.

    I hate that any of you have these symptoms, but at least I don't feel like I'm "CRAZY" (well, no more than usual!)anymore!

    This is a great board! I look forward to getting to 'know' you all!
  13. PatPalmer

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    Yes I have heard of Milk Thistle being used here, I clean forgot about that one, thank you. - If you tap the words in the *search messages* box at the top, all posts on it will come up.

    I figure it`s a short term solution but it`s getting to the cause of toxin build up that really gets my attention...

  14. Iggy_RN

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    I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck usually happens when I am flaring... another luxery of this DD... Hope you all feel better soon, Iggy
  15. treasurefinder

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    Thought I ought to chime in too. It is always good to get lots of responses from others who are going through something similar.
    I have had slight swelling and tenderness/discomfort in the lymph nodes under my jaw for months now. It really freaked me out at first- still does sometimes. I have been to several doctors and none seem concerned about it, but I did have a CT scan w/ iodine done of the soft tissue in my neck, jaw and chin and all were normal. Nothing at all shown abnormal. That made me feel better and I stopped having the painful sensations in my neck and jaw for about 3 weeks. Then it started again. But I think my anxiety level went up too so that is probably what is causing it. When this all began I was having a lot of anxiety over health issues (which turned out to be nothing) so I do wonder if it is stress/anxiety related. That is what all the doctors allude to when I see them. They do the tests to rule things out, but at the same time the all ask me about anxiety. I am guessing that the reason doctors do not seem worried about this is that it must be fairly common. And when you see all the responses to lymph node swelling and pain on this board, it seems that it is common to quite a few. In my frustration and fear from all of this I have looked on quite a few boards like this one and I have there are others on those boards too who have this problem, they too have had all kinds of tests done and all were normal. Not that that has calmed all my fears totally-- because I just can't shake this panicked feeling. I am seeing a Physical theripist now for myofascial release and I have high hope for relief from him. He is very knowledgable and seems positivie that he can help me.

    I hope all the posts will help you to feel better. I am not advising you to ignore it though. Seek all the answers that you need and see whatever doctors you feel can help. But if they can not find anything, just know you are not alone. If you are having a lot of anxiety about this or something else in your life, perhaps that could be causing this continued problem.

    I love this board and thanks to all who have answered this post. It has helped me today as in so many in the past. God bless you all.
  16. shell

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    Yea mine are up most of the time under my arms and off and on depending on whether i am getting sick (once a month) in my throat. Once they swell up for some reason (sometimes just from inflammation in the body) they take a long time to go back down. I even had one removed from under my right arm after being persistent (they do not do needle biopsies anymore - only alternative for checking was removal).. Having them under your arms and in your neck is very worrisome from need. Just had my left ones under my arm ultrasounded. They were also 'nothing to worry about'. But it is hard not to think that you are not dying from cancer or something else the way they react!! When they do the ultrasound they look for the size as well as the shape - with cancer they can change shapes.

    Take care!