lymph node troubles - need some advise !

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    dear all,

    my name is Joe, i am 27 year old, i have read this board since a few months and posted occasionally. I want to ask everyone about your experience with swolen lymph nodes.

    Here is the story: After the onset of my problems in May 2002, i have been seen and monitored by several doctors(immunologist, hematologist, ID doctor, GP, oncologist,...) but we have not found any cause for my health problems, which are
    - fatigue, occasionally headaches
    - swolen and painful lymph nodes on neck and arms (diagnosed as "micro lymphadenopathy")

    since i feared that i might have catched an STD from my ex-girlfriend, i have had around 50 tests for hiv, hepatitis a/b/c/d, cmv, ebv, herpes, etc. including dozens or PCRs, several viral cultures and other advanced tests. The last testing series was carried out >1 year after last exposure. Although my symptoms clearly point to some infectious diseseas, NOTHING KNOWN was found. The doctors tell me i might have a "fatigue syndrome", and they think i might have troubles fighting some strange infection. They do not want to biopsy or remove my nodes (they exclude cancer, my blood tets were all negative)

    As you all know, it is VERY difficult to treat something without a "real" diagnosis, and my docs are no help.

    Can anybody tell me what you do to get rid of the swolen / tender / painful lymphnode problem?

    I have read something about OLE (olive leaf extract?) but i am not sure, can somebody tell me more about it?

    thank you very much!!

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    deleted it when I was the OLE post about lymph nodes and saw that you'd seen it too. I didn't have any help for you, except to say that the severity of the pain seems to fluctuate.

    Just wanted you to know your post wasn't being ignored!
  3. nickname

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    ....swollen lymph glands are part of the UK's diagnosis for m.e. (what the u.s. call c.f.s.) I have this problem - it's called lymphadenopathy, but I don't know what micro means in this context. The common site is the neck, followed by the armpits, then the groin - these are all the major stations of the lymph system. They can become painful at times, and especially for women in the neck and armpit because of monthly hormonal changes.

    Viruses and bacteria are a contributing cause. Lack of excercise does not help. I believe that if the liver has a problem with the detox pathways, I think this can also contribute. Common viruses contributing to this problem are EBV and CMV.
    This is where things like olive leaf come in useful because u can work on attacking the known virus relevant to u. I test negative for all the known viruses so it's a bit of a needle in a haystack for me. Excercise like rebounding on a small trampoline can help if u can do it, as can manual lymphatic drainage, as can the light beam generator if u have anyone using that near u - it's from the u.s., - one therapist was using it here in the UK but it was too far for me to travel on a weekly basis, so only had one session.

    I have read about the olive/lemon juice drink that may also help this, and funnily enough have my ingredients at the ready, but have not yet tried it - it's too hot, and sticky in the UK at the moment.

    That's all I know - hope it helps - if u have been excluded from all known nasties, it's reassurance, but I still think that we should check ourselves regularly in this area.

    If u ever come across anything that helps, let us know.
    Best wishes

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  4. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member glands have done this since I was young. I have tried everything on them..finally..I use the following. Garlic capsules (mine actually have alfalfa and cheyenne pepper in them), olive leaf caps and colostrum. BOOM, they are gone with 12 to 24 hours.

    I do not take Olive leaf all the time, I pull out on special occasions like my nodes or ear problems. Ya just cannot beat it.

    Good luck in what ever you use..over the years..this is definitely what clears them up for me. ..Sherry
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    dear all, thanks for your responses! (it's good to know that i am not alone)

    i have 2 follow up questions:

    * Bek: what does "RX" stand for ?

    * Sherry: i am using garlic, too (my pills, "Aterosan plus", contain several other herbs, too, but mainly garlic). The recommended daily dose is 3x2 capsules - - do you exceed the "recommended dose" of your garlic pills?

    One note aside,... olive leaf extract (both capsules or liquid formulation) seem rather difficult to get here in Switzerland - -I've tried to get it at 3 drug stores today, but none had it, will try again tomorrow. I hesitat to buy them on the net...)

    thanks again for your responses,
    i'll check in to report any news,

    stay well,
  6. stillafreemind

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    My garlic says to take it one capsule three times a day. Id this if I am in the midst of fighting something off like you are. On an every day basis..I only take like one or two. Seems like it packs more of a wallop for me if I do it this way.

    On your problem with getting olive oil caps..I hope you do not think I am crazy..but I would and have done the following. Buy the best brand of Olive oil (for cooking/baking) that you can. Take a tbls of it once or twice a day. You can take it straight or put it on toast or popcorn or something. Also..during the day..rub some of the olive oil on the lymph nodes that are bothering you. I think people forget sometimes..the skin is a VERY large organ. It absorbs like a sponge. That can be good and that can be bad. In the case of olive oil..I think it is good. can also rub it on sore tense muscles. I will caution you that this is what I would do..have done..I am NOT in medicine. AND...this is not an overnight deal. You have to be consistant over time.

    Hope this helps you somehow. I am sorry that you cannot use the olive leaf..however...olive oil will do it over time too. Good luck Joe...I do hope you will keep us updated! Sherry
  7. PatPalmer

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    Is Toxic build-up because the liver is unable to process & eliminate it all. Hot/cold packs will also help get some movement in them.

    It then goes to blood and is why you can feel nausius, get headaches/migrain & generally feel like doggy poo.

    Nickname is right in saying Viral/bacterial infection is a contributory factor - these produce toxins. Great advice too.

    OLE is brillient as it not only kills off the offending critters, it also works on clearing the blood so must help the liver too in some way.
    Though many have said Milk Thistle has helped the liver too.

    Love Pat.
  8. Plantscaper

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    I get my OLE over the internet..and it works well..Just be sure to get a well known, good brand..that has the components of the whole leaf..It has made more difference for me relative to pathogens and the symptoms caused by them than anything else..and with its use, you improve your intestinal flora, too.. There are really no downsides, unless you are allergic to the olive tree..

    But, expect to "herx" for a one to two weeks..and don't mix with blood thinners, and will potentiate the effects of blood pressure and antidiabetic drugs..

    Hope you do well on OLE,
  9. Hippen

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    Joe and Bek, i am so glad that you both will be trying the OLE... Joe, you may have to order yours over the internet if you are unable to find it in a store. Do not forget to gently massage the swollen lymph nodes towards the heart. This will help drain them...sounds disgusting but it worked for me. Hugs to both of you !!!! Hippen