Lymph nodes (freaked out)

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    I posted the other day under new and confused now Im scared and freaked out. I am so worried about the lymph nodes under my are. I have had them for over a year. Sometimes it gets pink and hurts bad. When that happens I feel so tired and need to sleep. I have had CT scans of just about everything. I just went for my mamogram (last year it was fine) and a complete blood work. My question is- do any of you out there have lymph nodes that are big? and only hurt everynow and then? Have you had them checked out only to be told its nothing.
    I get freaked out about this.

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    I hope I can put your mind at ease a bit. My daughter has chronic EBV. She has had the lymph nodes under her arms enlarged for over 2 yrs.

    The first thing she did, and this is important, is have a biopsy when she first started having problem's. The test came back neg. for cancer, so from there she went to a natropath that works with cancer treatment centers of america. He Dx'd the chronic EBV. Even tho she is doing well with treating the EBV, she still has the problem with the lymph nodeds.

    The natropath told her once you've had them enlarged for a while, they form scar tissue and seem enlarged even when their not. it's very common to get chronic enlarged lymph nodes when your dealing with EVB or CFID, but I would consider biopsy to always be on the safe side. I'm sure your fine. It's always very diconserting tho to have lymph node problem's. It's scary.

    Good luck!
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    me again
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    Sometimes one can get these raised pink areas that sort of look like a mole that are little cysts under the armpits.

    I get enlarged lymphs a lot due to the EBV and have had one in my neck like that for at least ten years.

    I read somewhre that painful nodes are usually OK as they are up fighting disease,it is painless ones that we worry about. But do have them tested so you are not scaring yourself.

    I think we all scare ourselves with this DD. I do at least once every day for sure. Cry, and ask DH some scary question.

    Love Anne C
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    Hello again
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    hello you can have these with sarcoidosis look it up just in case all the best jill
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    You know what? About 3 years ago I developed a scar on my retna in my eye and the docs could not find out why. I had a CT scan about 5 months ago and I had enlarged lymph nodes by my spine. Of course my old doc ALWAYS would tell me its fibro and dismiss everything else.
    After looking up sarcoidosis I think I will talk to my new doc... Thanks!!!
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