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  1. Traymond

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    Back in Sept. 2004 I started having flashing pains in my left armpit then in October I had pain in both armpits. I went to my Doctor and he did a X-ray on both armpits and said it was fine. Then in December 2004 both armpits were still painful so he ordered a Catscan and he said there were no swollen lymph nodes. In January 2005 I woke up one morning and both sides of my neck were so painful I could barely turn my head. This went away in about 2 weeks but subsequently found a pea sized node on the right side of my neck, mobile and small. My doctor could not feel it. That node is still swollen but the same size but it can be painful. Armpit pain was ok in 2005. Then in Feb. 2006 the armpit pain was back and its been there pretty much all year. I went for my physical today and I told my doctor about the armpit/lymph node pain and he could not find any swollen lymp nodes in either armpit or my neck. BTW I can feel the one in my neck. I will have blood work tomorrow. Has anyone ever experienced lymph node pain in both armpits like this. My doctor said he was not concerned because my weight was fine, blood pressure fine, no swollen lymph nodes in armpit or neck. This pain is very real. Please help.
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  2. Bunchy

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    During the course of my illness I have had extremely painful lymph nodes in the armpit and groin areas.

    When my armpits were bad I could hardly hold my arms up to undress they hurt so bad.

    Likewise when the nodes in my groin area were bad, I could hardly walk they were so painful.

    At times they were very obviously swollen, at times they were not but hurt just as bad.

    If you have had the necessary blood work and all was fine, I'm afraid it is probably just another symptom of this disease. It can often be a sign of our immune system trying to fight an infection or even just an overactive immune system where it could be "thinking" there is an infection to fight.

    I'm no expert but if it helps, although I am plagued with different symptoms now, this is rarely a problem for me anymore so, in time, it will probably get better or you will have spells where they don't hurt at all.

    Hope you get some more input.

    Hugs Bunchy xxx
  3. Traymond

    Traymond New Member

    Thank you for your help and concern.
  4. forfink

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    Yes, over the years I've felt at times extereme pain in my lymph nodes in my groin. Thought maybe I was sick and toxins had just collected in that area. I've learned that at times it comes and goes and usually isn't anything to get upset about. Just another mystery we all face. Think the trigger point pain can fool us into thinking there is really someting wrong when it it more our muscles going haywire! If you press the lymph nodes in the groin or arm pits they usually hurt like heck, always. Hope this helps....
  5. phoebe1

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    I don't have swollen lymphnodes in my armpits, but I have extremely painful lymphnodes in my neck. Two months ago they were so big and sore on the left side of my neck that I couldn't turn my head and I couldn't sleep.
    I was on the verge of going to the doctor but then I bought Antioxidant and Immune Support to help my system fight the infection or whatever it was. By the 2nd day my lymphnodes started going down and by the 3rd day they were almost completely normal.

    It is made by Formule Naturelle, I don't know if you can buy it in the USA but if you want to give it a try you can google it.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  6. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    I too suffer from the underarm lymph node pain. I was very concerned when it first became noticable over a year ago. My Dr. sent me for mammograms and blood work and all came back negative so I have accepted it as another symptom of FM. I find that my right arm is worse as I am right handed. It feels like a toothache under the arm.

    Take care,

  7. MelaC

    MelaC New Member

    I have also had an enlarged lymph node in one arm pit for a year now. I was also checked out for tumors in my breast as I am a high risk breast cancer. They came back negative but the specialist told me that I must keep an eye on it.

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