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    Hello everyone, I am seeking information regarding CFS and lymphocytosis. I have not been diagnosed with CFS, but I am wondering if I have it. I am always sick, tired, have headaches, and my lymphocytes have been elevated for over a year. Does this meet the criteria for CFS?
  2. TiredMother

    TiredMother New Member

    I'm just bttt because I didn't get a response. I guess that I should of asked if anyone's CFS or fibromyalgia was discovered due to an elevated lymphocyte count?
  3. Peacelearning

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    Immunologist, that's who you need to see. Lymphocytes are part of the white blood cell community and they are in charge of fighting off bugs and infections. If you are "always sick" then it would make sense that these counts would be elevated. You body is fighting something or things... Sometimes the white blood cells do not "work together" one reason or another and so if your WBC is within normal range, and your lymphocytes are elevated this may indicate something is out of wack.

    FMS can be secondary to an immune disorder -- either autoimmune or immune deficient, but in and of itself there are usually no blood markers to varify diagnosis.
  4. TiredMother

    TiredMother New Member

    Thanks for responding Peacelearning. Hmmmm, I'm tired all the time. I need to find out what's going on.

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