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    Okey Dokey .... This is letter number three I've started. Let's see if the outside world leaves me alone long enough to finish it!

    For starters, I proved my point about having Dumb Dora capabilities in that I did not realize you had added a post script to our other thread .... LAST THURSDAY !!! Geesh, post a thread about responding to other members and I let yours go THREE DAYS !! What can I say ... At least I admit it! To get to know me is to love ALL my charming qualities!

    At last count you rode Sophie again ... I think she's your fav. Remind me ... Sophie is the TB? About 16.1h .. or is that Tellie? You're having so much fun riding and trying all that's available that I'm having a tough time keeping them straight. You're going to have to list 'em again ... unless they have fallen into the "We don't want 'em" list, IE that one with the rough ride and weird ground manners.

    How was your little tyke's costume gig? Did you get tons of pictures? I am so glad you are making a "home" in your barn community. That's going to come in handy on those days you're not feeling all world.... you have a group you love beening around that may help pull you out of our well known CFS/FM dull, wimped out days. Good for you !!

    I've had a busy, but not great weekend. Nothing bad happened ... I'm just seriously dragging. I'm on day three of my menst. cycle, and like so many others, my energy levels and motivation hits rock bottom. I think estrogen plays a part in that, but I am not sure.

    I am going to ask my doctor .... SOON ... if we can do something about that. If you think on it ... women bottom out on estrogen and progesterone about 3-4 days prior to period starting and stay that way until about day 3-4 of cycle when estrogen decides to start creeping back up. That's alot of days wasted ... spent dragging and preferring the rocking chair over physically going out a living life!

    At least I'm not the "get postal type", opting for the bazooka to raise my spirits vs calm contemplation. A fact my Husband is eternally greatful for!

    My estrogen levels were very good when tested ... falling in the reference range. I'm wondering though if they might not be low FOR ME .... zapping me of the juice needed. I don't know if I'm 'splaining ( Ala Ricci and Lucy ) this well. Estrogen normal for the whole, but not normal for me ... too low for me? What do you think?

    I can tell you this ... if progesterone is the "peace, love, dove ... prevent her from going postal hormone, then I don't need anymore of it ...! Lol!!

    I had the best time at the Puma store web site Friday! My favorite shoe store carries all kinds of delightful shoes .. but I found myself not having the time to get there. I already have .... ashamed to say ... three pair of Puma shoes annnd ... I want MORE!! My excuse is a valid one .. I have very narrow feet so of course I have to go to the specialty shops plus I have fibro feet (painful) and the Puma's feel great!

    My story and I'm sticking to it. Bought two boot style shoes ... can't wait for them to arrive.

    You know, I appreciate the permission to go ahead a be a princess. I don't know how it happens, but the people who know and love me anyway realize/recognize that quality about me and seem to rejoice in it. It truly is not a conscious effort on my part ... just is.

    My husband very sweetly and lovingly will answer the question your wife a princess?? Very soft, reverent voice ... Oh yeah. HA !! Best friend at work, who is also male, explains it this way. Can't help it ... it's the way you carry yourself. So, Dear friend of mine ... There you have it.

    I also think I am recognizing the same unique and wonderful trait in you. Perhaps that's why we get on so well. Your also a focused, half full, intelligent,compassionate, fight for what you believe in individual that I am enjoying getting to know.

    I hope you had a great weekend, despite Gators 14 - Bulldogs 10. I am really not digging at you! Really, I'm not! It probably is a day of mourning for the entire state. Oh man, and your husband was there. Just so you know I'm sincere in NOT busting on you ... I'm more of an obnoxious NFL fan. College ball is just an offshoot of loving the sport.

    I hope you are doing well despite the game and that your weekend went as wonderfully as it sounded it was going to be. Take lots of pictures of all the little spooks tomorrow night!

    Take care ... Talk soon,


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    YEp my husband came homne from the game pretty disgusted but he got to play Golf 4 times and won some money at poker so I'm not feeling to bad for him. I like to win but it's just a game. I do like to see SEC teams do well. My best friend went to UT.

    Yes every month I whine about losing 10 days or so. 5 days before and five days of. I also am not an angry girl at that time (Or ever really) but... I am sorta sensitive and I cry easily. I give my huband a warning so he trys no9t to be his usualk insensitive male self!

    On to the horses. Yes you are right Sophie is a Chesnut TB about 15.2 or 3. I have ridden her 2 times. Tellie is a Bay Trakhener and I am riding her again tomorrow. There is someone else interested in her so I have to make a decision. Hopefully they did not take her lease over the weekend. Another horse is also in the running but he is not available until Dec. He is a big dark dark bay named Willing. The one thing I know about him is he will kick. Also the girl who owns him seems slightly spoiled. But that is just a first impression.

    So I will make a decision tomorrow. I am gonna get Rebecca to take a picture of me with the winner! Thanks for answering my post. I really look forward to hearing from you! Looks like we are starting a ladies with FM and horses group! I love it!

    Take Care and don't worry about slow answers! I enjoy talking with you but totally understand! Lynn

    PS I will have to check out the PUMA store! Worked on my closet and got rid of shoes this WE so I need some more. Hey every princess needs her slippers! L
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