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    I absolutely don't know why I need some kind of feedback so I know this is real it is by far the most perplexing DD or even all the injuries I have had nothing has compared to this. And I resent loosing my life to something that just makes it lookk like I am just lazy after all the years I worked so hard. I can't thank you enough for the feedback, and Lynn, you actually read my bio? OMG, I can't even remeber what I wrote but I am sure it wasn't very pretty. I do get a lot of peace of mind working with these horses but it has taken me about 4 or 5 years to even try it. But, it isn't a cure and these flare ups as Lane said just make it almost worse cause I get going and think I have it under control and BAM I am on my back again! Lane, the sweats come so randomly that the only thing I have been able to link them to is stress and any kind of it. Even if I get up to brush my teeth I may break out, or if something upsets me my blood starts running and I start sweating, actually thinking about it that is the biggest thing I notice, whatever stirs me up whether it is good or bad the sweats hit me! I haven't had them in a while though but sure as I say this they will be back! I wish I knew why we get them. I have been telling my Dr.s about all this for the last 5 years and until I found this board I had not had one person sugest that maybe this DD could be why!

    Girls, I don't think I am nearly as sick with this as all of you, but it absolutey runs my life for periods of time long enough that my life is way out of being close to functional. The brain fog is really an issue with this job and the stress from it I am sure is what set this round off but I can't not work! I have to hang on to something while I can! AND, LANE, I haven't heard anything about this salt thing, I missed this, can you catch me up with it? I started using the Sea Silver because I hate taking all those pills and they make me sick to my stomach if I don't eat and half the time I don't feel like eating BUT I am not loosing weight so what is the seceret to that??? Please share with me! LOL

    Thanks JODY, you are so sweet, I call Jody and vice versa from time to time so poor girl has really heard my sob story, but she still calls. We hooked up to Yahoo Instant Messaging and it is a lot of fun. Come join us there is you ever feel like chatting.

    Thanks again for writing to me, I really have been under the weather and scrared that it might get me this time and I need to stick thru this job, it is over in August so it isn't a full time deal or I wouldn't have even tried it.

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    We all give what we can, but we get much more in return. Just "Pay it Forward" - like the movie.

    Going off topic a bit...My folks have helped us a lot over the years and I know I will never be able to pay them back with all they have given. I was taught that my repayment and remembrance to them should be to help my children in the same way my parents helped me and they would carry that on when their time came - Pay it forward.

    Going off a bit more...I am a Presbyterian Elder in my church, but my heritage back is Jewish on my Dad's side. There is an old Jewish traditon that each generation goes to honor the gravesite or memorial of their family's ancestors. As one might expect there would be children and extended family going forward who never met or knew these relatives, but they continue the tradition. They believe the longer the tradition is carried out and the family's relatives are remembered the greater the honor and place that person rises to in heaven.

    Do you remember the movie "Schindler's List"?...He managed to save the lives of 1200 Jews. Today Schindler's Jews and their descendants number over 6,000. To honor him, they make a pilgrimage from wherever they are, every year during the same time, and gather at his grave where he is buried in a Catholic churchyard in Jerusalem. The ring they made for him when he had to leave them, was inscribed, "Whoever saves one life saves the world".

    I am sorry to ramble like this, but I wanted to share the driving force behind my personal philosophy. While I am not saving lives here, I do things because I believe it will help someone else, maybe not directly, but I hope in some small way.

    Coming back to the topic of discussion, I have been thinking about these sweat attacks. I know there are worse symptoms for us, but it makes me curious. They are exactly like the kind you get when you break fevers or when you get up and start doing things thinking you are feeling better and all of a sudden you are all clammy, weak and sweaty. I can only think these are milder forms of flares and the sweating, as you say, is a result of stress, even in the slightest form. This suggests to me that your body is in a much more fragile state than you realize, so please take good care of yourself.