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    You wrote: "Maybe you should just hobble to the door in your pj's and go back to bed and reheat it later."

    That's exactly what i do, but the interruption in my sleep usually does me in for getting any more sleep. Besides, my homemaker is coming by 1:30, so I have to be up anyway.

    "Do you get
    a snack type sandwich thingy for later in the day?"

    With this service they deliver a soup, salad, hot meal and dessert and a bun [which I give back cause I avoid wheat]

    It used to be pretty decent, but they changed caterers and it's not as good plus funding is down. Then add on top of that my special no gluten dietary needs [I only recently requested the special meals] and you get a pretty tasteless meal. I wish they would put garlic and onion in the meals, but they can't cater for just one person for the cheap price I guess.

    "How did you pick the day? Middle of the week?"

    Um..well, with this program you get a free milk or juice with the meal on a Wednesday, and since I started the service when I was really poor [on welfare awaiting dis benefits] this was the most prudent choice.

    I'm sorry to hear your mother has been through a lot, but glad to hear that you do get a little help from family and neighbours [?] for your food needs. My friend's mother sometimes brings me food. Good, healthy, homecooked flavourful Jewish cooking. It's been very helpful. And I'm not Jewish! This woman is definitely fulfilling the Jewish tradition of helping those in need.

    Yes, I think I should mention my foot problem to a doctor eventually. I don't think my GP is the right one though. But, might have to settle for that anyway. It's just he's the sort of doctor that needs me to tell me what my problem is so he can give me the right prescription. I don't want more meds, I want to know what's wrong and how I can work on making it less of a problem. I am afraid of losing my foot/feet when I am older if I am already experiencing problems now.

    Glad that you are finally over your bloated immodium effect.

    did your belly float to the top of the hot tub? tee hee.

    Hope you get a decent sleep.

    Good night.

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    bumping for applynn with the express lane G.I. tract.