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    Hi lynna, I just saw your bio and I gotta tell ya. I can't stop looking at your picture. I feel like I am looking in the mirror! Except you're younger, thinner and prettier. Same eyes, same nose, face shape, mouth, same skin tones, hard to tell teeth. Any chance we could be related? My family is all from Albany, New York area. I'm French, German and English. Have more than a few skeletons in my family closet. I have one aunt in California, but she had all boys and those boys would be your age, so that couldn't be it. I don't know any of my fathers' family *at least very well), so there could be link there, and that is where the skeletons lie. My mother had MANY cousins, with many kids so that could be a link. I'm just dumbfounded.
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    REALLY ? How strange........put a pic in your bio so I can see! I don't think I have any family in NY. My mother's people came from Nebraska and my father's from Utah. As far as I know I am a "Heinz 57" of German, Dutch, English and I don't know what else.

    Hurry and change your pic !!! This is kinda cool.
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    Just happens to be the day I got married (in 1983) and we definitely have some of the same interests. We have always gone boating and camped, when the kids were younger, before I got sick, we went EVERY weekend. I too have a love of the sea. I find it very calming and almost essential to me. From where I live I can be at the coast in about 45 minutes, or the bay in 20 minutes. I find myself going at least once a month, even if it's just me and the dogs.

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    I haven't allowed any pictures of me for YEARS, because I've gained SO MUCH weight so I don't have anything recent to post. And, I could find some older stuff, but our scanner or program for it, died about a year ago, and doesn't even live on the desk anymore. I JUST got a digital camera for Christmas, haven't learned how to use it yet, but like I said, I HATE to have my picture taken.

    Our kids are close in age too, my daughter turns 24 in June, son turns 19 in April. She wants to become a midwife. Him, a bit early to know, but maybe Nuclear Physics. Something with alternative energy.

    I was relieved when you knew your families' roots. I didn't want to say it before, in case this was the connection. My father had at least 5 other children, besides us 2, when he was married to my mother. 2 boys by a woman he later married. And 3 girls by another woman, during a time he was supposed to married to other woman. 2 of the 3 girls were placed for adoption. I met the remaining one at my fathers' death bed. So, I thought, DAMN, YOU got to be one of the other 2. (And, you would be about the right age) Now, when my sister and I met this other 1/2 sister at our fathers' death bed, she looked EXACTLY like MY sister, except she was as tall and thin, as we are short and fat. hahaha It was really eerie for them too, as they could each see it.

    I know your got to be dying to see a picture. Even to see each others kids would maybe be interesting. Curious if they look anything alike. I had my son look at your picture and he was chuckling saying yeah, she DOES look like you (meaning me). I will have to work on something. [This Message was Edited on 01/11/2007]
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    I too am self conscious about photos, since getting sick in 1992 I have put on about 50 pounds!!! I have been working very hard to overcome this, I feel bad when I think what if something were to happen to kids, hubby and family would really have to dig to come up with any pics. I have a long way to go before I feel comfy in front of a camera but I am really trying.

    I will look and see if I have a pic of the kids together that I can put up (I know I have one of the kids and I before I got sick but it is from 1991) if you promise to figure out your new camera, ok ? LOL. My son, Brandon (25) is a drum teacher, he has his own studio and has students ranging in age from a 5 year old to an 82 year old nun :) He is also the Assistant Band Director at one of our local high schools. My daughter Ashley will be 21 this month, she is attending Cosmetology school.

    I don't recognize any of the last names you mentioned so I guess it's safe to say our looks are just coincidence lol........Now go figure out that camera !!!!!

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    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Your daughter looks exactly like my neice, but with DARK hair. Your son shares MANY features with my son. More along the line of FEATURES, not necessarily looks. But your daughter looks like a dark haired clone of my neice.

    Just asked son and NO, our scanner doesn't work anymore. Will have to learn how to use the camera. Will put that on my to do list. (Like I do so much, haha)
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    Ok, next photo is a recent one of Brandon and his girlfriend Alicia, don't tell them I said this but I'm thinking I might get some really cute grandbabies out of this pairing LOL

    I hope you are studying that camera manual, you are gonna owe me lots of pics of you and your family!
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    Would quite likely make BEAUTIFUL babies, BOTH really good looking and have similiar features. Now in this picture, your son bares no similarities to any of mine of my sisters' kids.

    I am actually going through some family photos looking to find a few, but not sure how to post them for you without a working scanner, Unless I took a picture of a picture. Hmmm, still working on it.
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    Ok, next one is Ashley, she's on the left. Her natural hair color is Auburn but as you probably guessed since she's attending Cosmetology school it changes quite frequently. It is still darker than her normal color in this picture.

    (I'm having trouble getting the pic to change, hope it shows up)
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    Wasn't coming through earlier. Your daughter is VERY pretty girl. Looks less like my neice in this picture, but there is a resemblance. Haven't looked at camera instructions yet, and apparently need to get a memory card or chip to hold pictures? Will get to this eventually, just don't know when. When I put a picture up, I will hail you.