LYRICA 4th week update

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  1. Just in case anyone is interested. I am up to taking 100mg twice a day, I added 50mg in the middle of the day. But I am running short so I will stick to the twice a day until my order comes in the mail and then I will go to 100 three times a day.

    It's strange how these drugs affect each of us so differently. But I am keeping my fingers crossed it continues to help, so far this has been the best in helping with pain.

    Anyone having good luck with lyrica, I would like to hear your story and how much your taking and doing. I see some aren't having very good luck with the side effects.

    Wishing you a pain free day.....
  2. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    Taking 150mg 3X day.

    Because of the weight gain I experienced while taking this, six months ago I stopped taking it on my own and was only taking Talacen for the pain. I was absolutely miserable. When I finally went to the rheumy doctor he said I needed to start the Lyrica again.

    It seems the Lyrica by itself helped but was still in quite a bit of pain. The Talacen by itself didnt help much at all. It seems I have the best relief taking the Lyrica AND some type of pain med. Because the Talacen was a short acting pain relief and I apparently was building up a tolerance, doctor started me on Kadian 20mg 2X day. I only take it once a day w/the Lyrica and so far so good. Only have to take the Talacen for breakthrough pain and so far, only have had to take it twice.

    Im not sure why I dont get total pain relief from the Lyrica alone but in combo w/a pain med. I have to say its working for me.
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I had to stop taking it. I don't care what the Neuro says. I was just getting too sick. I see from doing a search that others love Lyrica. I think I am just allergic to it. I wish you continued success.

    ((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))
  4. dsames

    dsames New Member

    Hi everyone:

    I did drop my lycra back to one 75mg at bedtime, and things do seem better.

    I asked my dr. if this is a medication, that one has to keep increasing the dosage, because from what I hear that seems to be the case. She said no. She had given me some samples to begin with, and then she wrote me a prescription. I went to have it filled, and found out my medicare supplement requires previous auth. from the dr., and I also found out that 30 pills would cost $75.00. WOW
    The pharmist told me that Neurotin works about the same way, and that there is a generic available for that. So here we go again, I will need to cal dr. and see if neurotin is a good alternative in their opinion. I really hate to change as Lyrica did help with the pain.

    On April 11th, I will be seeing a rheumy as my ANA blood work was high. He may want to change the prescription himself by that time.

    Have a great day.
  5. ImportantCargo

    ImportantCargo New Member

    I have been on Lyrica for 2 weeks now. For the first 1-1/2 weeks was on 75/morn, 75 eve. I had to cut back (per neuro.) to just 75mg/eve. Side effects galore. Hungry all the time, dizzy, buzzed feeling, constantly sleepy. I think the side effects took my mind off the pain, not the actual drug.

    Years ago I was on Neurontin and I remember feeling the same way as Lyrica. Could never tolerate it well. My neuro Dr. told me that Lyrica (Pregabilin) is just the "new and improved" Neurontin. Because the drug manufacturer's patent ran out on Neurontin, they had to come up with a replacement to make up for lost profits when Neurontin went to a generic form and other drug comp. now sold the less expensive generic drug.

    I will try to report back as how I am doing on Lyrica, but I feel I have a long way to go because I've read info that I really should be up to 300mg/day in order to get benefits.

  6. maee16

    maee16 New Member

    Hi, I am glad to read that others are trying Lyrica. I have been on it for months now. It does help with pain, not totally, but at least I get some relief. Iam on other pain meds along with it. Fentanyl Patch that I change every other day, Loratabs as needed etc.. The Lyrica does help so I can get some relief and I can do some things around the house and get out of the house like other humans do. But I still have to PACE myself. Its not easy, I want to do things like I use to, but I finally realalized I can't. I miss doing the things I did and have a habit of over doing things and boy, do I pay for it.
    The dose I am on is 50mg., 1 twice a day and 2 at bedtime. I was on a higher dose, but could not handle it. So I have to document things so the doctor knows if the dose should slowly be upped. Good Luck with it and HUGS to you.

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