Lyrica and a glass of winewhat would you do?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by selasela, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. selasela

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    I have been on lyrica for 8 days now--kinda numbing, and today the pain is as bad as ever. I feel really relaxed and kinda don't care about the pain, but it is surely still there. Here's my dilemma: my doc says I can still have my one glass of red wine per day--about 8 ounces--even while on lyrica. I take 75 mg at about 8:00 am, drink my wine about 6 pm, and have my evening 75 mg lyrica around 9 pm. Problem is, the bottle of the new script i picked up tonight has one of those little pink stickers that says "alcohol may intensify effect" and another pink sticker that says "do not drink alcohol on this drug." I drink the wine because it relaxes me. My doc previously said the wine would just make the sedative effect of lyrica stronger. I've had a glass the last few nights and it's been no problem, but now that the pharmacy warning says "do not--underlined do not--drink alcohol with this drug", I'm concerned. I really love my evening wine, but I really don't want to end up like "karen ann quinlan" who actually drank a glass of wine on top of her anti-seizure drug and slipped into a permanent coma--her's was the first major "right to life" battle in the 80s when her parents wanted to take her off life support. Husband says the sticker is just to "cover the co.'s butt," but i'm not sure. What would you do?
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    And I had my glass of wine with it. No real side effects even with two glasses.

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    Thanks for your input. I sure do love my wine--specifically Alice White Merlot. I get as much--if not more relief from it as any pill I've taken so far. For the record, after receiving authoriztion for lyrica from my doc, my insurance filled it--copay $53--not great, but manageable. I'm going to try to come off of it during the summer when I'm not working. Thanks for your replies. As I posted earlier, I really need this community.
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    I'm extremely sensitive, and wine is not an issue in moderate amounts.

    But every pain pill "is", including the hardcore Alieve!!

    Go figure!!!

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    I just moved out here to wine country where all the winerys are and wish you could all come here and do some wine tasting with me. We could all rent a big limo and get really loopy... Sound like fun:)

  6. selasela

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    Your posts are appreciated! Wow! I feel looped on lyrica. I'm not sure if it helps your pain or makes you not care about it.