Lyrica Anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BlueSky555, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. BlueSky555

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    Can anyone tell me how fast lyrica works? I am not familiar with it at all. Dr. explained to me but still not sure how fast it works. I have taken ambien and I felt awful the next mrnig; hope this doesn't have the same effect.

    Thank you

  2. ohmygoodness

    ohmygoodness New Member

    Hi BlueSky,

    OK I just got some of that. I was taking as needed Flexeril at night only to get sleep if I really was in lots of pain. However it left me groggy in the am and that wasn't good as I am a teacher and Mrs. T can't be groggy with special ed students...
    So now that it is summer I am on my quest again to find something better. A friend at school told me about Neurontin and said it worked well for her, no am grogginess. I got a free trial through my doc. It is for twice a day, but I started at night, the first night it was a bit weird, I felt strange. But since then, and only on the second night I felt less strange. I am waking up instead of wanting to punch the snooze button or sleeping through the alarm. For this I am grateful. But on the other hand it does put me to sleep (except for tonight as I am battling foot issues that added some extra pain) and I cannot take it during the day and I really wanted a day time med for pain. I was taking Paxil, but the full amount made me tired so I did an every other day 1/2 tab (only 20mg, then just 1/2 tab daily. I experimented with this for years and discovered that in the end it wasn't doing the job for me as a seritonin uptake thing. While I am a type A person it seems that too much of this stuff just leaves me overall tired and I don't need more tired.

    So this is one week of Lyrica at 75mg and there are some positives, better than the Flexeril effect. But not for am at least for me at this point. Sleeping at night is good though and not just as really needed...Good luck to you Karol

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