Lyrica...does it help anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, May 22, 2006.

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    I have been on lyrica for 2 months now.I don't know if it is my imagination but the one thing I have noticed to be different is that my fm pain seems to stay the same but I don't feel as sick, you know that flu like feeling we get.I don't seem to be knocked down and out of business for as long.But the pain, it is still here.Maybe a bit better but never enough to completely make me feel "normal" again.

    The other day I was sitting down and thinking to myself about how I have gotten to wear I have just learn to except this pain.I hate the pain.People that don't hurt like us have no clue how much it really hurts.

    Everyone seems to think just because you are up and doing things that you are fine and not hurting.

    I have just gotten to the point where I am just daring this fm to knock me completely out.

    I push myself despite how crappy I feel.I work in the garden alot.And even if I am not able to walk straight up that night and will be walking funny for a few days, I just don't care anymore.

    I am sick of being sick!But atleast when I am feeling at my worst I can look outside and enjoy my garden and enjoy the sweet sounds of the birds in my garden.It helps with the stress.

    And the stress that we can't control.How do you get rid of stress?My daugther will soon be having a tumor removed from her pituitary gland.She has been very sick.She has been diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome.It has been very difficult for her.She require alot of assitance now just due to fatigue,pain and dizziness.Helping her has helped me push my pain to the side.Once she is on her road to recovery I just hope that I don't just fall over.

    I wonder can you actually work yourself to the point of getting so sick that you need to be in the hospital?I keep going like I am on a mission and just wonder when my body is just gonna stop me in my tracks.Has anyone ever ended up be treated for exhaustion and put in the hospital?Sometimes I wonder if that will happen to me sooner or later.

    I am just so angry at all the illness my family has been through.I am in a fight and just don't know when to stop.The busiest I am the more I can push all that is going on to the back of my mind.

    Does anyone else have this drive to go til you drop?

    Didn't mean to ramble so much.been awhile since I have been on the board since my daugther has gotten so sick.

    Hugs to all my friends,
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