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  1. I mentioned to my family dr. that my rheum. wanted me to take lyrica and she said it works good for pain. However she shook her head when I told her he wanted me on 150 mg one wk then add another 150 mg the second. She agreed it was too high a dose to start and 75 mg is best to start and go to the 150 dose. So once I get my stomach feeling better I am going to start it.
  2. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    Your family doc is right. You are much more likely to have a bad reaction to the med if you shock your system with that high a dose. My doctor is gradually upping my dose by 25mg every week for 4 weeks, starting with 75mg a day (broken up into 3 25mg doses).

    Oh and a tip that worked for me.. when I upped my dose the second week, I did the 50mg in the afternoon, and it made me feel kind of funky. So the next day, I switched to taking the larger dose at bedtime. That way I fell asleep and didn't notice the drowsiness. And then by the 3rd week, my body was more used to the medicine, so when I added in an extra 25mg in the afternoon, I didn't have any side effects.

    Hope you have some good results!
  3. another thing my rheum. dr. told me to take the first dose in the morning. My family dr. told me no, take it at bedtime as it makes you drowsy at first. (which I need at night). It makes you wonder, who is right. I specifically asked if wouldn't it be better to take at night first. grrrr~!
  4. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    I finally started the Lyrica last week at 50 mg, I need to up it to 100 mg starting tonight. But I have noticed the last three nights that I have had an incredible appetite. It only happens at night and it is an incredible hunger. Has this happened to any other user? I am really concerned about the weight gain.
  5. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    In reply to Babicati - I had the complete opposite affect and couldn't tolerate any food. Anything I tried tasted like cardboard and wouldn't stay down! BUT I could eat chocolate & drank huge amounts of coffee! The dr said it was my brain asking for energy.

    After 2 years I can only eat a meal every other day but the chocolate & coffee cravings are still there! weird!

    Fibrobutterfly: With dosage I started on 150mg a day - generally taken when the pain was the worst.

    I went up each month till I was up to 600mg. I would not advise this dosage to anyone! It completely freaked me out & gave me narcoleptic episodes. I gradually came down and averaged out at 300mg a day.

    I found taking it at bedtime was generally the best thing as it helps with sleep. I'm now on 75mg when I need it.

    I'm trying to withdraw gradually as it's been 2 years & although great for pain it's a powerful drug. So I try & take it every other day if I can. The withdrawl symptoms can be quite bad.

    You will know what's the best dosage for you as you progress with it.

    Good luck
  6. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    Thanks for your reply. To be honest with you I would prefer you symptoms;) But I have to admit that in the past week I have been craving chocolate like crazy like I usually do when I'm PMSing. I don't need to gain weight on the contrary and I had recently lost a good amount. I have been having terrible migraines on top of the fibro pain and when this happens I lose my appetite. Maybe it's back and since I haven't been eating it feels weird.

    We'll have to wait and see. Anyway, thanks again for your reply.
  7. Wow that is awesome, I hope your dream to become a journalist in Washington becomes true. Let us know, so we can say we knew you when.
    I do hope weight gain isn't one of my side effects, sometimes I think its because we start feeling good maybe we eat as we feel better, and have more energy? I don't need anymore weight, even though I eat very little now, the weight stays put unfortunately. Keep us updated on your progress please, has it helped the pain?
  8. did your dr. have you go to 600 mg.? that seems like a HIGH dose, but all doctors are different.
  9. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    Thank you for your comments. I am actually working for a political newsletter in DC where I get to do investigative journalism. It may not be the Washington Post but I am where I want to be and I work in my chosen field covering Capitol Hill, which was my goal. Actually, working for this newsletter is a Godsend because I have a great deal of flexibility and free time and with FMS this is important.

    Thanks again,
  10. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    I wanted to go to 600mg! I did the initial research on the drug and found that 600mg was the optimum for maximum relief.

    The drug was not available in the UK for FM at that time but my dr - bless his cotton socks - went all out to get my case in front of the medical authority & allow a trial for me. It took 6 months & he got the approval.

    He would not put me on 600mg as a start and started me on 150mg increasing each month as long as I coped with side effects. To say the side effects were horrible for me was an understatement but I'd banked all my hopes on this drug as a last resort & was desperate so I rode out the side effects - I hardly left the house for a year!

    Anyways as I said 600mg was really bad & I was like a zombie!

    The chocolate thing, my dr put down to my adrenals adjusting & my brain asking for energy which made sense as the drug started to control the pain. With the pain controlled the brain had to look after other things and therefore needed energy to do it!!

    I must say that Lyrica did save my life & has been great for pain control - when I tried a day without them I was in agony (having to crawl up the stairs!) but as I said 2 years on powerful drugs is time to try & get off them. I've found a mineral supplement that works for me in pain control but shall keep Lyrica as a standby.

    I don't think anyone should pass up Lyrica if they are in a lot of pain but be aware that you should climb slowly with them & ride through side effects.

    If you are worried about any side effects just let me know as I'm sure I can re-assure you as I had most of them!

    Sorry Babicati about the weight gain, although the chocolate diet did increase my weight at one point. Your food cravings in general could be your brain asking for energy so if at all possible try & get good energy food into you! Not easy I know!

    Good luck to all of you.

  11. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    I've been worried about the weight gain side effect also, but I've been monitoring my weight closely over the past few weeks, and I haven't gained anything.

    I think maybe that with the pain relief, some people feel like eating more. I've been trying to stick more closely to my 'no processed foods' diet, since my pain has been decreased and I have a little more of myself to give to making myself better.
  12. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    working for so many here. They have my husband on it for Diabetic Neuropathy and he is now at the max dose, wanting to give it a fair try. He has had NO pain relief or even side effects noticable. He's going to tell the doctor he wants to stop taking it at his next visit and seeing it's hard to get off of is worrisome! Anyone come off easily?
  13. adberens

    adberens New Member

    I was on Lyrica for three weeks. (100mg 3 times a day). My eye sight has rapidly deteriorated. I am having a very hard time seeing distances although I can see up close just fine.

    I don't know if this due to the Lyrica. My doctor had me stop Lyrica cold turkey last Tuesday. I have been a mess since. I can not sleep. I have extreme hot and cold flashes. I am sick to my stomach and am having migraines.

    My vision has not gotten any better.

    Anyone else have similar experiences?

    The good thing is it really did help with the pain and I miss that.
  14. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    Adberens - For one thing, you were on a huge starting dose, so its not a surprise you had a bad reaction, and NO DOCTOR should EVER tell you to stop this med cold turkey. It even says so in the prescription notes. Lyrica is a very powerful medication. It should be started on the lowest possible dose and if you are stopping it, you should taper off of it 25mg at a time, taking at least 3 days for each step down, and monitoring any side effects you experience carefully.

    Please guys, if your doctor is giving you this med without thought, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and insist to start at the lowest dose (75mg a day) and gradually build up. You are bound to have side effects if you shock your system with a very potent medication all at once.
  15. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    I totally agree you should never cold turkey with Lyrica - it's very powerful. I have been withdrawing very slowly & still getting withdrawl symptoms which have been scary. When they get too much I take a low dose.

    I also agree that starting on 300mg was much too high as the side effects take a long while to adjust to.

    My eyesight was blurred sometimes but I think this is also a symptom of FMS - change in prescription.

    If you have any pills left then I would advise taking a low dose as that will relieve withdrawal symptoms but talk to your dr and tell him you want to withdraw in a measured way!

    Good luck!
  16. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    I have now been on Lyrica for two weeks. I take 100 mg at night only. No weird side effects at all! Only pain relief more from my migraines than FMS but still good. I do get very hungry everyonce in a while but I was eating so little before and I think this might have something to do with it. Maybe a lower dose will do. Actually, I noticed some relief with just 50 mg. I ha dto take it b/c I could not function anymore with the migraines and this is the only that has worked.
  17. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    I'm glad Lyrica is helping you - even if only in one area at the moment. It should start working on other pains in a while. It took awhile to kick in for me as I was busy dealing with the side effects.

    I was looking through my FM books which I haven't looked at for some years & came across a very helpful little pamphlet on Supplemts for FM (easy to read & take in!).

    There was my answer to chocolate cravings!! - it said low magnesium can cause them.

    Since taking Recuperation which is high in magnesium my cravings have considerable lessened. I think it's just habit now when I reach for chocolate.

    So if you're reaching for chocolate a lot it may be worth checking out magnesium.

    Good luck with Lyrica.
  18. suzannekart

    suzannekart New Member

    I have had great luck with Lyrica. I talked to my Dr about weight gain and he told me it was a matter of adjusting to dose to the right one for each person. We adjusted my dose and now I get the good effects and not the eat everything in sight thing I used to have right after taking it.
  19. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    I will keep the magnesium and dosage in mind. I see my rheumy next week. I'll ask about the magnesium together with everything I'm taking. I'm sure it's Ok but I like to ask.

    Thanks again.
  20. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    I'm just starting on Lyrica, taking 50 mg. at night and I do become ravenous after taking it. This has been going on for a month and sometimes gets me out of bed to eat. I hate sleeping on a full stomach and I have GERD so in addition to all the calories the rest is making me miserable.

    I am wondering if anyone has tried either eating a decent sized meal with the dose or even before to see if that helps the food craving. I am very desperate for some pain relief but the hunger on just this small dose is worrying me. I can't imagine this three times a day for instance.

    Advice? Experience? Thanks.

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