Lyrica for fibromyalgia anyone taking

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by krje01, Jul 4, 2006.

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    I was on methadone now taking only following medications efffexor xr 150mg , baclofen for muscle spasms & Restoril. The one doc told me it was for nerve pain. Is this true?? After being on Methadone 20 mgs 4 times /day no no pain meds. I don't ffeel any different. I expected to be very ill.I slowly took myself off it over 1 week time. But I've seen other posts where fibromyalgia patients take it. Is this correct? Sometimes I think I'm confused as to why I was put on methadone 15 years ago. I was put on for fibromyalgia. I'm now not working Medically disabled due to lumbar discogenic synndrome.Also I had bilateral TMJ arthroplasties. I quit smokimng & lost 37 lbs. in the last feww months. My doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pa. Had me on mrthadone but I wanted to come off it . So I did so succssfully by myself.My new doctor now thinks I don't need to be on Lyrica. He prescribed this topical cream 20% Lidocainne & Ketoprofin which is a bunch of Bull.I really don't want to take Lyrica if I don't have to. I'm driving myself crazy worrying that I will once again wake up and My TMJ problem & lower back problem will all be back besides my fibromyalgia which is very active.Any help much appreciated
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    I only took it for four nights. 50 mgs at bedtime. It was supposed to help with my leg nerve pain and sleep. By the fourth day I couldn't stand the swelling in my feet and hands so I threw the sample bottle in the trash.

    Good luck,

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