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    please tell me about lyrica
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    Almost 2 months ago my doctor recommended that I try it for pain .. I have burning pins and needle pain in my feet along with the usual fibro pain .. I worked up to 300 mgs a day .. it made me very sleepy/dopey and had no affect on the pain ( it was also VERY expensive .. the insurance we have is pay first get your 80 % back later )..
    I found it helped with sleep at night though and am using one pill till they are gone since I can't return scripts/drugs to the pharamcy ..
    I think there are people on here that it has been affective for though .. mainly neuropathic pain.
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    For me I can't really say it helps with the pain as much as I'd like, but I know I'd be in a considerably larger amount if I weren't taking it. I haven't had many side effects from it, and it does seem to help with sleeping as long as I'm not in a flareup...then nothing works, haha. The only thing I don't like about it is I had to up my dosage in only a few months time, a trend that I think may be continuing.

    Hmm, I don't really know what else to say about, so I hope this little bit helped!
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    Hi, I'm Phyl. I thought I had found the miracle drug. I was on neurontin for my feet, which was a miracle drug for me with pain in my feet. But, you can't take it with lyrica, my physician put me on 50 mgs. My pain doc upped it to 450. He said recommended dose for fibro. i went into something, my legs jerked, my body jerked, I was out of it. My husband had me to the emergency room 3 times in a day and a half. Finally they found a dosage of amed to calm me down. I was having like a withdrawal. It was aweful. So talking to different ones I know that has taken it i don't think I have fond anyone that says it really helps the pain. So I'm back on the neurontin for y feet.I am scaredto try it again. My physician wants me to and start slow with it and then increase gradually. But, No thanks. I hope this helps some Phyl
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    I take it and it makes me gain wieght. I tried stopping and I crashed for a week. Started it again last night. Will see what happens. I don't think it helps the pain much for me either but it does help me to be able to function a little better and I think it helps me to sleep too. Good luck with it....It is definately worth a try. I don't have side effects except the weight gain wich sucks but I guess thats life.
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    I took it...eased up the dosage and the pain levels were managable. Sleep was better, but I gained 30 lbs. I eased off of Lyrica and the pain is making me go back to it. I'm somewhere way past miserable again. So, I'm easing back on it. This time my doctor suggested taking lasix and potassium to help with the weight gain. It is certainly worth a try. It helped me almost as much as Vioxx.