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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by faithinlove, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    I know that some on this board have taken Lyrica.
    I have been on it for about three weeks. I began to feel better and had more energy than usual.
    I am taking this in combo with Cymbalta.
    I am starting to feel really anxious and having some weird thoughts. I guess sort of a manic feeling???
    I guess you would say I feel wired. I feel like I could conquer the world and have energy to burn.
    I have not been normal for so long I do not remember what that feels like. Maybe this is the way I am supposed to feel.
    I hope the ones that have taken Lyrica will respond and let me know if this is not the way I should feel and if you think that the medication also made you act funny.
    I seem to be a lot more bold. Say things I would never say to anybody.
  2. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    For the first few days, the first time I took it (I was prescribed it for a herniated disk and then a couple of years later, for FM), it made me feel kind of stoned. It helped my nerve pain a bit, but pain meds worked better for me, so I stopped taking the Lyrica - oh, and my insurance stopped covering it and I couldn't afford it. The second time I took it, when it was prescribed for my FM, all it did was make me feel tired and it made my feet/ankles swell like balloons. The only shoes I could get on, and they were even tight, were my Crocs. I hated Lyrica. Anyway, it looks like it makes you feel the exact opposite of how it made me feel, so my experience seems to be of no help whatsoever to you. Sorry.

    You also might want to discuss how you're feeling with your doctor and/or your pharmacist.
  3. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Like DemonFairy I swelled up so badly that I had to discontinue. It didnt' help my pain so it wasn't a big loss for me.
    It would be the Cymbalta or the combo that is making you feel the way you do. I felt weird on Cymbalta - then had to stop it completly and abrupty as I made me incredibly depressed. - ...only me.

    How is it for your pain? Are the feelings you're having really bothersome? I'm assuming that since you recently started that you're on a fairly low dose?
    Tell your Dr. how it's making you feel.

    I know many people on Lyrica have a whole host of different side effects.
    I'd welcome a boost in energy!! (unless of course I felt completely out of sorts)

    Sorry that I don't have enough personal experienece to share!

  4. debilyn

    debilyn New Member


    I took Cymbalta for a few months before starting Lyrica. Neither seemed to help me. So I quit both.

    On Lyrica I experienced the swelling in my feet/legs, dizziness, and more brain fog than I already had. It didn't help my pain at all.

    Cymbalta didn't seem to do anything until I started taking the Lyrica. Then I became super depressed. I couldn't stop crying and felt overwhelming hopeless. It was horrible.

    I'm finding out, though, that I am sensitive to alot of medication, so I'm probably not a good example.

    I tried the Fentanyl patch two weeks ago and thought I was going to die. While it took away my pain, I was sick to my stomach terrible, had cold sweats, and palpitations. I was disappointed that I couldn't shake the nasty side effects and had to quit taking it.

  5. jmq

    jmq New Member

    When I first started on Lyrica, I was also on Cymbalta ( I am now on Wellbutrin ). I did not have some of the reactions you described. I did feel eurphoric and energized. I loooovvvvved it. Now its been about six months and I do not feel that high happy feeling :-(...but I do have more energy so I am happy with it.

    Who cares if you act funny if you feel better!

    Good luck
  6. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    thank you so much for the ones that answered my post. I appreciate your insight and I have talked to my doc and rhuemy.I have not had good days lately..I guess I am in a bad flare.
    gentle hugs to all of you
  7. MaxieJap

    MaxieJap New Member

    Not a typo. Lyrica reacted very badly with my system, and I still have some of the effects from it. I guess they are permanent. I was on it with Effexor for clinical depression. Most of the tremors have gone away, but loss of balance and fine motor skills remain. I had to get to a therapeutic dose first, and once there, I felt no pain, but what I did feel daily was awful. I weaned off it. Am now on Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. What I take has to work for both FM and depression. The combination helps the depression, but does nothing for pain. Time to switch again!
  8. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    I hope this works for you on your computer...I just tried it and it worked on mine:

    Slide up to ME/CFS & FM Message Board. Upper left corner of this page.

    Type in Lyrica. In the "by" window, select via the down-arrow for title.

    Crossing my fingers here, you SHOULD get a whole big stack of posts re Lyrica. I understand that for people with epilepsy, the stuff sometimes helps.

    FDA touts Lyrica for what ails us. Some of us tried it and reported back with good news.

    Others said, basically, they'd tried it and would never again go near it.

    Pardon the expression please but it's a crapshoot. I mean it might help and it might hurt, as your post shows you have noticed.

    Closing with a wish that FDA/drs/other practitioners/CDC/NIH would stop already with the guinea-pigging (take a wild guess as to what MY reactions to the Lyrica were...), the going vastly off-label in hopes of finding that a med would help SOMEone, and get cracking on looking for something that wouldn't upset some peoples' metabolism to the point they became diabetic, lower some peoples' blood sugar levels so much that they felt as if they were constantly starving for food so ate and ate in an effort to feel better thus gained lots of weight so their drs could scold them for caving in to an effect of the latest greatest Fix Ya Right Up...oh and then there was the extreme dizziness that forced some (such as myself) to baby-crawl from place to place in my house so as to not fall.
    I think we already hurt enough. Falling and causing worse hurt isn't necessary, nor are the other weird effects some of us get from Lyrica.

    Sorry. I really DID say I was closing. So I will. Please if you have the time and energy, check out some of the posts. Then YOU get to decide if you want to continue to take the risk. It's up to you, not the guy with the degrees.

  9. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I currently take Lyrica, 600 mg a day. My hands, feet, ankles and calves are swollen. I have gained a tremendous amount of weight and cant seem to get it off.

    I dont feel anymore energy on it than off of it. I think the pain may have subsided a bit, though I've been on it for a while and dont remember.
  10. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Lyrica wiped me out ! My fiance also suffers from fibro. He also had to stop taking it and went through terrible withdrawal symptoms. I could not even get out of the bed from fatigue and brain fog was bad ! I hated this stuff, but it does work for some.

  11. maxiejap you said "Most of the tremors have gone away" Do you think the tremors were from lyrica? I have gotten tremors bad and two drs told me it would not be from lyrica. But I am thinking of weaning off it. It helps with nerve pain but these tremors make me so nervous and I got them after lyrica.

    according to the lyrica toll free line tremors occur in 10 to 20 percent in one study, but my two drs shake their heads no.
  12. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hi Faith and everybody..

    I take Lyrica.. 450 mg a day. .. its suppose to be the highest does allowed for this Med .. according to my Rhyme anyway... and Family doc Whom I trust ..
    My family Doc is pretty amazed that I can tolerate such a high dose. He said Most people have such bad side affects they can't take this dose....when they put me on it I was in such bad shape .. ( I was ready to lay down and die. to be honest Yes sadly I was in so much pain and did not have A DX I was ready to give up. as I could not take it any more. at this time I received my Dx of Fibro ) so they bumped me up pretty fast , put me in physical theopy . this did help..

    the only problem I have with lyricia is : slight swelling of feet and hands.. and part of the swelling is from Arthritis that I am rettled with . feet, ankles, hands, back , neck and a spot in my rib cadge. weird place to have arthritis but that's what my doc says it is. so be it I guess. .. and I get blurred vision also , but it does not last but only 30 min to 1 hr .. kinda a weird feeling...

    Faith I see you are also taking Cymbalta.. this Med.. I could not take at all.. one pill gave me suicidal thoughts.. and this was my fist experience of this kind of thought. I finally have an understanding of this.. besides making me feel really weird.. I did not take any more.

    I used to take Effexor and they had to bump me up pretty fast . I did great for awhile and then came the side affects.. some anit depressants I can take for a short time . and then the side affects come on... everything from uncontrolled musical spasms. so bad I would hit myself while trying to sleep... to tremors ( I called the shakes ) I would be spilling coffee all over the house . I still have stains on my carpet...
    Mind you I no longer take any anti depressants.

    I know lots of people they really help. Like Cymbalta.. I really thought this would be the one for me.. but I guess not.. I am glad you are able to take it.. but the lyrica.. did not make me feel weird at all.. no funny side affects like the anit depressants.

    I really hope you are feeling better .. I send Soft Huggles. and prayers

  13. Antisense

    Antisense New Member

    I have clinical depression and anxiety (from before I got CFS) and to my surprise Lyrica was a huge help with the anxiety from the day I started it. For years I've just been used to this sense of impending doom and a knot of dread nesting in my guts, but since I started on Lyrica it's been much better. I looked up more drug info and it says it is used for anxiety, so I guess it's a normal effect. It's also helped somewhat with pain and I don't think I've noticed any other side effects, so I guess I'm a success story.

    If there's a continuum from anxiety/depression to mania, it makes sense that someone like me on the low end of the scale would feel better taking it while it would make someone in the middle feel manic. I guess it depends where you start from.

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