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    Hi everyone, have been reading the discussion on concerning Lyrica, neurotin, side effects. Its very interesting to get the reactions and 'scoop' on this from those of you who have these problems. More doctors should listen to this type of discussion. For those of you who are frustrated with the typical drug based approach for FM, CFS, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia - please respond to this message and we can talk about alternatives.

    Yours for a better quality of life,

    Michael D. McIrvin BS, DC, IPS
    clinic director/doctor of chiropractic
    Pain Relief Center
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    No ads here, I am just willing to discuss alternatives that no one is aware of, and I am not the only person that can supply them. My aim here is to just disseminate information that could help someone. If that is advertising, then I guess I will be banned. I am new to this type of forum, so please forgive me if I make newbie mistakes.
    I hope you all have a better day, cheers!

    Michael D. McIrvin BS, DC, IPS
    chiro in kansas
    Pain Relief Center
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    Hi suthrn,

    Thanks for your support. There actually is a new term now for FM - its Central sensitivity syndrome, although it hasnt caught on yet. The actual situation is that these terms are names for a group of symptoms, thats how things get categorized when a true undeniable causative agent cannot be identified.
    Many doctors now believe that CSS (or FM) is due to an altered sensitivity to pain stimuli, ie everything gets magnified. This is due to an agitated nervous system, possibly too many nerve impulses. That is why some people get relief sometimes from drugs like neurotin and lyrica, they calm down these signals. The problems with drugs is the more a patient uses them, the less effective thet become, not to mention the side effects. Many believe this agitated state can be triggered by some type of traumatic event(s). They can be physical, or emotional traumas. Diseases certainly traumatize the body in specific ways. For some people, FM does occur after Lyme disease, but not always. It has even been postulated that there may be the element of sexual abuse, particulary in childhood, and that this suppressed trauma is somehow related, although this is only one theory. That is such a sensitive issue, great care needs to be taken with this one!
    At this time the causes for FM seem to be many, no one is for sure of one single cause. Dont know if this helps, but maybe my opinions will at least be a little entertaining, and hopefully enlightening.


    Michael D. McIrvin BS, DC, IPS
    chiro in kansas
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    Please do not use our message board to advertise....

    Also it's not a kindness to write your message all in huge paragraphs with no breaks.

    We here have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, and a host of other ills.
    Most of the problems make it difficult to read and understand an un-paragraphed message.
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    Sorry about the form of my last post, I am still learning. I'm getting the idea that some of you dont want to talk about how to handle these diseases unless its a drug or conventional medical treatment. As Dr. Phil would say - hows that workin for ya? (sorry, thats just my frustration popping out)
    I still dont see how my posts are ads. My point here is just to interact, and relate what I have found to work for these diseases.

    Maybe some of you dont think this is a place for a professional to be. Well, maybe so, I just thought someone here might be interested in another point of view. If I dont belong here, or if everyone wishes me to move along, I will be happy to do that, just let me know.

    Best of health,

    chiro in kansas
  6. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    thanks suthrn, I believe its illegal to prescribe across state lines for me in most cases. Unless that item is not available in that state otherwise. so its next to impossible for me to sell from a site like, so no point in advertising.
    I am interested in helping, there are just so many things out there, and I have experience with some of these. So I hope that is a help for some else.

    We are all advertising, selling - our opinions, on this site. I just hope mine will stimulate some interesting thoughts, and maybe solutions for some one.

    Have a great day!


    chiro in Kansas
  7. lonna1

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    I say "thank you" for your info. I will be reading your posts with great anticipation. You are very welcome as far as I'm concerned.
  8. michael514

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    Thanks lonna,
    nice to hear from you, I appreciate your support.
    I just think more doctors should spend more time thinking about their patients feelings, thats what I am trying to do, along with shining light on alternatives.


    chiro in Kansas
  9. RatsWife

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    Your posts didn't sound much different from my own so no worries from my perspective. prohealth will act if needs be, I'm sure.

    I've had 2 physicians (a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist) prescribe Lyrica to me since the first of the year. The side effects are worse than my problems, or are worsening my problems. So, obviously, I'm one of those who will not be helped by taking it.

    I'm going to set up appointments with a pain specialist and if he turns out to be a good one, I'll add him to the roster on the main page. If not, I'll just post in here and complain like crazy. ;) Sorry, couldn't resist...

    I have psoriasis and other rash type skin problems. The Lyrica keeps them all inflammed and painful. It's torture of the worst kind.

    I have chronic gastritis. The Lyrica keeps my stomach in turmoil with nausea and pain. I cry often because of this.

    Lyrica is not helping me sleep -- it only seems to enhance my dreams sometimes, not all of the time.

    I have fibro fog. The Lyrica adds another layer of fog to what I already deal with everyday, muffles my perceptions and makes precise thought impossible. I cuss alot!

    Lyrica makes me short-tempered on a much higher scale.

    Lyrica makes me want to get up and move around. But because it's muffled my mind, I can't think of anything worthwhile to do except type some words in here every now and then.

    Lyrica makes my digestive system sluggish and increases the number of BM problems I endure already.

    I'm an Artist and Lyrica causes my vision to blur horribly and no amount of blinking or adding drops helps. So Lyrica is hindering my ability to work in a big way -- I've turned down a commission recently because I kept hoping the Lyrica would give me some relief -- instead my difficulties are more difficult to endure.

    Lyrica seems to make me have extra muscle movements. If I reach to key in some numbers on my adding machine, the initial keying may be doubled so it makes me have to stop whatever else I'm doing and just focus on slowly entering the numbers. I'm faster without it and more accurate.

    Lyrica seems to aggravate any anxiety.

    Lyrica has not allowed me to reduce or forgo taking Tylenol for any pain I might suffer. I can tell that it is affecting my perception of any pain I'm encountering -- like it's at arm's length or something like that -- but the pain is still there and wears me down terribly.

    I don't have any thing else to take for the pain and look forward to seeing the pain specialist and hear what he has to offer.

    The Rheumy doc I see now has me booked for physical therapies (gentle massage, water exercise, light exercises), and asked me if I'd try acupuncture, if she prescribed it. I said yes, of course, as I have a dear friend who had remarkable improvements after a year of treatments in conjunction with many other therapies. I will say though that she is wealthy, and I am not, so if it costs more than I can handle, then I won't be able to try it.

    I'm like many in here and am unemployed putting me at the mercy of my stressed out spouse.

    Your input, comments and ideas are as welcome as any other concerned person's would be, I'm sure. I look forward to reading your posts. I, too, usually type too much, too many words so a special welcome from me to you!

    Peace and Gentle Hugs,
  10. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    Thanks RSW, I feel for you , that must be terrible.
    Here is a suggestion for the pain doc, acupuncturist, and PTs you may see. I suggest they check out the alpha stim site for microcurrent electrical therapy. It will work on many of the conditions you mentioned. I believe that if you can signficantly lower your pain, sleep better and reduce your anxiety, some of your skin problems and digestive distress( alot of these could be stress related)will improve.
    Dont worry everyone, I dont own the company that makes the alpha stim, or the website, but your doc, acupuncturist and PT should be able to order it.

    Good luck and God bless,

    chiro in kansas
  11. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    The Lyrica seems to be helping me so far, but... I do NOT like the weight it has caused me to gain. I am hungry all the time and I feel miserable. I would be willing to try some alternative routes, but I live in Oklahoma and am not willing to go to just anyone. There are a lot of "quacks" out there and I am not going off the Lyrica and go thru the pain I went thru before. IT would be great if more Dr's would read this site and listen to what those of us with FM have to say. I was on vacation last week and felt really good all the days, except for one. Now I am back at work and the hurting is starting again. I cannot quit work, because we can't afford that. So.... I work and suffer. Any advice doc??? Thanks a bunch!
  12. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    Hi Katie, I see you are in the OKC area. I have a colleague in Tulsa that is an expert in treating FM and CFS with microcurrent electrical therapy.
    This can give immediate relief. Please let me know if you would like contact info for him.
    Hope thats is allowed on this site.


    chiro in Kansas
  13. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I tried Lyrica,it increased my pain level and weight.What are the alternatives?
    I asked chiro about the alpha stim.He says he has 2 of them and would me happy to take them out of storage for me.He said it did help some people.The problem was insurance will not cover it.He said if I wanted to try it,he would figure out a reasonable price for me as he knows I am on SSD.
    I had a sleep study done last night.It's a possibility my brain fog and sleeplessness can be caused from sleep apnea.I snore something Terrible,and mother has it. I will get the results in a few wks.
    If it doesn't improve after that.I'll ask chiro to try alpha stim.
    I appreciate any info you can provide which could help with our problems.Even if it helps one person.Keep posting. Thank You,Robin
  14. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    Hi robin,

    Im glad your chiro has some alpha stim units. Just about every patient in my office gets alpha stim. Sounds like your doctor may have a different type of practice than I, everybody comes to me with pain, I use them constantly.

    It would be good to know what units your doctor has, there are three different types. Some may work for you, some may not. I put most of my FM/CFS patients on the Alpha Stim 100. I use this on patients in the office for immediate pain control, they can be prescribed for home use through rental or purchase. For home use my patients go through a one hour training module I supply here, a patient must be trained properly if it is going to work in the home setting.

    If your doctor has not used a unit in awhile, he may want to call the company for the latest treatment protocols, they may have changed a bit.

    I understand the financial concern, however research shows 90% of FM patients reported a positive change in their lifestyle. Lyrica a success rate of 30%, and for you sounds like it was 0%.

    If you would google the developer of the alpha stim - Dr. Daniel Kirsch, you can get an idea of how this device works, how far reaching its effects are, and how well researched it is.

    Good luck, cheers!!

    chiro in kansas
  15. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    I would love to visit your friend in Tulsa, but with gas the way it is, that would be about a 250 mile round trip for me. Does he take Aetna insurance? Can you tell me a bit more about the therapy he uses and how often it would be? Thanks for your help!!! :)
  16. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    Well, probably the best way to do it is just to call him. You need your own unit, and the best way to get started is to do a 3 week rental. If its not allowed to give out names and numbers guess I will be banned so here goes - Barry Lockhart DC, ph 918.749.8888

    Just tell them that Dr. McIrvin advised you to call and that you have FM and are interested in the alpha stim. You will like them alot, good old southern people that are caring and very helpful.

    Good luck, let me know how it comes out.


    chiro in Kansas
  17. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    Hi. I get regular chiro care. In fact I made a reply to another post begging people to try Chiro care instead of or along with drugs. I've got Fibro plus a rod in my spine from scoliosis. I read your description of what fibro is and possible causes, and agree wholeheartedly. I've read this in the other Fibro publications of latest research I receive. I did have a traumatic childhood and early adulthood, emotional and physical. Severe scoliosis played an immense role in that.
    I have tried alpha-stim with no success. It worked in the chiro.'s office but the effects didn't last. I take Lyrica VERY successfully. The side effects are so small for me that I am able to lead a normal life. Lyrica has been a God-send. I can't live without it and don't want to try. My pain was never-ending and I wasn't able to be a Mom and wife or floral designer, now I can be the person I was meant to be. I'm sorry for all those who can't take Lyrica, but I'm tired of the bashing of it, and am worried it'll be taken off the market. What will people like me do? I know there's got to be others that are helped by it.
    We are all different in our pain severities and symptoms, and not all things work for everyone. Please don't downplay drugs or therapies if they don't work for you!!!!!They might be the answer to someone else's prayers.
  18. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    Thanks so much. I will give him a call and I sure hope you don't get banned. You are only trying to help us FM folks and we need all the help we can get. Lyrica helps to a great degree, but I don't like the weight gain. I will have to do some more research on the "net." A friend of mine that was an incomplete quadriplegic had a TENS unit. It seems this is something along that line, but not implanted. I've never met a doctor so willing to help. I am originally a Kansas girl, so pretty awesome that I am getting help from my fellow Kansasan!!! Thanks again, so much!
  19. singingirl

    singingirl New Member

    It is so interesting that you were stating the different kinds of trauma that possibly causes fm. I was molested starting at 4 yrs old and it happened many times by many different people until I was about 16. The 2 (now ex) husbands use to beat me. When I was 21 (I am 43 now) I started having severe panic attacks and back then they just thought I was crazy.

    Who woulda thought 22 years later I would have this dreaded disorder. My doctor told me either try Lyrica or find a doctor that would prescribe me anything I want because he won't. Now I have pain and nothing to take for it because I don't want to take Lyrica. =(
  20. michael514

    michael514 New Member

    If we cant help each other, we are in a world of hurt!! We kansans are like that, besides, its fun!

    Its nothing like tens, please read my other post explaining the difference. Its in the same FDA class as TENS, but works much differently.

    I had a patient come in last week that had partial knee replacement on both knees. He rated his pain at 8/10 on right and 7/10 on left. After two minutes with the alpha stim his right knee was at 1/10 and the left was at 2/10. Today his wife came in wanting more info to send to her doctor, she has anxiety and insomnia. She will do very well with treatment.

    For those that will say this is an ad, well I guess I will be knocked off the board. If I can help one person its worth it!!

    My lunch hour and afternoon is loaded up with FM patients so I better go.
    Good luck!!


    chiro in kansas

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