Lyrica Question anyone using this please reply

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelstarr, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    Hi everyone,

    My RA gave me a trial sample of Lyrica 75mg and told me to take 2 a day one in am and one in pm. I haven't started it yet because I am working this weekend. Anyone have any insite as to how their first few days were? they emphasise on the box and in all the directions I have found online that dizziness and sleepiness and blurred vision are the worst s/s. I take a lot of meds and just wonder if I should wean off some first.... Oh GEEZ.... I hate this...

  2. and yes, those are exactly the side effects I had from Lyrica, the first few days of starting it, but, I didn't so much of the sleepiness, due to other meds, I had a wierd drugged, drowsiness, but, couldn't sleep. Not fun--as I would get the awful dizziness, & blurred vision, and sick at my stomach due to that, and get up to go lay down, & crash right into the door frame or wall!

    Yes, I would wait until you have some days off, a weekend or so, definately, but, It IS a good drug(a great one!!!) for me, as it has helped the burning in my feet, nerve pain in my face, somewhat, and numbness in my hands(80%!!).
    The burning in my feet has been reduced at least by 40$, and that was crucial to my quality of life. as was the nerve pain in my face, which took pain medications also to get under control, but as for my feet & my hands, the Lyrica worked on it's own(I am already on 300mgs of Topamax, but have been for years, and it doesn't do much, if anything...)

    take care,
  3. alissab

    alissab New Member

    Hi Angel,
    I've been taking Lyrica for a couple of months now. I started with (2) 50mg daily; one in am and one in pm. I work too, therefore, I tried this new med over the weekend. Side effects...well, blurred vision was/is a definate factor for me, but it only seems to occur when i'm tired. I start to see doubles. It does help me sleep better, but does nothing for my achiness. I've recently noticed "again" that I'm been waking up with swollen eyes and feel like i've been run over by a mack truck. My doc upped me to (2) 75 mg daily. I also take 20 mg of prozac, vicodin (when needed) and different vitamins. Sometimes I think that I'm taking too many meds as I feel like a walking, aching, spaced-out...ZOMBI. It's very frusturating for me. I just want to feel somewhat normal again. I hope this gives you a little insight and helps in your decisions. I think I'm just as confused as you Angel. Peace and strength to you:)
  4. JohnBee

    JohnBee New Member

    I have been on Lyrica for 3-4 weeks. Great at first, with a side effect of euphoria; slept better and less pain for a while. But now, at 150mg am and pm, I am reacting negatively to it. But, I am one of those that seems to react to everything. What a box! I am cutting back to 75mg am and pm to see what happens. Side effects; blurred vision,hunger, and worse sleep with weird dreams as dosage was increased. Am told you need to try it for at least one month to give it a fair shot. One good thing has been constant....less depression. I think you should give it a try. JB
  5. zena01

    zena01 New Member

    Hi, I was given samples of Lyrica as well, on Friday. It was from a neurologist my regular Dr. sent me to. She started me on 50mg and I am to take 1 for 3 days, then 2 for three days and if feeling better stay at 2 if not, start taking 3 per day.

    I started when I got home friday, and have not noticed anything yet. I was like you though, I never wanted to start anything when I was working, I'd wait until I was off. I asked Dr. if ok to start with all the other meds I am on and she said just add it in there. I really think I take too many pills, but don't want to stop cause each of them seems to help in some way, feet, hands, etc.

    Hopefully this will help face and leg pain as that seems to be what's worse. I don't think there is anything that takes it all away, but anything that helps at all is welcome here!

    Take care,

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    UPDATE 2/2/06 -- I am now having side effects since incr to 100 mg day. blurry vision evenings mainly, get energy afternoons from it, but it is a Jumpy,nervous, energy and am a bit shaky. I'm kind of dizzy and have ran into a few objects, have a nasty bruise on my arm today. Although not, it's like an antidepressant with a little euphoria if thats the right word. happy pill with brain fog. Unfortunately it is not helping with the pain. So far anyway, and causing me more pain because I have been more active in the afternoon,and as you know, we pay for it later. Today, I am really miserable because I got in a cleaning frenzy yesterday. I need to go take a shower and just don't feel like I can manage it right now. [This Message was Edited on 02/02/2006]
  6. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    Well so far so good.... I have had 3 pills so far. I felt quite energetic today and as someone else said the feeling was somewhat euphoric for part of the day...

    I do not want to feel that way all the time.. I think It makes life a little too challenging. Tonight I feel a little like my heart is pounding. I read that is another side effect.

    I too think I take toooooo many meds. But as my RA says I get some relief from each one so they are all helping for something.

    I too handed her the list of my meds and she just said that the lyrica was ok with all of them...

    I am a nurse and I just think "YIKES::""" Not to mention the cost each month.

    I am on Enbrel which is almost 1300.00 a month, thank God for insurance. that is only one of the many meds.

    well thanks for all your replys. I am bumping this up to see if anyone else sees it.

  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    He fave me a RX and i went to Walgreens and had 50mg for 3x daily filled. I about flipped when i got the cost. it waas $195! I had not signed up for Med.D as yet and found that it was not included on any of them's formulary.

    I now have the Med. D. Lyrica was to replace Gabapentin. )Neuronton). I called his nurse and left a voice mail and this did not fit in my budget with all the other meds. She said Dr. said to go back to other ( I finished it as i had paid for it) and to watch formulary for it.

    I just took 2 a day but felt nothing particular as of help. I already have blurred eyesight.
  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Bump for lyrica
  9. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    I am bumpimg this up for others to see. SO far I have been on this med for 3 days. 75mg 2 X a day. I have not noticed any change in pain really but I do have slightly more energy and I also have been sleeping better BUT>... The blurry vision is very prominant... had to dig out the cheaters today..LOL

    I hope this is not going to be permanent.

  10. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I've been on Lyrica almost 2 months. I started out at 50 mg
    3 times daily and slowly increased to the present dosage of 100mg. 3 x daily.

    My pain is better, I do notice my eyes blurring especially when I am tired. My hands swelled at first. I really couldn't tell that it affected my pain level until the dosage increased. It only makes me dizzy when combined with the Lunesta at night.

    I think it helps my endurance somewhat. I don't have very much pins and needles/shocking sensations.

    I am taking much less pain medicaiton right now. Although I am always in pain, it is a lower level of pain. I choose to not take the pain meds unless I have to.
  11. Hey guys, just checkin in, & touching base I guess. I'm still on Lyrica, 300mg a day. 150mg in the morning, 150mg at night.

    I just came home from the pain clinic. The NP increased my MSContin to *45mg* in the morning, MSIR 15mg *2 a day* for breakthrough pain, *45mg* MSContin at night,

    I had been on MSContin *30 mg* in the morning, *ONE* MSIR 15mg for breakthrough pain, and MSContin *30mg* at night.

    The NP said no therapeutic relief has really been seen in doses above 300mg of Lyrica, or something like that.

    The increase in pain medication was made, because (I have pain throughout my spine, hips, legs constantly) but, also my left heel & foot, have started burning INTENSELY again, about 80% of the time, for some reason :-( I *had* been having quite a bit of relief on Lyrica in both feet, & hands, as I had earlier posted. I have no clue as to why, without warning, the pain just started up again. Kind of a bummer, but, I am thankful that the NP & my pain clinic doctor understand, listen, and without cruelty, disbelief, harshness, or any hesitation are there to help with pain medication & relief.

    Take care all, (((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

    Oh, and, my ability to see, of course, with all that I have going on, with my body, I have vision problems anyways, despite having had 3 exspensive "vision enhancement surgeries/correction surgeries" (grrr.) as far as that goes, it varies day to day, but does indeed worsen when I am tired, and also about an hr & a half to two hrs after my night dose of meds, including of course Lyrica.

    Worst of all, I have gotten not only my appetite back(which would be fine) but turned into Miss PIGGY (LOL) I eat like I am on High dose steroids! I have gained and lost, gained & lost.

    I've kept some weight on, but BLOAT mostly! UGG. Some of that is from the Morphine, but the appetite is from the LYRICA, wasn't so bad, until the increased dosage.
  12. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    I am increasing my dosage from 150 daily to 300 on thursday...I dont feel any pain relief actually more pain then when I was on the Cymbalta...I hope it will work but I am not looking forward to the extra weight.

    I already feel like the Pillsbury dough boy..but honestly if it helps the pain , then so be it..anyone notice an increase in relief from 150 -300???? please???????
  13. and add, that I didn't really have any extra pain relief moving the dose from 150-300mgs, we had to increase my MSContin & MSIR up with it as did help my facial nerve pain better on that adjusted dose, as before on 150, it was not doing the trick, but as I said, in my previous post, now my feet are starting to burn again, and not only more frequently again, just as they if on NO Lyrica, but possibly, this left one, *even worse.* NO Kidding.

    It is progressing, and that scares me, terribly, I've just had my pain medication increased, my Lyrica increased, and it is burning so much it is as if I'm not on any medications, and as if it is progressing.

    I'm very concerned about it, and plan to talk to my pain dr in 2 wks when I see her. This pain was bad enough without me needing it to progress! THAT--I cannot even fathom. It is far to depressing.

    Every year I hope and pray sooo much, in the back of my mind, (I try not to get my hopes TOO HIGH) but, I try to be optimistic, since I believe that that is part of the whole mind, body, spirit, connection... that "This will be the year" that I start getting better, "this will be the year we start getting answers"..

    I just cannot take anymore *backsliding* in my health, especially NO MORE WORSENING PAINWISE. I know all of you can relate. I'm sorry, I'm just getting carried away here in my whining, as my feet are both burning so badly right now, I could just throw myself in the floor like a child and have a full blown tantrum, if I thought it would do any good, and if I could get back up afterwards! :-O

    Anyways, the 150mgs helped, temporarily, as it were. But, other than helping my facial nerve pain (which is HUGE! so, thank GOD, for that peace for now, and it DOES still *flare* but that is better than all of the time!) on the 300mg increase, there was no other changes in any pain relief. It has not helped any of the nerve pain in my back/buttocks/legs, at all, nor arms, neck, spine, S.I. joint pain, none of that, unfortunately,

    and, my pain clinic nurse practitioner* said that no therapeutic relief has been found at levels higher than 300mgs! :-O I was bummed to hear that, as I was started on 150mgs... so just that one increase, and that was it, and sounds like that *will* be it for Lyrica... but, I don't know, my dr may feel differently?

    Take care all, (((((((Hugs)))))

    Keep posting,


  14. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    Still doing ok with this med at 75mg 2X a day. I don't know if it is that or what but I am feeling somewhat better, I do notice my hands swelling but With the RA who knows what makes what do anything anymore!!!!LOL

    Anyone else have any comments?

  15. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    Yeah I forgot to mention the blurred vision!!!!

    I wear 1 contact in my left eye that is a byfocal. None in my right. The medical term is called "Monovision" Too vain for those glasses yet. Actually I have such terrible hot flashes that the glasses slide down and drive me nuts...

    Anyway... Took me 6 months to get used to this type of vision correction...
    I feel as though I am back to square one with this. I imagine it is from the Lyrica. But I am not going to give up. I just get those cheapo cheaters from the dollar store... LOL

    Thats it so far.

  16. Luvkitty

    Luvkitty New Member

    Hi Angelstarr! I'm brand new to this board, and this is actually my very first post. I was looking for info. of Lyrica and saw your post. I was wondering if you were taking Neurontin BEFORE you were switched to Lyrica? If so, what dosage?

    The reason for my question is that I currently am taking 3000mg of Neurontin a day, and my doctor gave me an RX for Lyrica to take WITH the Neurontin. If it worked, then we would slowly decrease the Neurontin. Anyway, I've been VERY hesitant to start the Lyrica since it's a fairly new FDA approved drug here in the US, and with all the meds that get taken off the market when they were supposedly Vioxx, Celebrex, etc. I'm worried about the same thing happening with Lyrica. Also, due to the exremely high levels of Neurontin I already take, I'm worried about adding the Lyrica to the mix. So, that's why I'm curious about your experience.....and anyone else's, too. Thanks!!! Hope you're feeling better and that the meds have begun to help again.


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