Lyrica Side Effects

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by barb-joy, May 20, 2009.

  1. barb-joy

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    Just started taking this drug (6 days) having terrible nights.,,,,,can;t sit, stand, lay down for but a few mins, Very agitated and anxious. Took 2 mg ativan without results.

    Has anyone else had an experience like this? ALso having double vision.

    Would really appreciate hering from someone. Thanks BJ
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    You should call your doctor right away to let him/her know and see what they want to do.
  3. ultrastiff

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    I started Lryica a few weeks ago. I was to take two a day after three days. I did not like it the first time i took two pills. I waited a few days and tried it again. I had double vision one time for about a minute. It scared me but went away quickly. I was also taking flexeril and vicoden at the time when it happened. I am in a bad way at the moment. I seriously do not have any anxiety now that i have been taking Lryica. It makes me calm. It also gives me insomnia. So i take one first thing in the morning and usually my flexeril helps me to sleep. I try to take my night time Lrica as early in the evening as possible and then my flexril at ten. I have fibro sjorgrens and cfs. You should adjust to it soon. I take 75 mg twice daily and I am alert and calm. It may depend on what other meds you are taking also.
  4. I have been on lyrica for years and it has always helped me alot. Maybe it is just going to take some time to get used to it. Hopefully you will get used to it , I mean I take it my sisterin law is on it and her mother is on it for fibro and it helps all of us. Good luck Pam
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    Our local disabled support group was scheduled to have the Lyrica manufacturer come out to speak to us because the medication has been used to help some. But they had to cancel and will have to reschedule. So when it is rescheduled I will post it here to ask questions that you want asked of the manufacturer. I have never taken the medication, but I was interested to learn all I could.