LYRICA users ....need advise

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  1. I just started taking lyrica 75 mg. and WHOA! Did it feel strong to you, and make you feel like being in la la land? Does this feeling go away after awhile? I love it taking the pain away, and hope to stay on it, but I do need to function and think. I am supposed to take 2 a day the 2nd wk. The dr. wanted me to take 150 mg twice a day. I would be a zombie at that dose! Please tell me if this is how you felt.
  2. pat460

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    I started out with 50mg once a day for about 2mo. Now I'm on 75mg once a day. I haven't had any side effects at all so far. The only way I can even tell I'm taking it is lessening of the all over body pain. I've seen posts where some are taking really large doses and I've wondered if they are having any bad symptoms.

    Hope you feel better! pat460
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    I just got a free sample through the DR. She told me to try it and see? 1 75 mg capsule 2x a day which = 150 mg. Hmmmmmmmm ... maybe I should wait and see if there is more input to your post before I try it? I amm already all lala's out from my other meds.
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    I am currently on 200 mg of Lyrica daily and it is working well. I started with 100 mg and moved to 150 in 2 weeks and then 200 in another week. I was worried about side effects, but other than I little intestinal problem (excess gas) I'm okay. I get very tired about 8 or 9 at night, but I work full time during the day and it has kept me going. Most of my pain is from 1PM on so I take 50 mgs in the AM 50 at noon, 50 at 4pm and 50 at bedtime. It helps with the evenings, but some days are still bad. I just hope it works long term.

    Good Luck
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    I started out on 75 mg once a day, two weeks later went to twice per day. I don't remember when I went on 150 twice per day. I can tell you this is one of the best medicines I am on.
    I got off of oxycodone patches afew months back. I now take tramadol 6 times daily. I still have pain some days but nothing like in the beginning.
    Good luck,
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    Hi. I'm just starting on Lyrica myself.

    It sounds like some of you feel better as a direct result of taking a pill. I thought this was something that you needed to keep in your system all the time to feel the effects. Do you feel better say half an hour after taking it? Do you feel worse when it wears off?

    My own experience so far is that on two different occassions I did not take it before going to bed and both times I woke up at 3am sick. I mean sick. Weird, intense headache, seasick nausea and insomnia. First time I didn't make the connection; second time I did because it was such a unique feeling I had.

    Anyway, love to hear more about how you take it and how you feel and when. Thank you.
  7. I too would like more info on when you all take lyrica and is it one dose or two times a day your taking , etc. Its strange when I take it in the morning I feel good for awhile, a bit hyper and then WOW I have to sit down and feel like taking a nap. The dr. said to take it in the morning, but I am thinking night time would be easier on me and it would help me sleep? I don't know how I can work up to 300 a day!
    I really think this is a good fibro med as it takes the pain away, its just like I said, I want to be able to function. I am afraid to go out in the car feeling like I am in la la land.
  8. dragon06

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    I have been taking Lyrica for about a year now. I have had good results with it. I did have some side effects at the beginning but they did eventually go away. I am taking 600mg a day now and that seems to be working good for me.
  9. WOW 600mg. I would be out completely. What dose did you start at. Did you take the first dose during the day or night?
  10. This was in the fibro newsletter,it is not me, I wish she stated the dosage she took.... Mickey are you out there?

    Lyrical About Lyrica®

    "I have been so very discouraged with my Fibromyalgia for so many years that I'd given up all hope of getting any relief from pain that seemed to be worsening over time… About a month ago I had a routine appointment with my rheumatologist. Instead of seeing him, I saw the new nurse practitioner. She was awesome! She put me on Lyrica® and within a day the pain was lessened.

    I'm taking it three times daily, have no noticeable side effects, and am taking very little of the pain medicine I'd been taking every four hours before. If the Lyrica® hadn't worked my next step was going to be heavy-duty narcotic pain meds. But Lyrica® worked!

    I won't say I'm pain free. However, the pain level is usually tolerable. When it's not, just one dose of pain medicine a day usually takes care of it. I had read that this drug was being tried successfully with some Fibro patients. I'm just thankful to the Lord that I'm one who has success with it. – Mickey

    Note: Lyrica®, or pregabalin, is a drug that “lowers the number of electrical signals in damaged nerves” and was designed to treat diabetic nerve pain or pain after shingles. Our archive includes abstracts of several recent pregabalin trials for Fibromyalgia symptoms, such as “A Six-month, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Durability of Effect Study of Pregabalin for Pain Associated With Fibromyalgia,”

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    I started out on 75mg once a day at bed time, and felt horrible. I took it for 3 months. Kept being told that the side effects would lessen but they never did, about lost my job too. I quit taking it, eventhough it did kind of help with the neuropathy in my feet.

    Dr. dropped the dose to 25mg, but I couldn't handle it either. Right now I'm not taking anything.

    You may need to give it some time though, I know it works for alot of people.

  12. bump anyone else care to comment on their taking lyrica.
  13. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi butterfly,<P> hope it is helping, seems like others are having a good experience with it! I thought is was helping slightly, at first, but after awhile i noticed that the "fibrofog" was increased about 200%, and since it was bad to begin with (especially word finding) I decided to preserve what little brain function i had left and stopped it. <P>I did show my pain doc the medscape report on MIRAPEX, though and he was very interested and we are going to give that a try. An interesting point--he was very shocked that the study was >2 yrs ago and he never heard of it, and wondered why, since the results were so promising, that the info on it has never been (word finding problem here) made public in the med community?
    <P>I think we are mostly all at the point where ANYTHING is worth a shot, and what works for some doesn't for others and the other way around. Good luck to you--L
  14. bump anyone else care to comment on their taking lyrica
  15. Katchina

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    I felt just like a zombie too, I dont suffer from fatigue with My M.E., but I was sleeping all the time, just couldnt stay awake.
    I was also very hungry, starving, felt starving just after eating, so all I was doing was eating and sleeping, which was such a problem that even though the pain was much better, I had to stop taking it.
    I foolishly stopped taking it very suddenly which I really dont recommend because I had very bad withdrawal symptoms, I was in a terrible state, didnt know where to put myself, I was even in two minds about going to A and E because it was very frightening.
    I was only on it for two or three weeks, I dont know if things would have improved over time, because I could not afford to wait and see.
  16. swehling

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    I'm up to 200mg a night and I have the gas problem too?!! Never had that in my life! Took some phayzme, only works a little. I take it to help me deep sleep. Can't imagine taking during the day- it knocks me woozy. Since it's not for pain, for me, I have not had pain relief.
  17. footballmom

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    at night along with my Klonopin and ambien cr. My prescription is for 150 MG 3x a day. I can't funtion at that dose however. I adjust my dosage to be proactive with my pain levels. It really helps me. I'm able to work and do things that I haven't done in 3 years. I also stopped taking vicodin and that seems to have helped. I've been taking Lyrica for a year.
  18. what dose were you taking ? It does get better with time. Weird though, sometimes it seems to affect me more than other times ? But it sure is great for pain.
  19. My dr. wants me to take 150 3x a day! I would be in constant sleep state. lol! I haven't gone back to him yet, I am still on one 75 mg. (thankfully my family dr. gave me some 75 mg. samples to try). I hope to go up to twice a day, because other than the tiredness, the lyrica is great for pain. But strangely one day it seems to affect me differently like I said above with the same dosage? Have you had that happen to you? Do you take one in the morning and one at night or just one total?
  20. natrlvr2

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    I take Lyrica for my sciatic pain in my legs.My doseage is 150 twice a day.If I am late on a dose,I can tell.

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