Lyrica What's It Supposed To Do For Us Anyway?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donnadb, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. donnadb

    donnadb New Member

    My doc just put me on lyrica and I feel SO STONED!! Slept all day the first and second days! I'm just wondering... what is this med supposed to do for us anyway? Does it help muscle pain, joint pain other types of pain or is it just effective for nerve related pain?? Also, how long does it take to start working? I'm really petrified about the weight gain issue as I am already about 25 pounds overweight and I don't want to stay on this stuff if its not going to help my pain! So far, I can't tell any difference in anything except I feel a little more "stupid" and sleepy!
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    helps me with my nerve pain my IBS and some stomach issues. It can take a few weeks for your body to get used to the med and for the side effects to wear off. Some people do gain weight on Lyrica but I have not. I have been on it almost 3 years.

    Depending on how your doctor is tapering your meds will have an effect on how bad your side effects are. I went up slowly...starting with 50mg 3 times a day up to 300mg twice a day.

    Do keep in mind that it can take a few days to a few weeks for the med to start working as intended.
  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    My neurologist started me off on a low dose, 25 mg which I upped slowing to 3/day. It took the nerve pain (electrical feeling) running under my skin away.

    I gained 5 lbs at first then 9 months later gained another 5 and got off of it. I've relost the 2nd 5 lbs and the pain hasn't come back.

    Unfortunately that's not the only pain I have, sigh!

    Take care
  4. Iam1ShadyLady

    Iam1ShadyLady New Member

    I am on 150mg 2 x a day and have been on it for four months. It has not helped my pain. I have gained 8 pounds while on it but I am on seroquil too and it can cause weight gain. If my dr won't go up on the dose, which so far he has not wanted to do I am going to go off of it. Maybe it will work for you though. Good Luck.

  5. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    was ant to sleep more and i already do too much of that.
    i felt like a guinea pig and finally stopped it.
  6. It is supposed to be a wonder drug for 90 % of my drs, patients. He says they has ALOT less pain and lead lifes. Yeah right! It helped me at 75 mg twice a day, but then nothing so he increased it gradually to 150 three times a day and still more pain plus 10 lbs of fluid buildup. I am now decreasing slowly to a lower dose. Guinea pigs , thats all we are I feel! JMO.

    but hang in there you may be one of the lucky ones it helps.
  7. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    I take Lyrica and other meds. The Lyrica and Fentynl patch, both have helped me tremendously. I can be functional as a parant again. I had tried neurontin first and it didn't help. It may help others though. It may feel like we are guinna pigs, because we are. They are finally agreeing that fibro is real. Now just like with any other disease, you may have to try different things. But have faith because the more new things you try, the better chance you have to finding what works. We are the pioneers of the dd... we are paving the way for others to get the help that works. Jenn
  8. donnadb

    donnadb New Member

    Thanks all for your responses! I think that I've decided that I can't deal with this dizziness anymore! I know that I really didn't give it a fair shot but I work with little children and cant see myself trying to work with this woozy head! Also, I am concerned about the weight gain issue. From what I've heard, Lyrica is mostly effective for nerve pain only and not muscle type pain (which I have TONS of!!!!). That's why I posted this question so that I could see if it actually DOES help anyone with the muscle pain or if it is primarily just a nerve pain agent... Guinea Pigs?? OH YEAH!! I've been to 5 doctors in the last 2 months about my back pain and all 5 say its something different (even with the MRI and X-Ray reports right in front of them!).. Each one wanted to perform what i consider RADICAL treatments such as spinal injections, etc. but all wanted to do it at different levels of the spine (T12, L1, L2, etc. etc).. I just don't have much confidence or respect for doctors anymore! I think that if we could prescribe meds and order medical procedures, we could all treat ourselves more efficiently than they can!!! Only WE know our own bodies!!!!
  9. Jenn c did your primary dr. give you the Fentynl patches? Just curious as I doubt I could get them from my dr.

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