lyrica withdraws ??

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    Iam so confused right now, My Dr wanted me off lyrica, because it was really doing nothing for me, just makeing me confused (woke up and didn't know where i was, couldn't remember how to turn on the shower..etc..)just scared the crap otta me ! Sooo...I'm weaning my self off of it and it's been a week and I think that I'm crashing, is there such a thing ?

    Whats more confuseing is that, was It was makeing me feel a little better,or was I just haveing some "good days" and didn't realize this because Ive havent had a break from this flare-up that started 5mths ago? I had a really ruff weekend, and today fell like I been ran over with a semi, so would I be wrong to think that I'm just haveing another flare-up? Or were thoese semi-good days MY "good days" and these are the "bad days"

    I guess what Im really wanting to know is, that If a med is really working for you DO you realize this within weeks or whats the longest it could possibly take to "kick-in"
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    Lyrica for about 3 weeks and quit taking it, it did nothing for me nothing good and nothing bad. Im not sure about your good day bad day thing but hope you start feeling better soon.

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    I've been on it since January. First week was glorious--pain free, refreshed sleep, felt like I was walking on clouds. I was on 300mg.

    Second week, I crashed--pain, intense fatigue, intense brain fog, vertigo exactly 2 hours after taking it (it would last for just over an hour), etc. Like a full on flare.

    After week 2...side effects eased up at the 2 month mark (yes, 2 months), but the weight gaine and swelling of hands and feet stayed on. I slept great and was relatively pain free, but I would have break through pain and bad days still.

    6 months...I have since reduced my dosage to half and added cymbalta: weight loss was immediate! But still adjusting to things...

    It is not perfect or a cure, but Lyrica gives me more better days than bad (bad was what you described above with the typical FM intense bone pain and difficulty in hand coordination, just awful). But I still have my bad days! It comes down to this: are the side effects worth it to you? For me, the answer is yes. But everyone is different!

    Hope this helps!

    Gentle FM ((((hugs))))
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    just because its FDA approved for patients with FMS does not mean it will work I never tried it since it has the same ingredient as neurontin and neurontin works for me enough for me to work for eight hours. I still have pain but thats how fibro is,chronic pain syndrome.
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