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    Hey to Everyone,

    I have been on the full dosage of lyrica which is 450 mg a day ( altho I have heard 600 mgs is also considered a normal range) for almost a week now. I found the first two weeks were a HUGE improvement in my pain when I was only

    taking 150 mgs. Since being on the full dose my pain has come back in my thigh and

    hip quite bad. I dont understand why, coz the first week were absolutely FANTASTIC, I was free of all pain and I was so excited. Can someone out there please explain why it has come back on the full dosage. Seems really weird. I am quite depressed about it. Maybe I still need to be on it for a while longer? If anyone out there could explain it I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks so much,
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    running just now - read it, there's a few people who are taking lyrica and not adapting to it well.

    post by

    jackytheripper - anyone that's taken lyrica

    I have lyrica here but dont know if I'm going to take it now.

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