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    Hi all, hope you are are doing good and pain free. Just left the Dr.'s and he gave me a script for Lyrica. 75mg twice a day. Any good or bad reports on this. My Doc said he has other patients on it that have pretty good results that have fibro. Mine is more complicated I have a herniated disc and sciatica pain. I have been on Clonapin for about 8 years. Is this a similar drug? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Bobby
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    I started a thread of lyrica this morning. I was put on it yesterday for nerve pain. I am to take 50mg at bedtime. He said it would also help me sleep so be careful taking yours at first.

    My understanding is it is like neurontin. I am just hoping to dodge the side effect of weight gain being on such a low dose.

    Good luck!
  3. MtnDews

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    I've been on it for about a month or more. It really has helped with the pain. Still have bad days that put me down, but still a great improvement. And yes, I want to eat everything not nailed down, so beware. Keep good low fat snacks on hand that are nutritious. I find pre packaged things work well for me because it keeps me from eating too much. Fruits and vegs also make good snack.
    Hope this helps you.

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