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  1. betheann

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    Has anyone heard of any research on Lyrica to treat FMS pain?
  2. Lolalee

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    I just saw my FM dr. today and she gave me a script for Lyrica. She said that she has seen good results for Fibro pain. The only other thing she said is that in some people there is increased appetite. (I thought "Great, that's all I need...more weight on me"). I haven't filled script yet.

    This really doesn't answer your question, but I thought it was a coincidence that my dr. just prescribe this for me and recommends it highly.

  3. hambys97

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    My neuro started me on the lyrica and i am experiencing positives. Now we are playing with the dosage to try and increase the relief I am receiving but I am pleased, at least thus far.
    Hope that helps...
  4. cathugs

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    I really don't know of any researches, but my
    rheumy told me that it was being prescribed for

    Several months ago he prescribed it for me.I
    started out on 75mg twice daily. When I went
    back in a month, he asked if it helped. I told
    him that I believed I had a little more energy.

    Some of this info is on my earlier posts.
    But, anyway he said "Well, let's make you feel
    a little better." and doubled the dose.

    When I started the double dose I really
    didn't think it made me feel any better
    and my feet and ankles swelled up like
    baloons.(This was one of the side effects)

    I stopped the lyrica and went to the NP
    at my internist office.She gave me Lasix.

    This helped some,but I haven'tlost all the

    Aaannyyy waayyy, I got to hurting so bad I
    decided I would try the lyrica again, just to
    see what happened.

    Well a few days later it dawned upon me
    that I felt a lot better and didn't hurt near
    as bad. It was also helping my RLS.

    I was astonished to say the least. This was
    about a month ago and am still feeling better.

    I am by no means without pain, but I sometimes
    only take one Vicodin a day. I was taking 3 a day
    and needing more.

    The down side to lyrica is that it causes
    weight gain like crazy along with the edema.

    It makes me want to eat every thing in sight.
    This I REALLY don't need as I am really over

    But I have decided that the decrease in pain
    is worth a few extra pounds and swollen ankles.

    I go back to my rheaumy next month, and I don't
    know what he might say.

    But lyrica has far fewer side effects than a lot of the other meds of this type .

    Sorry to ramble so long, but I hope this gave you a little info.

    {{{{{hugs from cathugs}}}}} Ruth
  5. kbehy

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    I have been on lycria for about 6 months, and up till Sunday I thought it did nothing, I still had aches. On Sunday I ran out and thought why refill it, in the last 4 days I have found out, yes it did work. My problem is excepting the fact pain, is now a way of life for me. With the meds, I just have toleable pain with out it I have had horrible pain. The last 4 days have been pure h---, yesterday was the worst, I barely got out of bed, cried most of the day and really wonder is this what life is and it is not worth living. I realize the lycria was helping and I need to get it refilled. I have learned fm is a try and err with meds its just finding what works for u