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  1. dgq35810

    dgq35810 New Member

    Has anyone experience with Lyrica for FMS?
  2. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    I don't have FMS, but I do have diabetic neuropathy and I take it to relieve the pain in my feet. it is a wonderful drug for me and does relieve my pain when nothing else will. Just be sure to start out on low doses at first. It is a very strong med and a lot of people can not tolerate anything above 50mg daily until they get used to it. I am now taking 75mg in the morning and 50mg in the evening. Good luck and I hope this works for you.
  3. LadyCubbieFan

    LadyCubbieFan New Member

    Hi dgq,

    I am on lyrica for fm and diabetic neuropathy. It seems to boost the other pain meds and I have had no trouble with it.

    The only drawback is I gained 20 pounds in two months which caused my blood sugar levels to rise. I needed more weight like I needed a hole in the head, lol.

    My pharmacist said he had only heard good results. Hope it works for you but if you have any side effects, please be sure and tell your doctor.


  4. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    Like Kathleen12 said, be careful about the dosage. My Rheumatologist(who should have known better)started me out with a massive dosage and I thought I was going to die. I had blurred vision, heart palpitations, shakes, you name it. It was suppose to be like Neurontin which I have taken for 3 years, but I didn't have that response to it. I talked with my GP about it and she looked at the dosage and almost flipped out. She said it is the best thing to take for FM but the pt needs to start in small doses and work up. I take 75 mg 2x p/day.

    I probably couldn't walk without it. Good luck and take care.

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