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  1. natrlvr2

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    At my last appt. my rhuemy gave me Lyrica(for sciatic nerve pain,lately it's bad).And I finally got him to up my Vicodin dose.But he only can do it for 2 months because of my stupid insurance.I have been on 5/500mgs. since 1997.Ya think I need a higher dose by now?LOL.My dose is 7.5/500. I immediately knew it helped.Acoupledays later I got my Lyrica filled.So far,so good.I knwo I will NEVER be pain free but it was really bad all summer.
  2. Linky

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    My doc put me on Lyrica a couple months ago, it helped me to sleep just a tiny bit better. Two weeks ago I had to see the Rheumy he upped the miligrams and dosage (75 mil twice day now) I am feeling so much better, with the pain, not the exhaustion. Before he upped the dose of the Lyrica I had been taking 3 Lorcet and one Soma a day and always wished I had more, due to the pain being so bad. Now with the Lyrica I have found that I usually have either 1/2 to 1 pill of my lorcet left daily. So in regards to the pain, Lyrica helped greatly. Now if I could only find something to help with this complete and total exhaustion I feel every day. Guess one thing at a time. By the way I had been taking the Lorcet and soma religiously for the past 5 years.
  3. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    being totally tired is almost as bad as pain.Actually it is worse for em alot of the time as I cannot just go lay down and sleep.I am a single mom.I also have chronic fatigue syndrome.

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