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  1. littletoot53

    littletoot53 New Member

    Lyrica is working for me, I have been on it for 6months now. I started out slowly, and now I take 150mg 3times a day. Usually it is 7am, 3pm, and 10pm. It has improved my sleep.

  2. exhaustedelegy

    exhaustedelegy New Member

    Have you had any problems with the Lyrica?

    I've been decreasing it now because of weight increase, severe constipation and dizziness (that happened at 400mg a day.) But now I'm more tired, achy and foggy.

    I'm also wondering about kind of a "strange" possible symptom. When I started feeling better, I was finally able to go out to a store after several years of only basic life sustaining shopping. I feel as if I'm shopping for clothes and THINGS in an obsessed way almost. I never did before. Think it could be the lyrica??

    Anyone have this happen to them??
  3. nixon

    nixon New Member

    I started it in March....only taking 75 mg twice a day. In the beginning it was GREAT, WONDERFUL Sleep.....but I had become SOOOO EXHAUSTED from it......I quit taking it about 12 days ago. SLOWLY, I think a bit of energy IS returning. I was REALLY HOPING it would be the magic pill, in the beginning it was great I ACTUALLY had a life again. Did things I hadn't done in a couple yrs. It can be really frustrating!! I hope you continue seeing improvement, and don't back slide with it!! Andrea
  4. kittycamcj

    kittycamcj New Member

    i was taking 150mg of lyrica twice a day. i cut back to 100mg twice a day. i'm hoping this will help me lose some weight that i have gained. i also was getting dizzy and have a hard time remembering things. my blood pressure was also going up, probably from the weight gain. i really feel like i can do more being on the lyrica, so i hate to stop. what do you do then. i have been taking it since aug'07 one thing it doesn't help is my backache when i get up in the morning, or if i'm on my feet for a long time. it's good to hear from other people, and how they are doing with the lyrica.

  5. resignedtofibro

    resignedtofibro New Member

    Lyrica worked wonders for me for about 6 months. I didn't need any another pain meds. and was doing well. Then, I had a relapse, and though I'm still on the Lyrica, I need pain meds. twice a day. I take 150mg. am and pm. I was so praying that the Lyrica was the answer, and it was for those several months. I have gained about 15 lbs. on it also. Not something I wanted, especially when my activity level has decreased with the FM and CFS.
  6. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I am considering trying it. I am allergic to codeine, vicodin, and oxycontin. I was on a fentanyl patch 25 mcg and felt MUCH better from the pain relief, but was more foggy than usual. I stopped taking it since I was in nursing school.

    So, we tried tramadol regular and the extended release... it didn't do ANYTHING for my pain.

    Now, my back pain has flared again and I don't know what to do anymore. I am SO tired of trying pain meds. Tired of going to the doctor to try this and try that.

    I've gained weight anyway and was steering clear of Lyrica because of that side effect...

    Feeling bummed today from the pain. But am SO happy for those of you getting relief!


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