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    Hello! I'm new to this board and to Fibro. I haven't actually been told this diagnosis, but all Doc's have mentioned it. I read the letters to friends and family explaining fibro... and sat and cried. They all made me feel as if there really are people who feel what I feel! Thank you to all who posted, they really help us "newbies"!

    Now my question. My recent Doc put me on Lyrica. Started me out slowly, and yesterday I started (finally) on 3 a day. I guess I thought it was supposed to be a miracle drug or something... I am still having "bad" days. They don't last as long as they used too, but they're still coming. I was wondering if anyone else on here is on Lyrica and if it was a cure all for them or if they're experiencing the same thing. Thanks!
  2. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    Lyrica was something i took way before the big tv ads hit the air waves and with the backing of the FDA stating it is the only drug approved for Fibro makes it sound like a wonder drug. Well its not! Its a big scam, drug company gold mine. the only good thing it did was get attention
    on the FIBRO subject- which is good thing but it isnt a wonder drug at all. It does more harm than anything else for me and so many others...WHY?.

    I gained 80 lbs in 9 months to start out with and even the Dr didnt know why I was gaining weight until I went to a new Dr. he got me off it right away- plus it does very little for major pain- some people can take it who dont have Fibro really bad, if the side effect is gaining weight you dont need that extra weight on your body frame, that will just cause more pain!

    I am agaisnt Lyrica big time, be careful and watch your weight....good luck, jgavi
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    Khalyal New Member

    Hi Melissa, and welcome aboard.

    Lyrica is not a miracle drug by any means. It has benefits and drawbacks, to be sure. It's one of the most difficult drugs to manage that I've ever been on.

    I started on 75mg 2 times a day, and immediately felt relief. The side effects didn't start until around 3 weeks into it for me. The relief lessened, and the swelling in my feet and hands grew.

    My doctor bumped me up to 300 mg a day by month 3, and I thought I was going to die. I got the Katherine Hepburn headwobble, shooting jolts in my spine and head, and loss of feeling in my hands and feet. Not to mention 30 pounds that I didn't sign up for.

    After a month of drooling and bobbling, I took myself back down to the original 150 daily. I still am fighting the weight. The relief is only noticeable when I fail to take it, then I remember why I was put on it in the first place.

    My primary decided that I needed Elavil to round out the picture and assist the Lyrica in doing its job. After a week of sleeping through the day and night, I guess I got used to that enough to function. For the time being it's a bandaid and I will use it, but my goal is to get off of all of this stuff with relocation, diet and supplements. I needed it for a short time to get myself off the couch and formulate and implement a plan.

    For anyone on Lyrica, just be careful. It is not an easy medication or a miracle. It has its uses, but not for everyone and not forever.

    God bless us all..

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  4. CAAnnieB

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    Welcome, Melissa!

    You've found a wonderful board for information & support!

    I've been on Lyrica since January. It's been like a miracle for me...I say that NOT because I consider myself cured, but because the med has given me back a quality of life that I thought was gone forever.

    I've been dealing with FM for 15+ years. Lyrica has helped my pain, energy, mood, & libido more than anything else (med or otherwise)that I've tried over the years. (And believe me; I've tried a multitude of things!)

    I've also had incredibly sound sleep since the first night of taking Lyrica. I'm sure the uninterrupted sleep has a lot to do with my other improvements.

    I recently went on a 6 hour tubing trip down a river with my kids! This trip would have been completely out of the question for me prior to Lyrica. The fact that I was able to go, paddle my own tube, survive, & function the next day is almost unbelievable to me!

    I have had a 20 pound weight gain. This bothers me, but I am trying to adjust to the heavier me & be thankful for the gifts I've been given while on Lyrica. I do take a mild diuretic to help with fluid retention.

    During the first month of taking Lyrica; I had sleepiness, dizziness, blurry vision, and a hugely increased appetite. All of these side effects went away after about 3-4 weeks.

    Lyrica is definitely NOT a cure. I agree with the other poster about it being a symptom band aid. But because there is no cure; I'm trying whatever I can to manage my symptoms with the goal of bettering my quality of life. Right now, that includes Lyrica.

    I'm hoping that they will develop a drug with the same mechanisms as Lyrica minus the weight gain side effect!

    Best wishes to you on your path of healing.

    BTW, I still get flares...they just aren't as severe & long. I have to be careful not to overdo things when I'm feeling great & optimistic.

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  5. kriket

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    I take 150mg of Lyrica and it helps a lot. At 75mg it did nothing. It is not a miracle drug and you will find there to be days that are just hard to deal witht the pain even with meds. I am glad u found us here.

    Love Krik
  6. dragon06

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    I have been on Lyrica for over 2 years now. It has been a good drug for me but nowhere near a miracle drug. It helps me with my nerve pain my IBS and stomach spasms. I think it helps me a lot and I will keep on taking it.

    There is no cure for FM, especially not a pill.

    Unfortunately what you have to do is treat the symptoms and Lyrica is good for that.
  7. PVLady

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    I read that Lyrica only works for about 50% of those who take it. When I took it my pain increased!! I tried to find the article that mentioned those statistics but cannot.

    The best thing that helped my aching was Soma at bedtime and a couple of Tylenol during the day. At one time I was using Ultram but it made me so sleepy.

    I am also on a mild opiate that is "off label" for fibro.

    If Lyrica does not work for you, let your doctor know.

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