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    i recently started on lyrica and noticed a few changes that i cant tell if they are conented in some way to the med or just something else, i have had swelling around one or two joints and tenderness there as well. on the side of my elbo it was like this bumb that would go up and down in size (swelling) it's a little hard to explain. and then i started with burning pain in my heals. ive had fms for twelve yrs. this is something new or so it seems.also may be because its early to tell but not sure if it's working yet, does it take some time?
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    I'm on Lyrica. Started off as a low dose, but subsequently, am at 600 mg a day, which is very high I am told.

    Sometimes it doesn't work - like now when the weather is changing and I just moved.

    As far as your symptoms go, I didn't notice anything like that with Lyrica. I just noticed TREMENDOUS weight gain and ankle swelling.