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    I take 150mg of Lyrica a night for pain. But during the day, by 2:00 P.M. I am useless. I have just been diagnosed with degenerative osteo arthrithis. Does any one take the Lyrica during the day? And does it seem to help?

    Thanks for any responses, Lynn
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    I was only able to take it for a few days. It made me a complete, dizzy zombie!

    Try searching the board for previous posts on Lyrica, I know some folks have had success w it. Good Luck......Hermit
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    I take 75 mg. in the morning, 75 mg. at noon and 150 mg at bedtime (around 4 p.m.). My doctor also added Cymbalta a couple of years ago. I take 30 mg. in the morning. Has really made a difference!

    The pain is still there but I can cope!

    Good luck!
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    Hi Lynn,

    I've been taking it since approx the end of 2008. until present. Recently I ran out (not on purpose), but decided not to get my rx refilled to see if it was really helping.

    I had some "strange" experiences which I contributed to withdrawal. 1 of them was itchiness which seemed to "attack" me. There also seemed to be an increase of pain (despite taking Vicodin which does help me), and fatigue. I just didn't feel right.

    I'm back on it for approx 2 wks & YES there's a difference! BTW, I never experienced any weight gain. No more "itch attacks", pain level is down & I just feel better.

    Lyrica DOES work 4 me & I will never consider going off it again.

    My dosage: Supposed to take 150mg 3x's daily. However, I've been taking 300 mg when I get up (along w/whatever else I'm taking).

    But I've never been able to get myself scheduled to take the 3rd pill later on. I wld like to now put more effort into doing at least 2x's daily.

    I don't have to take any other meds more than 1x, so I just have to figure out how to get myself into that "regiment" of 2x's (still eliminating 3x's daily).

    I hope this helps.

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    I take 300 mgs. a day. 150 in daytime and 150 in evening. I try to keep them about 12 hours apart. I felt very tired and sleepy at first but things has started to pick up and I'm starting to get some energy. It is definently helping the pain. I am concerned that my Dr. will up it to 450 a day which is what is recommended in the lititure that comes with it. Don't know if I can do that but I quit my cymbalta 2 weeks a go because it didn't seem to be helping anymore. I may try Savella next time I go to Dr. The thing I hate the most about the Lyrica is the 50# weight gain. I am going to talk this over with my Dr. and maybe adjust my meds to something else.

    also Lynn
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    I've been on Lyrica now for 5 years. Recently increased my dosage to 100 X2 a day. I was on Cymboltia but had to get off. It made my pain X10 worse and fatigue was terrible. I've also gained weight 25lbs. Salvia was mentioned but after the Cymbotia I don't think so. I've noticed that my retention and concentration is not good which is very frustrating. I don't know how much of that is because of the Lyrica. Also blurry vision...

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    I was taking Lyrica and the doctor increased my dose back in January. I had trouble putting my sentences together and my memory was awful. My employer noticed my difficulties and laid me off for a month until I was able to wean myself off of the medicine. It helped for pain to a certain degree but it wasn't worth the awful side effects. Savella helped with the pain but made me very sick. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months because I couldn't eat and when I did, I got sick. It's a very harsh medication. Right now I just take a few pain meds to assist me through my days...and sometimes THAT doesn't feel like enough! Take care!

    Good luck!!
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    Lyrica was a miracle drug from the minute I started it. I take 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night. However, it lost it's effectiveness after 6 months. Now I'm stuck with pain and I'm at the highest dose of it that I can take. Now I'm out of options, as my gp said. so I requested a rheumatologist, I should have done that a long time ago.

    Oh, Lyrica didn't give me any side effects but I did develop a slight twitch which may or may not have to do with Lyrica.

    I hope this helps, good luck!
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    I tried Lyrica. It worked GREAT! until 4 days in, on only 75 mg 3xs a day my legs gave out on me. I thought it was a fluke until the next day, I had the same experience when I was walking. I also tried Cymbalta, but it made the pain worse.