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    At the beginning of a current tv ad for lysol spray a man hawks Lysol spray as a defense against H1N1. There is a blurb underneath him that states what agency he is with. The info is flashed too fast for my slow brain to process. Anyone catch this? I think it may be the cdc or some related institution. If this is so I have to wonder when did the U.S. government begin hawking products for the private sector--what or who benefits from such activity and isn't this illegal?

    I went online to find the commercial but I did not find it. I did, however, find a couple of petitions advocating that Lysol STOP claiming that their product kills viruses because the product does not and cannot kill viruses. The product does kill some germs and bacteria.
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    I think I saw this commercial, but can't really remember too much with it.

    I think Lysol is good for like, cleaning your bathroom. But as far as stopping the flu, no. I got Swine Flu airborne. Nothing was going to stop it.
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    If the CDC doesn't clean up their act, they will be the next
    'viral' contaminant that gets sprayed with Lysol!

    We wish...

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    i hope that we don't wind up with lots of people believing this and spraying it like crazy.....that stuff sends my MCS into orbit

    I do like the image of spraying the CDC with it, though LOL
  5. quanked

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    I mean like the image of spraying down the cdc with lysol--lol
  6. quanked

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    Finally, i got to see the guy's credentials! He is not a government rep afterall. However, I do think that he makes it sound like the cdc is endorsing lysol...

    It seems though, that if lysol can kill viruses then perhaps we should be injecting the stuff--lol--nevertheless--if there is something in it that can kill viruses then what is the hold up?

    I would like to see the proof this guy is talking about. What I read on other sites seeking to stop this statement (that lysol is proven to kill viruses) is that the viruses can be cleaned up, washed down the drain but the viruses are not dead. I will be interested to see how this all turns out.

    I am lol a lot tonight. I think I am too tired.
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    follow your own advice, and stop reposting someone elses work.
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