M.E Or Not M.E ?

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    Following my urine test at Great Smokies, the results give no indication of mitochondrial dysfunction. I have a problem with 'malabsorption' of food and a problem with 'neurotransmitters'. They make some suggestions as to what I should do, and what I should take, but my clinician is now convinced that because the mitochondial dysfunction didn't materialise, I don't have M.E and yet everything I've felt and read about over the last eleven years tells me otherwise. Please, if anyone does have any insight into what the hell is going on please help !!
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    What is this test for mitochondrial dysfunction? I have been unable to find this test in the states, but I've heard of it from British doctors.
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    I had a urine sample sent to Great Smokies in Ashevile, upon the advice of the practitioner. It showed problems with neurotransmitters, but cellular Energy and Mitochondrial Metabolites showed up as normal; the inference being that the mitochondria are working as they should, and this despite the fact that at the time of doing the test a month ago, I was barely able to leave the house !
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    Hello Skeesix some interesting thoughts. According to the test there is no evidence of malabsorption, but some evidence of neurological damage, which I still don't understand not being a biochemist. What is really beginning to upset me is that the practitioner is leaning towards the fact that because the test mentioned a lack of certain neurotransmitter metabolites ( suggestive of depression, mood swings, anxiety ) I don't have M.E i am simply depressed ! Well HELLO of course I am depressed I have been ill for eleven years, with no fixed income, frequent relapses and periodiocally in excruciating pain ! I have lost almost everything, even to the point that suicide bcame a real possibility. We have so much to live for, I used to love life; now I can't do any of the things that gave me pleasure. I am 36 ( only just I might add...) and sick of feeling sick ! I don;t know whether to phone the Samaritans or join them.....
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    I am wondering. Is there proof that mitochandrial disfunction is proven in CFS? I am only aware of reduced oxygen uptake, and faulty HPA axises as proven in energy disruption in CFS. Not that I am claiming i know everything :)
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