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    I have to mention one important thing I found out in my treatment. When one does get worse with a treatment it doesn't’ always mean that one is throwing off too many viruses. After I healed the gut and the other viruses and bacteria and infections I went on to getting rid of the Lyme and EBV but got worse. After going back on the gut treatment, with no help, I finally opted to do a Detox Gnomic Profile and found my liver was actually making me worse. These problems are inherited.
    Your Results: Polymorphisms
    (SNPs) in the genes coding for a particular
    enzyme can increase or, more commonly,
    decrease the activity of that enzyme. Both
    increased and decreased activity may be
    harmful. Increased Phase I clearance
    without increased clearance in Phase II
    can lead to the formation of toxic
    intermediates that may be more toxic than
    the original toxin. Decreased Phase I
    clearance will cause toxic accumulation in
    the body. Adverse reactions to drugs are often due to a decreased capacity for
    clearing them from the system. I found this interesting since a lot of us have strange reactions to meds, having problems with B12 is one, or having a product work then after a few weeks stop working.

    Now for the treatment on the gut, I did the no gluten diet- absolutely none. My last test showed inflammation of the intestinal lining from gluten- I probably had one lousy hot dog bun and a piece of whole wheat bread! no dairy and no sugar . I took supplements by Biotics Research, they are expensive and have found a lot comparable ones on line the store here carry some that will help. I did have to take a break from the treatment it was getting way too expensive but have found a lot of information on line about healing the gut and adding more probiotics and what foods heal.
    Here’s the list
    BioDoph-7 Plus, FC-Cidal antifungal, Gastrazyme- made from cabbage - IPS helps heal intestinal lining for leaky gut syndrome, Butyric-Cal-Mag - works in the colon, DISMUZYME PLUS GRANULES- this stuff is gross! Taste like really bad split pea soup but is a powerful anti oxidant. Iodoral, MSM, Zn-Zyme Forte (Zinc) , Beta TCP, Betaine HCI- I tested no stomach acid. Bio-B 100 , and A.D.P. this is oregano. There is a web site dcnutrition dot.com that gives detail info on these supplements.
    I found it all starts in the gut then moves to the liver. It has even affected my hormones levels! Mine are showing way to high which leads to breast cancer, cervical and uterine cancers. Also, colon cancers. I show high cholesterol and triglycerides but with the messed up gut and lacking a lot of cytozymes in the liver I can’t process foods or fat properly and since I react to meds weird I won’t go on antibiotics or any drugs to lower these levels. I don’t know why doctors don’t tests the liver first before putting someone on.
    The main thing I had to do is get the gut healthy. And now I'm working on getting the liver working as good as it can. I'll have to stay on some of these supplements for the gut and liver forever but if it helps that's okay. After 55 years of being ill, I just might find out what it's like to be a semi- normal-old- lady LOL
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    Thank you so very much!!!

    I cannot believe you have been sick for 55 years. I have been sick for 27 and feel I cant do this for another 40 or so.

    I am going to look at the site you mentioned and look into all of those supplements. So your gut IS better now???

    Im very tired right now but I will look at everything you took and see how to go about implementing. Did a doctor help you or did you just figure what needed to be taken yourself?

    The Detox Gnomic Profile is very interesting. I will have to look into that as well. One more test...UGH!!

    Thanks again!

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    It is almost healed, if I stay away from any gluten. When I did this treatment there was noting in the supplements that mentioned viruses or bacteria but when I did the second testing it showed they had been healed except for a slight inflammation in the intestines- the hot dog bun :). Most of the supplements were for ulcers, malabsorption and to strengthen the gut- leaky gut, when that is healed then your immune system can start to fight the other stuff. I still need work on the liver and then the whole immune system will kick in.
    I'll always have to take the Betaine HCI, one for bile and a good probiotic but that's okay. And stay on the strict diet.
    This doesn't mean you will be sick forever. They know so much more now about how the gut is 99% of the immune system. Our bodies are amazing the Lord designed us. From what I've study it's the gut and liver that process everything- get those working to the optimum and most will get healed.

    With the Toxicity Gnomic testing it shows the liver doesn't process toxins out, even from some chemical that is released into the air from light switches of all things !!! What a mess!! but I know working on these two will get me as close to healed as my age will allow.
    And I agree with the tests, but this one you can do at home and send in.

    Don't get discouraged!
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    I have to add that the bad split pea soup stuff I take is in capsule form. You can get it on line, I don't know if the store here carries it but it's something I would not do without, none of us can. It's Superoxide Dismutase with Catalse here's a link that tell all about it.http://www.vitaminstuff.com/superoxide-dismutase.html
    Another thing I take is the D Ribose. It will stop working after about one container then I go off for a few days then back on- the messed up liver will do that. I sure notice when I'm off of it absolutely no energy.
    Hope this helps


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