Mable and all others that have had spinal surgery

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  1. Sheila1366

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    I need some advice.

    I have heard nothing but bad about having any kind of surgery done on the neck and back.I hear it just makes things worse.

    I go for my mri results this morning of my neck.

    Ortho. said that if the disk was ruptured they could inject medication into the area.

    Do these shots help?

    Thanks everyone,
  2. ksp56

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    Bumping this for you...

    I am intersted too. I might be facing these surgeries also.

  3. sunshine54

    sunshine54 New Member

    My husband had a 360 anterior and posterior lumbar fusion at L4-S1 surgery in 11/03 where they took a rib out to use the bone for the cages and the disks. A vascular surgeon cut his tummy from belly button to pubic bone and put in 4 cages. He stapled where the rib was taken out and his tummy. Then they rolled him over and the neurosurgeon cut his back (about 15 inches long) and put in rods and screws (like an H) and sewed him up. He was in the hospital for 7 days. He only has 1 kidney and that was a problem for about 2 weeks. He was off pain meds in one month and back to work in 10 weeks. No Problems Now!

    We were involved in a car wreck in 3/05. I had my first cervical fusion C6-C7 by an idiot NS who used cadaver bone but didn't put in a plate to hold it on 8/2/05. I had my 2nd cervical fusion at C5-C6 by an excellent NS who used cadaver bone and put a plate in to cover C5-C7 and used 6 screws on 11/29/05. NS told my husband I would need another surgery in the near future at C7-T1.

    I had a Lumbar Fusion at L4-L5 (was supposed to be L4-S1, but when NS got in there I was autofused at L5-S1) on 1/18/06 because my left foot stayed numb, with pins and needles and the bottom of it was always red. Doing Great!

    I have severe osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease with osteophytes (bone spurs) all up and down my spine.

    I'm having a Cervical and Thoracic MRI this next Tuesday and most likely will be facing another cervical fusion. I'm still having neck pain, shoulder pain, chest pain (can even feel the swollen muscles in my chests), knots in my legs.

    I'm on 350 mg. of Soma 3 x a day, 4 mg. of Zanaflex 3 x a day, 2 100 mg. of Neurontin 3 x a day and Celexa for depression. At nighttime, I take a pill that has demerol and phenegran in it, 300 mg. of Neurontin, 2 mg. of Klonopin, and 15 mg. of Restoril.

    I think my problems are hereditary as my birthmom who died last April had the same problems and my son (32 yrs old) was dx with osteo and ddd last summer.

    So two different scenarios for ya.


    Added meds.

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  4. sunshine54

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    for Sheila and Kim hoping there are others who have had spinal surgery.

  5. ckzim

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    And feeling the neck anyway.
    I had the fusion on C2-5? I was 4 of them anyway, which I'm told is rare to have done, but I too have DD and spurs all up and down the spine.

    I strongly recommed this to anyone who has really did make a difference.
    The only thing is...doctors here in Mi, won't operate, until it's absoultley necessary.

    In my case, the doctor said, that if I were ever in just a mild fender bender, I would end up paralized! So I didn't have to think twice about the surgery.
    Recovery wasn't that bad...a neck brace for 6 weeks...some mild excerises, and I was good to go.

    I then had the shoulder replacement, 6 weeks that one...I don't recommed for anyone! Oh what a horrible recovery process, especially with Fibro!
    Hope this helps!


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