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    I just received a letter from my Dr. where he tells me I have macrocytosis. Does anybody out there can tell me what exactly it is?
    He wants me to have more blood work and make and appointment to see him, meanwhile I am chewing my nails down to my elbows! I have NO idea what macrocytosis is.... Thanks a million!
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    It is an enlargement of the red blood cells. Low thyriod, liver problems and lack of b-12 can cause it.
    Sorry I don't know more.
    I'm sure someone here does, I think it was mentioned before.
    You can google it and get lots of info.
    Take care.
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    so someone else can help you out.:)
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    I have macrocystosis too. I've searched for information about it, but there does not seem to be much information available.

    The puzzling part is that it is typically associated with a vitamin b12 deficiency. My B12 level (without b12 injections, supplements or viatmins of any sort) is 100x the normal level. Nor do I have pernicious anemia which is also associated with macrocystosis. The only other explanation is heavy drinking, which is hard to believe whena bottle of wine or a six pack of beer lasts about a year in my house.

    Another thing that can cause it is premature release of red blood cells caused by intense exercise or extended periods of exercise.

    I believe Tansy and some others have or have had macrocycstosis as well.

    In my case none of my doctors has seemed particularly concerned about it. But after I don't know how many tests they probably determined that it was nothing to be worried about.

    My Doctor left town, so I'll be trying to find a new one. I'll see if this one thinks its anything.