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    Does anyone else here watch Mad Men? I can't express how much I LOVE this show! I need someone to discuss it with!

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    It's not a surprise to see that you like Mad Men, too, 4everkid!

    I usually tape Sunday night's episode and watch it sometime during the week. I can't wait to see last night's episode.

    I don't know anyone else who watches Mad Men, so I haven't discussed it with anyone. Funny, because I think it's a great show. I've watched it since the beginning.

    I love watching how things were back then. Everyone drinking and smoking all the time--even the pregnant women. What a different mentality about so many things. It's funny that it wasn't really that long ago. What is it, 1962 now? I think it was maybe 1959 when they started, then they jumped a few years at the beginning of this season.

    Let's discuss kid!

    I'll be off and on the boards all week. It's been hard for me to post the past few months (work, kids, FM, life....) you know the scene....
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    I am so glad to find someone to discuss with. I don't know anyone personally who watches it. But I believe it won the Golden Globe for Best Drama and Best Lead Actor. Not hard to believe at all. Don's character is amazing. He has a lot of flaws, but yet is a very likable character. And hot too!

    Last weeks show was great. That picnic scene really made me cringe. When Don Draper stood up and hurled his beer can off into the wind without a care in the world. Then sweet little prim and proper Betty shakes the trash off the picnic blanket, folds it neatly and turns and walks back to the car. Garbage out of sight - out of mind. Shocking but true! People really were like that back then.
    Loved the whole thing with the new Caddy. No sticky fingers or Silly Putty in the new Caddy! Then Betty breaks it in good for him in the final scene. He deserved that!

    Can't wait for you to watch this weeks episode. They covered a lot of territory. We got to see a bit of Joan's life at home. And Betty.... she was really somethin this week! It was an excellent episode!
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    I am so far behind on watching tapes it isn't funny!

    I have the biggest pile ever. I behind by two, possibly three episodes of Mad Men and Desperate HW. I haven't even seen one episode of Heroes yet this season!

    I did see the episode of MM with Joan at home. I loved it, but now I can't remember what all happened! Arrghh.

    I do remember thinking Joan was almost like a waitress at home with her Dr. fiance. She just waited on him hand and foot. She is so confident in the office and almost mousey at home.

    I can't remember if it was this episode or the next one with the guy who peed his pants (Freddie?). I felt so bad for him. And then they take him out on the town to get hammered when they actually fired him for drinking too much!

    Thanks for telling me about "Don Draper" being on SNL on Oct 25. Now I just need to remember to tape it. One more tape to watch. I heard Sarah Palin is going to be on that episode of SNL, too.

    I can't believe the end of MM is Oct 26. That's too soon!
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    I can't wait to see what they do tonight! It's too soon for a season finale, though. Waaah.

    I finally caught up on watching Mad Men. Wow.

    I knew I didn't like Joan's Dr. fiance before, but NOW! He's a rapist! I wonder if it will make her not marry him. What a creep. She's so gorgeous and such a bombshell. Her getting on "top" really threatened him. What a weenie (so to speak).

    It's odd to see how people thought of adoption back in the early 60's. Pete is acting like it's something to be ashamed about. And his mother said she'd cut him out of her will if he adopted a baby! Maybe Pete could adopt his own baby! I wonder if/when he will find out about Peggy's baby.

    Wasn't that a riot when Betty caught her daughter smoking and she yelled at her that she could burn down the house! Holy cow!

    Don. What a life. He really is just too handsome to look at. It is strange to hear him called "Dick" by the "real" Mrs. Draper (can't remember her first name). I wonder why she has a bum leg. Polio maybe? I wonder why Dick never made a play for her. He's bedded just about every other woman!

    The whole hippie/bohemian scene was weird. People just going from rich house to rich house and living for the moment. It was creepy to have Don in bed with that young girl and then have her Papa walk in.

    Young girls seem to be a theme, too. Roger and his young thing. Sheesh.

    Did you catch the board meeting with "Alice Cooper" (the old lady). I loved that. I really loved the line when Roger said he didn't know whose eyes to look at. I just bust out laughing. I had to rewind it to show my husband. I told him to look at her fox wrap. There were at least two fox heads around her neck with little beady eyes. Funny. Those wraps have definitely gone OUT of favor these days.

    Peggy. I'm not sure what I think of her. I'm glad she's climbing up the corporate ladder and making a name for herself, but her personality is pretty quirky. I think her and Pete make a good pair. They definitely connect. Pete just says whatever is on his mind around her, and so does she. (I've been re-watching the TV series Angel and can't look at Pete without seeing Conner!)

    Loved the popsicle campaign. Made me want to go buy some root beer popsicles! Or banana. Mmmm.I don't even know if you can buy them that way anymore. I think they are all single pops now. I liked breaking them in half. I liked eating that broken edge.

    What do you think about that ending with Don in the ocean? Was Don trying to wash away his sins? It was almost like a baptismal scene.

    Ok, I've babbled enough for now. I know there is more to cover, but my kids want the IS their turn, dang it).

    Hope to hear from you 4everkid.....or any other Mad Men fans!!
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    Wow, another excellent, but tiny, season over. Maybe now that Mad Men won the award for best tv drama, they will put together a full season.

    Since I don't know if you watched the finale yet, I will avoid discussing it.

    Yeah, I agree that the scene with Don in the ocean was like a personal baptism, and a ritual washing away of his past sins. Throughout that whole episode with the CA bohemian jet setters, he was constantly reminded of his family. The girl in the bar who looked like Betty... Joy's brothers kids who looked like his own kids, etc. Plus, Joy seemed very similar to Betty - same babyface, same baby voice. He was trying to find himself and trying to escape, but it just showed him how much he missed his family.

    There was more religious imagery in the Popsicle artwork that Peggy presented. The mom, holding her arms out with the Popsicle halves to the children was identical to the Virgin Mary stance. One of the men said, "she reminds me of someone." Great subliminal ad work! That Peggy is good!

    Interesting seeing into Joan's life. At work, she is in charge, and well respected. At home, she is just the opposite. Her fiance is a handsome Doctor, and that's all anyone else can see. But he's a control freak and now a rapist. Sadly, back then, it wouldn't occur to anyone to call this rape. I hope she pulls it together and dumps the guy, because otherwise, her life with him will only get worse.

    The whole thing with Pete/Trudy and the adoption is very complex. I think he was raised by his rich elite parents to believe that adoption is like settling for someone else's rejected child. Pete's is such a prideful SOB, that he wants his own child. But for whatever reasons, he should not be forced into adoption by his wife or her parents. That's wrong too. He has to WANT to adopt.

    I couldn't believe that scene where Betty caught little Sally smoking. Betty is worried about the house! What about her child's tiny lungs? Then she goes from locking her in a closet to getting off with no punishment.

    I also wondered if Don's other wife (Anna) had polio. Seems right for the time.

    I am intrigued by Peggy. At first I didn't understand why all the focus on her. But with learning more about her, she has really grown on me. We are really watching her climb the corporate ladder from the ground up. She seems to lack any emotion, which should get her far in this world. Or maybe she just keeps her emotions bottled up. I loved that she was the only one with enough balls to ask for the office - and got it. I love how Joan sits outside her office, after the way she looked down on Peggy in the beginning. The perfect twist would be for Joan to eventually become Peggy's secretary.

    Did you catch John Hamm (Don Draper) on SNL last Saturday? (He was the ONLY funny thing on that show) They did a Mad Men skit, that both the real Roger and Peggy were in too. The best skit IMO was Don Drapers Guide to Picking up Women - in 4 easy steps:

    Gawd I love that horrible man! He is a terrible husband. But I love him anyway. He is just so darn handsome and charismatic!

    Now we have to wait NINE months for season 3! I hate these short seasons! It feels like it just got going.

    Let me know when you have watched the finale.
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    I watched it, so let's discuss!

    I won't be able to post today (too much going on at work), but I'll post when I can. But I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    GREAT observation about the Popsicle imagery being like the Virgin Mary! I completely missed that. I was just like the Popsicle guy--hey, that looks kind of familiar....hmmmm. Doh! Very good pickup, kid! You're right, Peggy IS good!

    One quick thing I'll say about the finale is that I was kind of disappointed. It wasn't one of the more dynamic episodes. Tell me what you think!!!

    Oh yeah, one more quick thing...I taped SNL, but haven't watched it yet. Soooo glad you told me about that. Can't wait to see it! I'll check your link after I've seen it. Sounds funny!
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    What channel is this on, sounds interesting. I am assuming it is on Sunday night. Let me know.

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    Fibromickster - Unfortunately, last Sunday was the season 2 finale. It will start again next summer. But you can rent Season 1 on DVD (4 discs total). It may be a while before season 2 is released. The season 1 DVD was released in July.

    TwinMa - I agree, the finale was not one of the better eps, but it did have some powerful moments.

    With the Cuban Missile crisis looming, everyone thinks they are going to die. That put a cloud of doom over everything that took place.

    Betty finds out she's pregnant and immediately goes riding (against Dr's orders.) Then she goes to a bar and smokes, drinks, and gets laid. I get the feeling she was trying to jeopardize the pregnancy. Ironically, now Don is the one "home" with the kids, watching Leave it to Beaver while Betty is off being unfaithful. He's writing her a love letter while she is having sex with a stranger in the back room of a bar. I guess she felt like she was getting even somehow.

    Trudy explains to Pete that she is going into hiding from the bombs, and if Pete loves her he will want to be with her. He tells her she's right, then kisses her goodbye.

    Later he goes to Peggy and confesses that he loves her. Wow, I didn't expect that! Very un-Pete-like. Peggy, showing no emotion at all, announces that she could have had him if she wanted him. She could have shamed him into being with her - but she didn't. Then she drops her own bomb, that he got her pregnant, and she gave the baby away. Then she says "Well, one day you're there and then all of a sudden there's less of you and you wonder where that part went, if it's living somewhere outside of you and you keep thinking maybe you'll get it back and then you realize it's just gone." By now they are both in tears. VERY powerful scene!

    So Pete chose the woman he didn't love, who couldn't have children, over the woman he did love who had his child and didn't want it. Makes you wonder if things could have been different. Pete had his "fling" with Peggy right before his wedding to Trudy. He didn't grow to love and respect her till later. Back in 1960, an unmarried woman with a child was very looked down upon. She was so young and innocent, and just starting a career. And Pete was a total jerk to her. In that time setting her budding career would have been over if she had kept the child.

    The ending was very dark. Betty takes Don back and announces that she's pregnant. They just sit there in silence. Their marriage is in shambles, and they think the world is about to end... fade to black. Really not the best time to share what should be joyous news.

    It will be interesting to see if they jump another few years next season. They are coming close to a point when the world is about to change drastically. I am just thrilled this show is a huge success, and I don't have to spend all year wondering if it will get picked up for season 3.

    I read an article in the Sunday paper about how Mad Men has become like Moby Dick. Not everyone has read Moby Dick, but everyone is familiar enough with it to discuss it. Mad Men doesn't have the huge viewership numbers yet, but everyone is hearing a lot about it. I imagine that a lot of people will be catching up on DVD and joining in next season.

    I was telling my 21 year old daughter about the picnic scene a while back. The scene where Don tosses his can off down the hill in the countryside, and Betty shakes all the litter off the picnic blanket and walks away... and how realistic it was for the times, but how cringe worthy it seemed now.

    My daughter managed to use that info to fake being a Mad Men fan with a customer who came in where she works. The customer was discussing the show, and my daughter chimes in with "I love Mad Men! Remember the picnic scene?..... ", then recounts what I told her. The woman said "Yes! What about the scene where bal bla bla...?" My daughter replied, "Oh yeah, that was great!" She managed to carry on a full conversation with tidbits she had picked up about Don Drapers hotness, cone bras, how everyone smokes constantly everywhere, and more. The poor woman never had a clue that my kid had never seen a single episode.

    The whole thing just cracked me up!
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    What channel is it on? I'd like to watch it. It sounds like great show! What time does it come on? I have direct tv, so I don't know if I get the same channels you do. I hope so!

  11. 4everkid

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    Mad Men = a play on words meaning Ad men of Madison Avenue

    It's on AMC... one of the more basic cable channels. Usually an old movie type channel. The first 2 seasons began in late July and went 13 episodes. The season 2 finale was last Sunday. You can watch the first season on DVD, and the second season whenever it comes out, in time for next season.

    It is a great show... very unique and authentic. I was born in 58, so I get a kick out of seeing again how life was back in the early 60's, from an adult perspective. This show is as close as it gets to being there. It is amazing to see just how much things have changed since then. The sexism, the racism... and no one dared admit to being gay! Everyone smoked constantly and drank cocktails all day at work. The men had affairs while their Suzie Homemaker wives stayed home and raised kids.

    There is a lot of attention to detail. Every single prop and piece of decor is dated to the times - right down to the ball point pens. The clothing and hairstyles are very authentic. As the show progresses, you come to learn more about each of the characters - their secrets, their personal lives and what makes them the way they are. Actual news events provide a backdrop to the storylines. You see things like Kennedy footage, or news of Marilyn Monroe's death playing on their tv's, and how these events affected them. Even the advertising stuff is interesting.

    Here's the AMC official site:

    and Wikipedia's Mad Men page:

    Unfortunately, the episodes don't seem to be available to watch online. But you can rent season 1 now.

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    It will be interesting to see if Weiner actually explains the 'real' past life of Don; the wife, kids?, brother...I read Hamm is looking at so many other offers, the future of the series may be in jeopardy, none of them have contracts at the moment, and be sure after those awards, he'll be asking for alot of $$. He's breath taking to look at and a great actor, very subtle when he needs to be. He was dubbed the 'new George Clooney,' Clooney is a clown compared to Hamm.

    Joan will marry the Dr.--in that era, you gulped hard and it was understood you kept this kind of laundry quiet...afterall, she's marrying a doctor, what a coup (think the office 'girls'). Dont you recall how utterly devastated she was by Roger, who even asked her for a final tumble when she told him she was getting married--she wants 'legitimacy' and if it means being raped by her husband to be it. didnt you watch her face afterwards, how she smoothed out her dress, staring blankly while comprehending what a monster she was going to live with? These actors, all of them, are an incredible ensemble.

    Peggy gives me the creeps...I think the priest who shadows her, saying he was sent to the parish to 'save' her specifically, is going to have a real melt down or try to rape her.

    this 'season' seemed weirdly short
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    For those of you who haven't seen Mad Men, get ahold of it and watch it! It's great! It's on AMC. Keep an eye on the TV schedule. I bet AMC will be running re-runs.

    4everkid & Didoe - good comments!

    kid - That is really funny about your daughter "faking" her way through Mad Men! It's such a relatable show to those of in our 40's & 50's & up. I remember much of what they show (I was born in '56). I agree about the whole picnic scene making you cringe. I remember going on road trips every summer from Wis to Miss. We'd always see people throwing trash out of their cars. I hated it even then. I was glad when the big campaign came out for "Don't be a Litterbug".

    Didoe - I totally agree that Hamm is much better than Clooney. Much more subtle. It's kind of funny, but I think he's absolutely gorgeous when he is serious, but he looks a little goofy when he's smiling. I'm thinking particularly of when he was telling Anna about how he had met a girl (Betty) and was in love. Anna called it the Lavender Haze, I think. He kind of looked like a goofball (if that's possible!).

    I agree that Joan will probably marry the doctor. That's what you did in those days. Did you see how when the rape was taking place, she just looked over at a vase or something on the coffee table. She just completely detached herself from the moment.

    It was clear that Betty was trying to "lose" the baby. Riding horses, drinking, smoking, screwing around. Sheesh. Although the drinking and smoking during pregnancy weren't frowned upon in those days.

    When Betty was about to drop the bomb on Don, I wasn't sure if she was going to confess that she'd "slept" with someone or tell him about being pregnant. She left such a pregnant pause (so to speak, lol). Then Don's face completely changed when she said she was pregnant. His forehead grew about an inch. Nothing was said, but you could tell so much was going through each of their minds. Then when he gently took her hand on the table, I was very moved. It was such a subtle gesture, but it was saying, "We'll get through this".

    Peggy & the Priest. Interesting speculation, Didoe. Something is definitely brewing there.

    Here's a little trivia I dug up. It gives a perspective on when the show is taking place.

    Marilyn Monroe died on Aug 5, 1962
    Cuban Missile Crisis was from 10-8-1962 until 10-28-1962. Kennedy's key warning speech about the crisis was on 10-22-62.

    I think it was brilliant how they skipped ahead a few years at the beginning of this season. Very clever.

    I can't believe it's going to be 9 months before the next season! Where do you find out this stuff, kid?
  14. Didoe

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    Twinma, we;re going to torture ourselves thinking until the next season, if there is one.
    I would like to politely disagree with you on Don taking Betty's hand in a gesture of 'we'll get thru this.' That's a bit too sweet and sentimental for this series...every character, if you go thru each one separately, is very focused on their own self interests, plowing thru other people lives without much concern who gets side swiped as they grab what they want. This was a brutal time for women. The series exaggerates characters only to sharpen them, not to distort them. This was my mother's era and I was born early 50s. Women were essentially worth their cosmetic beauty to a man, family or professionally, a woman's beauty also signified a man's worth. My father was 30 yrs older than my mother and quite homely--think Onassis--and he was very rich. My mother was modeling when he met her and I'll say no more, excepthis heart was broken many times as he aged and watched her slip thru his fingers.

    I can empathize with Don's character, actually more than Betty. they're a classic mismatch; he thought he married up, she thought she got a diamond in the rough and could just polish him up a bit.. Dont forget Don comes from what's hinted to be an abusive or abandoned family; I dont recall if the story of his background was more detailed, if so I missed the details, if anyone knows specifics please share..
    Don is someone who doesnt want to be abandoned, again. He can betray Betty over and over, but the 'boy' that he is, doesnt think of it as betrayals...he's finding 'love' and being affirmed each time a woman beds him...I think the women in the series feel his boyness and vulnerability which, aside from his beauty, is what draws women to nuture and want to 'heal' him.
    Betty is completely removed from her own kids...I would use the term abandoned there also.
    As I'm writing I cant recall the name of the woman who was promoted to copywriter; but she too abandoned her newborn; her lover abandons her, then emotionally and physically abandons the woman he did marry for business reasons and be sure if he found himself 'reunited' with the first one, he'd eventually ditch her as well.

    There are no happy endings will be a matter of who's left standing at the end of the war and to the victor will be nothing much but some hindsight and emptiness.. the pleasure in such misery is in watching such accurate and brillantly drawn characters who DO listen, respond to one another and Phil Abraham, the cinematographer is about the best in the business. He was also cameraman for The Sopranos...I dont think it gets much better than these two incredible series, both by same writer, same cinematographer.
  15. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Betty is delighting in her rediscovered ability to be a whore, as well as Don's Madonna figure.

    Now that she's measured herself in another man's eyes and arms, its revived her and I think it would be out of character for her to drop the "I cheated on you" bomb for revenge...its like wasting the 'get out of jail' card--she'll savor the fact privately until she finds a really good way to slam Don with it.

    And when she does and finally pushes him too far, in her quest to keep testing his 'love', she really will lose him. No matter what Don does, he needs to know his family is sacred ground, and his alone, that includes his wife.

  16. 4everkid

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    Didoe, I am happy to see that we have another fan to chat with!

    John Hamm can NOT leave Mad Men! The season is so short, (3 months) he has plenty of time to pursue other roles. I can't imagine him wanting to leave with MadMen being the rocket that shot him to fame. What role could possibly be better than this one? I hope they pay him well!

    John Hamm is also in the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", coming out in December, I think. Keanu Reeves plays the lead role of Klaatu. Keanu (another man-beauty) should be perfect in the role of emotionless alien - with the acting skills he possesses... or lacks.

    George Clooney only wishes he was half as amazing as Don Draper.

    I think Joan will marry Dr Rape too. What we define as "rape" now, is more like "duty" then. It's sad. She's far too good for him, and he has no concept of what a strong and confident woman she is in her work life. In the scenes with them at home a few weeks ago, she was another person all together. She even talked in a baby-like voice in his presence. She is nothing but arm candy to him. He wants her home eating bon bons all day. They will come off as the perfect supercouple to their friends, but Joan is in for nothing but misery with him. But I have a feeling she will put up with it and never confide in a soul. She's basically desk candy at the office, but at least they respect her there.

    You said that you empathize with Don over Betty. Interesting you mention that. In the episode "Three Sundays" I found myself seeing through his eyes in a situation where I would be more likely to relate to Betty. This is the one where they were all working overtime to get ready for the big American Airlines presentation. Don was highly stressed, overworked, and had a million things going on in his life. They find out in advance that the deal fell through, but have to make the presentation anyway. After this horrible day at work, Don comes home to be greeted by Betty, who had a rough day with the kids. Bobby knocks a drink over with his robot, and all hell breaks loose. Bettys freaking out, expecting Don to discipline him, and he throws the robot at the wall, crashing it to bits. It only got uglier from there.

    When I was home raising 3 kids, there were plenty of times I greeted my dear husband with similar expectations. But watching this episode, made me see the other side... really feel it from the mans point of view.

    Betty sucks at motherhood though. Yeah, she says all the right things. She teaches team how to behave properly, and plays the part of a mother. But it's no better a job than what a robot could do. She is emotionally absent. She sits there smoking her cigarette, drinking her wine, and gives motherly directions. But there seems to be no love there. She is empty and unhappy, and January Jones does an excellent job of portraying this complex character.

    I like Peggy, but the priest gives me the creeps! Isn't he breaking some kind of oath in coming to Peggy and trying to influence her based on what another church member said in confession? I know he feels he must save her miserable, child-abandoning soul, but still, he seems to have crossed a line.

    TwinMa - That goofy "lavender haze" WAS truly goofy! Yet another layer to this multifaceted guy... the smitten and infatuated side of Draper.

    I agree with your take on the final scene - the "we'll get through this" hand touch. I think what he has been through has changed him... at least for now. He has always seemed to have a level of guilt over his adulterous behavior. But now he has seen the extreme side of the lifestyle he has been toying with all along. The bizarre group of rich bohemians in California, where no one works, and they lounge around drinking and making out all day. He doesn't fit in there. He is the square peg in the surrealistic, Dali shaped hole. His visit there ends shortly after he sees the young man and his children, who is going through a hairy custody battle. If he continues on this path, he will become that man. I think the whole trip to CA just reminded him of what he had and was about to lose.

    Didoe, I also agree that everyone is totally self centered. But underneath Dons lousy behavior, I think he really does love Betty, and wants to get back to that lavender haze place in their relationship. And he wants a loving family, but doesn't feel he deserves it. He is so wracked with guilt over stealing the real Don Drapers identity, that he sabotages his own happiness... destroying his perfect marriage by cheating all the time. Going to visit Anna Draper was like going back to the start line. A quiet, relaxing place to reflect on his past and gather his thoughts. Then a quick dip in the ocean to wash away his sins, before he begins anew.

    TwinMa - I assume season 3 will begin in July because the first 2 seasons did. I don't know for sure though.

    Great discussion ladies! I am so happy to have someone to discuss this show with (who unlike my daughter, has actually watched it). YOu both have amazing insight into the characters and themes, and I couldn't have found better Mad Men chat buddies! Now that we really get going, the season is over!
  17. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    it's only 8:30am sunday and while having tea it hit me...No MADMEN tonight!!! (some approrpiate violin music please as we considerr....)

    Months without seeing Jon Hamm puzzled, torn, distracted, unshaven, edible, kissable.....fuming at coworker's stupidity and cowardice...

    Months thinking of beautiful and strong Joan, and how she's being robbed of life, by the jerk she's going to marry to 'have a life'

    Does Betty continue having affairs? Is Betty's pregnancy really Don's baby?

    Does Pete 'crack', does he demand to see/have his child?
    How far does the priest go...or does he suddenly resign from the parish or the priesthood!!? or worse...

    Now that the agency is sold and 'Camelot' is crumbling...what is Don going to do? Stay home? work elsewhere? Start his own firm?

    Don's kids are an emotional mess, no boundary lines WHATSOEVER--what's going to happen with daughter, she seems too ripe for the picking, the boy too bottled up with rage.

    Throw some ideas on the WALL, add your idea on story lines, what direction is the series going? IS it going...will Don leave us all for saner, healthier women? Isnt that usually the case??:)
  18. 4everkid

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    I can definitely see problems ahead for little Sally. She knows far too much about mixing drinks for a child. Let's see.... after a day at the office with Dad, she passes out drunk and has to be carried out. Don didn't have a clue the kid was mixing her own kiddie cocktails. Then Sally lights up a smoke in the bathroom. Betty throws out some idle punishments...takes her Barbie and tv privileges. No explanation. No talk of the dangers of smoking. Betty is more concerned she will burn down Camelot, than for the health of her child, or the reason for her behavior.

    Bobby is lacking love and attention. The only attention he gets is negative. He doesn't have a skill or talent yet, to perform for guests like his sister. So he throws things, breaks things, & causes general mischief to get noticed.

    Where will these kids be in the late 60's? Acid dropping hippies? Will Bobby & Sally "Turn on, tune in, and drop out?" If so, will their parents notice?

    What about little Glen, the love-struck neighbor boy? Last time we saw him, he was lurking in the playhouse lusting after Betty. What does she do? She lets him in, puts Don's clothes on him and watches cartoons with him. I don't know which is worse, Glens creepy behavior, or Betty's way of leading him on. Then, once she gets him all comfortable and feeling secure, she rats him out, causing him to spew hatred for her. Glen has so much emotional baggage, I fear he will end up a rapist or serial killer. Look out Betty!
  19. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Despite what moderators are telling us, somehow I and others are on our own "Ignore" list. I cant see any of my own posts--How's that for the ultimate slap in da face? So basically once I've posted, I dont know what I said.

    I forgot about Glen...that was an episode out of the twilight zone for me... Betty really has some messed up issues about sex (like I dont) its Glen, the stable guy (complicated) the cocktail bar guy...she was smart enough not to dabble with Don's work colleagues.

    THE HAZARDS OF SMOKING? This was the Fifties!!! You smoked FOR better health, it was a social tonic! Morning coffee and cigarette, evening cocktails and cigarettes, after sex cigarettes, after meal cigarettes, no occasion was complete without a cigarrette, girl you clearly didtn smoke. My father was a 5 pack a day man until his late 80s, and without filters.
    I quit 2 months ago after 40 years of smoking...and I watched the characters lighting up, making that social contract of putting the open pack forward...the ritual of lighting a woman's cigarette as she leans closer, hand cupping his was the foreplay of foreplay.
    I didnt even quit for the right reasons... a pack costs $8.75 in NYC and will probably go up again very soon.
  20. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I just typed a GIANT response to you guys and when I hit "Submit" it vanished. Grrrrr. I hate it when that happens!

    I will try to recreate it sometime today (this time in Word first!). Gee-I had some good stuff, too!