Made a dental appointment & I'm scared stiff! (& a question)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. lease79

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    Well I finally got the courage to make a dental appointment for Tuesday next week. My jaw, face & eye on the right side hurt so bad & have done on & off for over a week.
    I don't think that I have a tooth in my head that isn't cracked or broken, or has a hole in it :( I need at least 4 extractions to start with.
    I know the extent of the work that needs to be done & this really scares me. I mean a year ago I wouldn't even leave the house because of the panic attacks, so the thought of going to the dental surgery is REALLY freaking me out.
    Just dialing the number had me in a sweat.
    They (dentist) have decided to do the work an hour after I have taken valium. I think about 10mgs. So here's my question. How many others here have had dental work done under valium? Did it make make you less anxious? How did you tolerate the valium?
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated ;)

  2. darlamk

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    I know what it is to fear dentists. I still remember going with my brother when he was so frightened. Does your dentist use nitrous gas too? My hubby loves that stuff! That would really be helpful along with the valium - maybe you should talk to your medical dr to see if he could order something stronger like Ativan perhaps? Be sure to have a driver along for your safety too.Good luck and hang in there!
    PS: Your baby is so sweet in your picture! I bet he gets lots of attentions from his brothers & sisters too!
  3. Hinemoa

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    I have taken 10mgs of valium before procedures like broncoscopies because I have such a rotten time with anesthetics that I prefer to do without whenever I can.

    I was very relaxed during the procedures and there was a minimum of discomfort. Of course you will receive painkillers but that little bit of valium should be enough to relieve your initial anxiety and help you relax.

    Dental appointments are not something that any of us look forward to but you are having an enormous amount of pain and you will find that it is a relief just to be going and finally getting help.

    It takes a lot of courage to gather your skirts around you and go; I'll be thinking of you,



    P.S. I just checked your profile. You are such a lovely young women, getting your teeth fixed will be a huge boost for you. I know Panic Attacks and I understand the terror that can come with just a simple visit to the store, let alone a trip to the dentist but the pain will only get worse if you don't and infection could invade your jaws.

    You are doing the right thing!

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  4. lease79

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    I am sure that the valium will help me calm down. I just can't imagine being calm for dental surgery in any way!
    LOL sandra, I haven't made it there yet. But seriously I know that I can't back down, it has got to be done.

  5. rockyjs

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    I can sure sympathize with you. I'm in the middle of some major tooth stuff, too. One thing that really helped me was having them use carbocaine (marcaine) with no epinephrine instead of lidocaine or the other more commonly used anesthetics. The epinephrine will make your heart race and give you the sensation of a panic attack. Carbocaine didn't affect me a bit and I have all kinds of allergic reactions to drugs and medications. I have a "paradoxical response" to Valium so it increases my pulse and I feel pretty wired. Maybe your doctor or dentist could do a small test dose ahead of time just to be sure. Most people have no problem with it and it does really help with anxiety. Just make sure you have someone to drive you there and home.

    Because of a couple of unpleasant dental experiences in the past I have a tough time getting up the nerve to go to an appointment. I read a book about EMDR therapy a while back and decided to try it on myself (I know, you're supposed to use a trained therapist but I was desperate). It worked incredibly well to take away the anxiety and when I went in for an extraction I kept sitting there in the chair thinking, "Okay, when am I going to get nervous?" I never would have believed it could be so effective if I hadn't used it myself. You may be able to find someone in your area - it really does help. Here are a couple of sites that explain it:
  6. jadibeler

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    you may have an abcess brewing. That's what happened to me. I was blaming it all on my sinuses, the pressure, pain, couldn't breathe. The pain would start in my sinuses and progress down into my top back teeth, even to the eustasian tube and down the side of my throat. I just kept popping sinus pills and the pain would go away.

    However, over the weekend I couldn't deny it any longer. I definately have an abcessed tooth. Had to resort to Lortab yesterday. I'm not afraid of the dentist, I just can't afford one! But I had to go and he said exactly what I feared - the roots of those teeth extend into my sinuses and must be surgically removed. The cost, not the experience, has me terrified!

    I'm on antibiotics now (yuck) and have to call to make an appt. with the oral surgeon. I've seen posts here relating to dental work and they sound like it can be a problem for us with FM. So I'm going to dig them up and do some research.

  7. baybe

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    I found a dentist that understands fibro and teeth. I had spent over $5,000 and had root canals and extractions, along with a partial that never fit. Then I found a dentist that mapped everything out for me, he also understood the electrical stimulus in my teeth that always makes the metal instruments zap my teeth. He ended up taking out all my old amalgam fillings, replacing them and he is making me a new partial. I have spread it out over 3 years so I can take advantage of my insurance that has a $1,000 maximum a year since I spent so much on the dentist that didn't understand alot of the pain was related to my fibro and not cavities. I take a xanax before hand, but my dentist gives me plenty of novacaine which works for me and is very patient. There is one medication I take that negates the efficiency of the novacaine and it's a common one, but now I am fogging. My trust in this dentist helps, also I try to meditate or focus on something out the window or something so that I am not thinking of the procedure, that seems to help me. Good luck, I am so glad I found this dentist, if you don't feel comfortable with the one you go to just end the visit and find one that understands, you are in charge, you will know as soon as you meet her/him
  8. Dara

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    to go to the dentist. There are two things that have helped me, now I don't mind one bit and believe me I have had lots and lots of dental work done. I don't have one tooth in my mouth that either doesn't have a root canal, a crown, or part of a bridge.

    First of all I finally found a dentist who is very gentle and understanding. He goes slow and doesn't act impatient with me like the other one I had did. Whenever I even change my facial expression he stops to make sure I'm OK. I really didn't know there were any nice dentists out there until I finally was fortunate enough to find him.

    I started taking a Xanax before each appointment and it really helped. I've never taken Valium but I'm sure it will probably do the same for you. Also, some dentists have their rooms set up where you can watch a movie while they're working on you or listen to music through headphones. That might help you also.

    I also have panic/anxiety attacks. I really have gotten so much better, in fact I hardly ever have them anymore. What helped me was the Xanax. When I first started taking it I needed it to stop the panic/anxiety attacks. By my taking it, it gave me the confidence I needed and now I find that I hardly ever even take one. However, I still do take one or a half of a one before the dentist.

    Good luck to you and know that you are not alone. Once you go it will not only help you health wise to get rid of the infection but by going it'll boost your confidence that you were able to go and hopefully that will help with the anxiety attacks in the future.

  9. shazz

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    I also have to take 10 mgs valium just to get me in the door, and then when I am in there, they get the nitrous oxide on me quickly and turn it up pretty quickly too, until it is at maximum allowed.
    Trust me, if you do this, you won't give a hoot what is going on in your mouth. Nitrous is wonderful stuff, it takes you far away from that dentist chair. I am terrified of the dentist, don't know why, but I always have been.
    I would call ahead and let them know you are REALLY scared, tell them to be prepared to get you right in, even on 10 mgs of valium I sober up pretty quickly the minute I walk through the door, so they know when I am coming NOT to leave me in that waiting room or I may find the exit door.
    Also tell them as soon as they sit you in that chair to start the gas, and if you aren't feeling it, tell them to turn it up. I have them trained well. : )
    Good luck, and you will be fine, if I can do it anyone can.


  10. lease79

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    I took Ethan in to get checked out, as he has just gotten over bronchiolitis & has come down with a cough & temperature again.
    So I rang the local surgery & asked if I could have a double appointment for me & him,& they said NO they were all booked out except for one single appointment.
    Ethan is more important than me, so I took him.
    Anyways, after the dr had checked out Ethan, he asked how I was, to which I replied that I was feeling really sick because I think I have an abcess.
    He says "Would you like some pain meds for that?" YES PLEASE! LOL
    Then he says, I think that you should be on some Antibiotics too. YAAAAAAAY, so the staff wouldn't give me an appointment, but he saw me anyways. GREAT GUY!

  11. libra55

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    I am having all my amalgams removed and having crowns put in. It will take a long time but I am committed to getting it done. I take a 1mg tablet of Lorazepam (Ativan) before I go for a dental appointment. This works for me.

    A pat on the back to you for having the courage to go. I can relate; I put off going for almost 5 years due to panic attacks. Once you have gotten back the routine of going you will feel better.

    Best to you,
  12. lease79

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    Your replies mean alot to me :)
    I am deffinately going to contact the surgery before I go to let them know that I am on my way & to have the nitrous ready ;)
    I will let you all know how my experience went after I'vce had it done ;)