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    never been to one whats the visit like thanx valerie
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    I'm not one to answer this one~sorry. i've never been to one although I am suppose to get a referral as soon as my Dr. gets off her bum! I'm interested as well~
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    When I was referred to pain management clinics I requested to go to one that did not just hand out more pain meds. Well, you guessed it. The first one I went to handed me a questionnaire of 25 pages. Took me 1 1/2 hours to fill out. Then I sat in the waiting room for another hour. Then to the exam room to wait for another 30 minutes. A nurse came in to take my Blood Pressure. Finally the doctor came in, looked my questionnaire over in 15 seconds. Handed me a RX for a new pain med and said make an appointment in so many weeks. Needless to say I did not go back. The second one did just about the same thing but took less time. I do not know if the pain clinics in my area (Twin Cities in MN) are all like these or if I was just lucky! Hope you have better luck. At the time I was going I really wanted to try acupuncture and I was told these clinic could do that.
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    Pain management is an awkward predicament to be in IF you are NEW to such an option....PLZ research & make sure that this is for YOU....many years of intolerable pain & excrutiating experiences taught me this long after the fact...I didn't know any better...I believed these options were all I had with every intent of helping me find pain relief eventually...THIS IS NOT TRUE! Many pain management clinics are overseen by Anesthesiologists(primarily)...PLEASE be cautious, pain management is NOT for everyone! In fact, I believe on a personal viewpoint after over 25+ years of struggling...pain management is merely a place for physicians to send repetitive patients to when such physicians either have no time or patience for OR solution for ...and a VERY expensive alternative for people who do not yet realize that they may indeed simply need to seek out & find other medical advice!
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    i will check it out if i dont like i dont go back val