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    This is my rant about JC Penney. I wrote this letter to the editor of our local paper today but wasn't through informing the world so here it is for all of you, too!

    Thanks for listening to me get this off my chest!


    I thought about writing this letter several weeks ago, but then let the time slip away and forgot about it. Then I received another JC Penney sales catalog. Now I know there is no longer a Penneys in Yakima, but there is one in Sunnyside and I’m sure there are a lot of catalog and on-line Penneys shoppers in the area.

    Penney’s new marketing campaign is “American Living”. The logo includes an American flag and an eagle superimposed over the words American Living, with Quality Brand in smaller letters under the flag and eagle. However, all the products in this line are imported! I emailed Penneys and the response was that this is a “concept” meant to represent the American way of life.

    Well, I feel American made products should represent the “American way of life”. I know it’s harder and harder to find products that are made in America, but to represent a line of imported products as “American Living” is simply wrong. Please think about this the next time you hit the website or pick up a Penney’s catalog.

    The latest catalog calls this “a new tradition in American style.” I’m afraid it is.
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    Kinda sad, isn't it. I read that sosme countries have treaties with us that allow their products to be labeled Made in the USA even when they are not.

    "A concept to represent the American way of life." Advertising people are generally not too big on straight talking, are they?

    So much has changed in my lifetime. I expect to be gone before it all collapses, but it's sad to think of what my son and granddaughter can expect.

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    Is there ANYTHING made in America anymore?????? I actually saw a program on TV last week about a farmer that was living somewhere in the US and farming his land for yrs. Then he couldn't get any help because of immigration problems, so he sold his farm, moved to Mexico, hired all the help he needed and started his farm down in Mexico. He now exports his good to the US.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

    I think Penny's ought to pull the ad it's deceiving IMO!!!!!!
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    I saw a news article on a couple (with a couple of kids) who decided not to buy anything from China for one year. Everything was to be made in America.

    When their coffee maker broke they couldn't find one made here so made coffee in a pan for the rest of the year (we used to call that cowboy coffee!).

    I can't remember what else they went without but it is nearly impossible to get buy without buying imported products

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    My pet peeve is when you think you're buying American only to realize later that the fine print says the product really came from Brazil or some other country. That makes me really mad. I had bought some honey in recent months, thinking I was buying it from a local county here. I get it home and the fine print on the label says it's really from Brazil! And I felt tricked. This has happened to me with juice, too. And what bugs me is that these foreign countries often use pesticides in their products that we don't allow here. So I feel we're getting bad stuff in our food.
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    Violations make me never buy (knowingly) anything made in China and other oppressive regimes. Cheap labor is cheap for very good reasons, people have no rights.

    One only has to look at the Heparin hearings today to realize that the inferior killer products they substituted in heparin caused many deaths. Also the pet food scandal.

    I watched a film of garbage and sewage where crops were grown and that did me for foodstuffs.

    As Rock said, it is hard when people can put USA product, although if one searches one can see things are distributed here but made elsewhere.

    Although I pay more for things I just buy a lot less, ditto for organically grown food.

    Also, has anyone given thought to the possible link between genetically modified foods and the recent crop failures that are causing world wide food shortages and starvation?

    God gave us wonderful foods and we should not be "changing" them except in natural ways.
    Love Annie
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    I have been avoiding China/Asian made products now for many years, but lately it is getting worst. I had a hard time finding dog food when the 'dog and cat' killings were going on.

    I finally found a company that all the ingredients, and the 'bags' as well are made in the USA. The name of it is;

    'BLUE BUFFALO', small company and in my area its only sold by PetMart. I found them on the net. Its 22 miles from my house, but I manage to get there for my three dogs. Cost a little more, but worth it.

    I shop for veggies/fruit/honey/butter/eggs/milk/etc. from the local Farmers Market, all the products are from either my state or this country only. If its out of season, I just simply do without it.

    I quit buying clothes from any store that does not sell American/European clothes, found a little boutique that has no Asian/China clothes in it. American and European only. I buy the 'clearance' sales, they also sell shoes/boots, made in Spain or other European countries.

    IF necessary I will shop at a goodwill or co-signment store for clothes as well.

    If anyone listens to Lou Dobbs on CNN, he always let you know what China is doing with products they ship here.

    This evening was really frightening, the steel that they build American bridges/large building/plus homes with is so inferior that its buckling before they even get the next step on the structures! It was horrible to see. The contractor was half crazy talking about how bad the steel beams were they were using for a high rise building!

    I saw that program with the raw sewage they use to furtilize the veggie fields, and the rice patties, it was pass belief. Their toilets (or as they call them; 'squat boxes' run directly into the fields.......

    Now even our prescribed drugs are being made in China. Always, always ask the druggest where your scripts are made!

    Penny's, Wall-Mart, Target, and most other stores are impossible to fine anything that is made in this country anymore. Its all junk from China/Asia.

    My microwave broke, and I had a tiny one, I could not fine one made here, so I am using the small one I kept in my bedroom. My toaster over broke, and I looked at more than 50 of them, all made in china. I will toast my bread the old fashion way, in the 'skillet!'. I refused to buy their products.

    If I order something from HSN or QVC, I ASK where it is made, if China/Asia I do without it. I also wrote them both that they should be fair and mention on the tv where their products are made.

    You also have to watch your makeup, creams, etc. If they are not make here or Europe, DO NOT BUY THEM. People are getting horrible rashes from the creams and makeup too.

    The last I heard was that Maytag washers and dryers are now made in China. It put thousands of people out of work in Iowa! Well they can't use that commerical anymore with the repair man that has no work to do!

    I agree with whoever said, 'I also feel sorry for my grandchildren'.

    I read labels till I am blue in the face in the grocery. If it does not actually say 'all ingredents' made in the USA I will not buy it.

    I could not fine lemons in the store from here, so I went to the 'Organic' section, well guess what?? they were made in Africa! I went home without lemons! all kinds of citris fruit grows in La. why do we need these things from any other country?

    Why don't you ladies and gentleman start a post when you find something made in the USA, and just keep adding to it? that would help everyone.

    Heres two items you can start with: Martinelli's Apple Juice, grown and made in the USA.

    WElch's grape juice. all made,grown in the USA.

    I wrote both companies, including the Blue Buffalo dog food.

    Good luck with your shopping..................

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. my husband was in China, he brough me home a 'gift', a dose of Ecoli bacteria, which settled in my bladder. I could not take the drugs the doctor wanted to give me for it (I am allergic to sulfar drug/penisillian, so it took me months to get rid of it with garlic! OH yes, I have a special dislike for their products! By the way, Ecoli is transmitted by sexual incourse! Ask your pharmasist, the doctors won't admit it!

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    OK. We are supposed to eat alot of fish because it is supposedly "good for you".

    Well, I've stopped eating any fish that was caught in China. Their waters are filthy. Disgustingly filthy water with fish swimming in it.

    Does anyone else remember "victory Gardens" that the govt. was encouraging us to plant when food shortages were happening in the US with the Korean War?

    Why isn't our government encouraging us to have vegetable gardens again? If we have a back yard, we can plant a garden. The price of oil is soaring. The price of a can of corn is going to be astronomically expensive. the corn production is being diverted for fuel production. If you plant one hill of zucchini, you will be begging your neighbors to take some more of the zucchini by summer's end. You will have made enough zucchini bread to start your own factory!!!!!!!! Why aren't we being encouraged to become more self sufficient???

    Our grocery prices are going to continue to soar because of the fuel prices. When I was in gradeschool, our fund raising project was to sell packets of vegetable seeds in the community. Everyone keeps talking about "going green".

    I can't think of anything more green than planting a garden. I think it would be good for our children to help grow a garden too. It would get them out in the sunshine and fresh air---and away from their computer games for awhile.

    I remember food shortages. I remember my Father planting huge amounts of potatoes and mellons in the outside rows of our corn fields. When the potatoes ripened, my Dad took huge burlap bags full of potatoes to the neighbors. 2 decades later, many of these same neighbor ladies were at one of my bridal showers. They started talking about the potatoes that my Dad shared with them when food was short in supply.

    I remember one neighbor in particular talking about putting the potatoes closer to the pot belly stove to ensure the potatoes didn't freeze during the night. She had 8 children. That is alot of mouths to feed!

    Has anyone ever eaten a fully ripened cantaloupe right out of the field on a hot summer day? The flesh is so sweet and juicy. The juice just runs down your forearms and drips off of your elbows. The cantaloupes we purchase in the grocery store pales in comparison.

    I can't think of anything more "Made in the USA" than to start becoming more self sufficient by planting your own garden. Maybe it would be called "Grown in the USA".

    I'm just rambling.
  9. Cromwell

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    A lot of canned oranges are Chinese. Also look for wild caught in Alaska for fish. A lot of the bargain bags of fish etc. are from Chinese fisheries, some fish farmed.

    I find that Bumble Bee canned red and pink salmon is usually caught and processed right off the Alaskan coast by US fisheries. The boats have the canneries right on them. I would rather eat this than the so called "fresh" salmon.

    I think we should all think about growing our own as we are able to. We usually do, but we move a lot and we are presently putting in new veggie and fruit gardens. Good fruits to freeze for winter are blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. The cultivated blackberries are often thornless and three bushes can yield about 60 lbs of fruit.

    We also freeze tomatoes for the winter by slicing them sprinkling on a little sugar and ziplock bagging them. When we thaw them we can even use on sandwiches they taste pretty good.

    Her is an experiment. Take regular store bought apples and put them in some hotish water for a while. You will notice a white film develops. This is wax. When you merely wash an apple under the water tap, you are not removing any of that and any pesticides are sealed right under than wax. I buy organic non waxed apples for only a dollar a bag more at Tops market and really, all my organic veggies cost only about $6 more a week and yet I know what we are eating as I shop carefully for organics(some are misleading). They taste so much better you eat less of them anyway.

    I would like to put a word in for Taiwan which is a democracy being threatened by nearby China who want that country back!!! I will support their goods as they have terrific rights and also recently developed one of the finest national health programs in the world. So I will buy from there for sure.

    Love Annie
  10. Greenbean7

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    Who knew we were harboring all these feelings! I'm glad I started this so everyone could vent and I fully agree with you!

    Shirl - For dog food I use Flint River Ranch. It is more expensive then a lot of the store bought food but it is also delivered to my door via UPS at no charge. I spend $54 for 40 lbs and feed about 3 cups a day to my lab (she'd get less but she has cancer and I try to keep her weight up) and a little more than one cup to my golden (I split it up in two meals). No filler in the food means you can feed a lot less and all the ingredients in Flint River are human grade.

    For make up check out Everyday Minerals. All natural and fairly inexpensive, especially compared to some of the others that advertise as minerals. Also have fewer ingredients meaning less of a problem with allergies or irritation.

    Don't forget that those McDonald toys are made in China. Are the plastic cups made there, too?

    I am blessed that a wonderful Latino man bought the property across the road from us. He grows vegetables and sells them at the Farmer's Market. We won't have a shortage of organic veggies this summer, or watermelon and cantaloupe either!

    I think starting a thread of where and what we can buy that is made in the US, Canada or even Europe would be a great idea. Now if I could just find something to start with!!

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member but maybe the chicken is!

    I forget the exact numbers but a lot of chicken is imported from China, esp. the garbage they sell at school lunches and fast food outlets.

    McD's said they were stopping doing the chinese imported chicken, but who knows.

    I feel badly for the regular Chinese people as they are treated so badly. They are sweet, talented and decent too. For the Games, they evicted about 2 million old people from their shanty towns to build for the arenas and they did not rehouse them, so they are old, sick and out on the streets.

    The house we bought here, the previous owners had up to 18 Chinese workers sleping here at a time and it is tiny. The owners had disconnected the hot water and 200 service and the heat was not really working. This is how they were treating their own and the neighbors said the poor things worked from 6 am till midnight most days. They probably got paid just room and board and little else. They had no means of keeping themselves clean without hot water and then they were prepping food! I will not eat out at the buffets etc now due to this and I love the food, but.....the same happened in the UK as many were drowned collecting shellfish, due to what they call Task Masters. How we can allow these "ethics" to enter our own countries is beyond me.

    I agree with buying locally. See if there are any CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) deals in your areas. You pay an amount to help the usually organic farmer and for that you get a box of fresh foods each week. Some even include bakery items, but mostly it is fruit veg and maybe flowers now and then.

    Love to all.

  12. Shirl

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    Thanks for the 'Green River Ranch' dog food, I will look it up.

    It took my dogs a week to get use to the Blue Buffalo, it does not have no trash in it either, no sugar, or wheat gluten. Thats why dogs are so fat, its all the sugar they put in regular dog food.

    I would love to have it delievered, as it is so hard for me to get help carrying three 30lbs bags of food each month. I have three dogs. One is an American Bull dog and she is 110lbs, the others are not as big, but good eaters. I don't mind paying more as long as my furkids are safe! Thanks for the information. It was $39.00 dollars for 30lbs, now its $42.00, it went up along with the regular foods.

    I use to have a veggie/fruit garden, but due to the FM I can't handle the work anymore. I still grow all my own herbs in large pots, I have about 18 of those. I have even managed to grow tomatoes/peppers/ celery/ and potatoes in flats. It worked out fine.

    Where I live in La. there are many large fields of fresh homegrown veggies and fruits. Its just hard for me to get around to buy them from the farmers, there are even daily farms out here.

    Most of the Farmers Markets sell their products.

    No I quit eating chicken and ground meat from anywhere, I will even ask in a restaurant if the meat/veggies/seafood are 'local' before I order. Lately they are putting on the menu where the seafood/meat/veggies are from!

    People are getting really scared of the imports and wise to all the deception that is going on in this country, especially after they find out how they are grown and how the animals are treated in Asia/China.

    I heard on the national news the other day that people are starting what was called; 'Victory Gardens' again, which started during the Second World War! Its going to take a grass roots effor by the people to stop these imports, and all this outsourcing that is keeping our young people from getting jobs in our country! Its horrible.

    I just saw on FoxNews this morning where China has build nucular submarines in 'caves' along their shores in secret, like Germany did in the forties. They are also buying out Africa one piece at a time. Now who do you think they are getting ready for a giant war with??? they have something up their sleeves, and its not that little island they want! Their military is awesome, and who do you think they are planning to attack?? 'Food for though', I am sure Mr. Bill is familiar with what I have to say here?

    Thanks for starting this post, I think none of us wanted to get it going, but a lot of us are stewing about what is going on in our own back yard.

    Do be careful with the clothes/linens you buy also, they spray them with the stuff that is used for imborming humans. If you don't wash it really half a dozen times, it can cause all kinds of rashs and also asthma.

    I lost my Pit Bull with a kennel pad from China, my dog got Ashma, and even the vet's could not figure it out. He was 15 years old and healthy as a horse. He died in a year from the Asthma, his old heart gave out from the coughing. None of the medicine the Vet gave him did any good to stop the coughing. I am still heart broken about my dog, I am still angry about that, that one caught me unaware, but from here on out I do not buy anything for the dogs, not even toys, balls, anythng that is made in China/Asia!

    Take care ladies/gentleman, and do be aware of what you are eating and wearing!

    Shalom, Shirl

  13. lgp

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    My hubby says you should send this to Lou Dobbs on CNN. Hubby claims he loves this kind of stuff and would have a field day with it.

    Let us know if you do!!!

  14. victoria

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    From what I have read, all the apple juice except Martinelli's sparkling cider (yum) is actually from China...?! If this is true, and our apples are also coming from overseas... what are our orchards producing, anything at all beyond what's (maybe) at a roadside stand???

    I've just been cleaning out old drawers full of stuff stored in our basement, and have found the mice have been busy. What's interesting is that everytime they've gone for munching on an old piece of clothing, it's something produced before 1950 (unfortunately I did not protect some of these things in a cedar chest) --

    and left untouched already washed 100% cottons and silks right next to them produced in last 20 years. I think that's telling me/us something...

  15. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    FYI, I emailed JC Penney about this today because I got the Sunday flyer and it was really annoying me. I will let you know what their response is when and if I receive one.

  16. morningsonshine

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    I've always complained about all the Chinese stuff, but never really done anything about it. I think i'll start looking harder for things not from there.

    I know there have been several toy recalls from stuff made in China, that's turned out to be harmful to our children.

    Just playing around one day with my kids, and talking about everything made in China, my youngest got the giggles when i "inspected" his feet and hands looking for the "made in China" stamp! LOL

    The food stuff really bothers me!!

    Keep it coming, and starting a list of american made product would be great and benefical.
  17. Greenbean7

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    Hey Victoria - I know Tree Top and Seneca make their apple juice right here in the USA and they use apples grown here in the beautiful Yakima Valley!

    Morningsonshine - Made in China stamp on the kids is cute! When my 30 year old was about 4 she asked what it said on the back of her doll. I told her it said "made in China". She said that was it's name and refered to that doll as Maiden from then on. Aren't kids great!!

    Now I need some made in US jeans that will fit my poor sore bod and that my DD's will approve of. They are so picky about how their Mommy looks ever since I lost weight. I still tend to buy "mom" jeans and they just don't approve!!

  18. victoria

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    That's great to hear!- it didn't make sense that we didn't use any of our own. But I wonder if it all gets combined together, ever, depending on the market/crop conditions...

  19. morningsonshine

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    I just checked my fish in the freeze from Walmart. Caught and processed in China!! Yucky!!!

    Think they'll take it back??

    Greenbean, i love the my low rise jeans, much better than the old mommy style, high waiters. I never want to go back!!
    Not the supper lower ones that show the world your unmentionables! LOL

    American made, try wrangler, Levi use to be, not sure anymore?? I alway get name brand jeans from the second hand store.
    And narrow or tapered leggs (the kind i grew up with) only flatter super skinny girls, best option is a straight leg, or boot cut. Most name brands aren't made in China. Just checked my low rise levi, bootcut stretch, they are made in Jordan.
    And my other favorite pair is Old Navy, couldn't pronounce the country, but not China.
    Your fashion tip for the day, a good pair of jeans can be hard to find, but when you find a pair you like, it's great!!

  20. Greenbean7

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    Thanks for the info. I used to buy Wranglers and the western ones are made in the US but they also have a whole branch made outside the country (they sell at Target and K-Mart and probably other places). Might not be China but I am trying for all US (I could be going naked soon and trust me it won't be pretty!).

    I'm not built the same way I was when I wore Wranglers even though I weigh less now and they just don't fit as well. I have two pair of Gloria Vanderbuilt that the kids approve of and they fit just below the waist and I like that rise. Too low and I have that lovely muffin top that the kids don't seem to care if they have!

    I just would like to find something that doesn't cost me $50 a pop but if they are made here they cost more so I should just stop complaining huh!! I better make up my mind if I want affordable or made in the USA! Finding a pair with a little wider leg is tough, too. I need someone to design a pair just for me! Yeah, like I could afford that! I can't afford the alterations!