Madwold Please,(lab results) CONFUSED!!!

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    I have my results, according to doc, everything is fine.I have throid results from last year and this year.

    2/5/02 T3 uptake 36 25-36%
    T4 (thyroxine) 9.6 4.5-12.0 ug/dl
    free thyroxine index
    3.5 1.4-3.7
    tsh 1.2 0.3-5.5 uiU/ml

    3/17/03 T3 uptake 37 25-36
    T4 7.8 4.5-12.0
    free 2.9 1.4-3.7
    tsh 1.2 0.3-5.5

    I am confused about this. I do have symptons for Graves Disease (weight loss, heat intolerence,severe fatigue sweating,depression,nervous or anxiety,faster heart rate, banging in the chest,muscle weakness,damp,moist sweaty skin especially on the neck,chest and hands,intense pressure feeling from behind the eyes, sunken in temple area,irritability,hair changes,I eat more than I used to, lowgrade temp in afternoon, even though I wake with below normal.

    She also did a
    Differential (absolute count)
    Absolute band count 0 0-500/uL
    absolute neutrophil 6935 1500-7800/uL
    absolute lymphocyte 1900 850-3900/uL
    abosolute monocyte 665 200-950/uL
    Absolute eosinophil 0 50-500/uL
    Absolute Basophil 0-200
    Absolute atypical
    lymphocytes 0 /uL
    I don't know what this test is, but I am concerned about the Absolute eosinophil, and the other 0's.

    Glucose 102 65-109mg/dl

    Had a bulleyes rash on neck last September
    Lyme (IgG/Igm) Ab Negative Nrgative <0.9
    Should I give up on lyme disease?

    Total Wbc,RbC.Hemoglobin,hematocrit,Mcv,MCH,MCHC,Neutophils were all on the high side of normal range. Could that be because of a sinus/abcessed tooth infection?

    ESR Westergren
    02/05/02 1 0-20
    3/17/03 1 0-20
    Both labs were done early in the morning, and get sent out at the end of the day. I know Esr specimens are stable for 4-6 hours at room temp. Should this test be done differently?

    I am so sorry to bother you, but I greatly appreciate your advice. My doc thinks everything is normal if he dosent see a L or a H. I babysat for three days for free last time you helped me!!
    Thank you so much!
    Love, Deb
    P.S. Hope you are doing well!

    Surprise, Surprise!!!!!
    Just got a phonecall, the doc just noticed your throid was alittle high, want's to rule out lab mistake. I told her no mistake and That I was 1 number less a year ago. She was going to tell him that. I requested if he still had concerns for him to call me himself!!!!!!!! I am feeling angry, at 36 you don't notice it, at 37 the hittle H flag shows and he wakes up? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!(SORRY)
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    Just recieved another call. They forgot to do my ANA (my request) and want me to come in for ana and another Thyroid test. I told the girl I wasn't going to drive 90 minutes again for a Ana, I drove there this morning to get copie of results. She said do it for the Thyroid. He needs to rule out lab mistake. I told her no, that the 36 from last year was 1 point lower than now, and they couldn't both be mistakes, and if he was so concerned about the 37 then he shouldn't of ignored the 36 from last year. She is relaying the message. (Am I wrong in this?)
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    I am trying to get a question answerred regarding an ANA. Do you know anything about this? Does yours come out normal or what. Or have you had it before.
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    My last ANA was listed as negative, but there were no numbers to go by. I understand it can take many years to get lupus diagnoised. Because I have had many autoimmune symptons and my Dad and sister have Lupus, I get it tested yearly. My Dad has the skin kind, my sister did have systemic lupus for years and the last 2 years have been questionable. Hope this helps! Love, Deb
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    Please guide me one more time, I am babysitting 4 monsters again this week.

    I asked the Np for Free t3 and Free t4. Are you saying that I did not have that done?

    You say my symptons alone suggest throid disease, are you referring to Graves or Hypo?

    What dose the 37 on the T3 uptake mean?

    What would you do If you were my doc? I don't know what to do at this point. What axactly is the free test called? I don't trust this doc anymore, so I really don't know what to do. But I will listen to you!!!

    Glucose was 92 in 2002, 102 in 2003.

    I am so sorry to bother you, but I so appreciate your help, Can I move to LA?
    Love, Deb
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    Madwolf, there is

    T3 Uptake 37 25-36%
    T4 (thyroxine)
    Free Thyroxine index
    That is it.
    I am calling Doc's office today. I need to switch Doc's for the first, if I am going to.

    Just looking at the results from a "normal" doc, would you think I have graves? If I can get the free t3 and t4 done what would show concern?

    Thank you so very much!!
    Love, Deb
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    Thankyou!! Iordered the book you told me about. I got the "The thyroid solution" todays. Goes into great detail about what you talk about. So I'll be armed when I get in to see Doc. Thanks again, and you don't have to reply to this. Love, Deb